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We finally climb our way to the top of the stairs, leaving a trail of clothes behind us. My shirt is off. So is hers. She’s looking stunning in her bra and skirt with her little tits tempting me. I’m kissing her chest and bra as she stands up and takes my hand.

“My room is here,” she says, guiding me into it.

I quickly stand up and my lips come back down on hers as we crash into her bedroom. I don’t take my eyes off her to look around. I get a flash of pink walls, but I’m more interested in her pink parts.

We fall onto the bed and I quickly climb on top of her. My body is boiling. My skin is on fire.

I have to be in her now. I need the wet silky walls of her cunt to be wrapped around me or I’ll fucking die.

I straighten up on my knees and unbuckle my belt as fast as I can.

Her eyes are wide and full of hunger as she climbs onto her elbows and watches with rapt attention.

I pull my hard cock out and a few drips of my cream falls onto her stomach.

“Oh, shit,” she moans as she reaches out to touch me. Her fingers slide along my throbbing shaft and a flash of panic hits me when I think I might cum. Fuck, I’m worse than a teenager ready to bust a nut at any mere touch. That’s how fucking turned on I am.

“I need to be inside you, Mackenzie,” I say in a rush as I reach under her skirt and grab her panties. I just yank and rip them off, revealing her fresh hot pussy. It’s so wet and ready. Beads of her clear juice are sliding down her pink slit to her ass cheeks and then onto the bed.

I moan as I stare at it. I want to admire it some more. I want to take my time touching it. I want to taste it and explore every inch of it with my tongue. But I can’t.

Not now. I just have to be inside her.

The need has taken over me. It’s consuming me. Tormenting me.

I need to be in that cunt.

With my hand around my thick shaft, I climb between her spread legs and sink my hard cock into her heat. She’s so tight, but I can’t go slow. I’m physically incapable.

I thrust all the way in with one hard pump of my hips, breaking a barrier as I sink all the way in.

Relief hits me like a knockout punch as I hold myself balls deep in her, enjoying the insane tightness of her silky warmth.

My head starts to clear and a thought hits me. The barrier… She’s a virgin.

Her pretty face is all twisted up as she clings onto me, moaning and whimpering as I hold myself inside her.

“Is this the first cock you’ve had in you?” I ask in a whisper. I hold my breath as I wait for her answer.

“Yes,” she says in a breathless moan. “You’re my first everything.”

I kiss her mouth with so much passion that a fresh surge of her warm juices flows down my cock and out onto my swollen balls.

That’s why she’s so fucking tight. Why the walls of her cunt are squeezing me to the point where it’s hard to breathe. She’s a virgin. She’s virgin tight.

I grin, knowing that I’m the only one she’s been like this for. I’m the only one who’s seen her like this. Who’s felt her like this.

The insane grip her cunt has on me begins to loosen up a little as I start to slowly rock my hips back and forth. I pull her bra down and her tiny tits pop out. I can’t resist her hard little pink nubs and my ravenous mouth starts sucking them one at a time as I start to test her pussy out.

“This cunt feels so good, girl,” I tell her as I start to slide back out. “You kept it nice and tight for me and I’m going to treat it so well.”

She moans and grips my arms as I slide it out until just the thick head is still buried inside her. I start to push it back in, slower this time. I wouldn’t have been so reckless and thrusted in so carelessly if I had known it was her first time.

I still can’t believe that. She’s only had me inside of her. Only me.

Now, I know for certain. This cunt was made for me. I’ll be fucking it and coating its walls with my hot cum every day until I’m buried in the ground.

I’ll be treating it right every chance I get.

She’s struggling with my size, but she’s also looking eager and willing as I stretch her out. The next thrust goes in easier, and the one after that even easier. But there’s a limit and it stops there. Her cunt is still virgin tight and it’s going to take a lot more than one hard fucking before it’s a relaxed easy ride.

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