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“You’re doing so good, baby. Your pussy is amazing.”

“You’re so big,” she moans and then bites her bottom lip as I thrust in deep.

I start moving with longer, harder strokes until she’s crying out as the bed hits the wall with loud thuds.

I’m breaking her in, but she’s loving it. Her hips start rolling against mine with every thrust and she’s staring into my eyes with a heated look, begging me for everything I’ve got. I give it all to her until she throws her head back and starts cumming on my cock.

It feels so damn good. Her pussy tightens and pulls on my shaft, milking me for the cum that I’ve been holding back all night.

I can’t take it anymore and it starts to build fast inside me. The orgasm mounts and grows until it explodes and I let out a savage roar.

I hold my girl tight as I thrust in deep and hold myself there while spurt after spurt of hot cum leaves me and enters her. It fills her completely as she lets out a long satisfied moan.

The thought of my raw sperm inside her sweet hole where they can claim her ripe womb makes me so insanely happy I don’t know how to explain it.

I just hold her close as I enjoy the amazing feeling.

This girl might not be mine forever, but she’s mine in this moment, and right now, that’s good enough for me.

Chapter Five


The sun is shining into the room when I peel my eyes open in the morning. I inhale a deep breath and smile as one intense feeling circulates through me: complete and utter satisfaction.

Last night was a night of firsts. First kiss, first time seeing a man naked, first time having sex, and it was the first time I’ve ever fallen in love.

I thought I’ve been in love before—Matthew Willis in grades eight through ten, but now I know that was only a crush. This—what I have with Colton—is love. I can feel it radiating through my body in an endless loop of warm satisfaction.

I turn my head on the pillow, eager to see his gorgeous sleeping face and hard tattooed body, but see nothing but messy blankets. My stomach drops and I feel like I’m going to be sick. Did he leave?

I dart out of the bed and rush to the window to see if his motorcycle is still there. My heart is pounding. I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive if that was just a one-night stand for him and he’s gone.

A breath of relief leaves me when I see his motorcycle right where we left it. I have a gorgeous view of the stunning lake and some movement catches my eye.

I smile when I see him. He’s swimming in the middle of the lake.

In the middle of my lake.

I giggle when I think about what my parents would say if they knew I was up here with a guy instead of with Joy. They would flip.

My phone vibrates with a text message and I click it on. Speak of the she-devil.

It’s Joy.

Sorry about leaving you last night. If you felt how hard Brad was you would understand. ;)

I’ll call you later.

Don’t bother.

I toss my phone back onto the nightstand and try not to think about my so-called best friend. I could be trapped in Scorpion’s basement right now for all she knows. Or cares.

Don’t let her ruin this day.

I don’t need her anymore. I have Colton, and he’s enough for me.

With my body tingling in excitement, I rush over to my dresser and pull out my bathing suits.

I want something sexy.

There’s a blue and white polka dot one-piece, which is the opposite of sexy. A turquoise bikini that covers all of my ass and a bit more. Yes! I grab my black bikini that is more high cut than the others. The top doesn’t show much, but then again, I don’t have much to show. I’ve always been a card-carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee.

I put it on, check my ass out in the mirror, fluff up my hair, and then race down to go meet Colton.

By the time I get outside, he’s far into the middle of the lake, swimming front crawl.

When I was a kid, my grandfather tied a dock for me about fifty yards out that I used to love to swim to and jump off of with friends. I decide to wait for Colton there.

The water is warm enough to be comfortable, but cold enough to be refreshing. I dive under and swim for the dock.

I love this place. I have so many happy childhood memories of this lake house, and something tells me that after today, I’ll have a lot more.

I arrive at the dock and check for spiders before I climb up the ladder and look for Colton. He’s far off, but he’s on his way back to the shore so I sit down on the wood planks and admire the view. The sun is starting to shine hot and it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day without a single cloud in the blue sky.

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