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I look up to the sun and smile as five ducks fly over my head, quacking away about whatever ducks talk about.

The lake is secluded and my father bought up most of the waterfront land so that we would have all the privacy we need and then some. All you can see from here is our house and forest. There’s not another cabin in sight.

When I was a kid, I used to wish that there were a ton of other cottages along the lake, so I could have some other kids to play with, but now I’m happy to have the privacy. I’m going to need it with what I have planned.

“Colton!” I holler as he swims by. He stops and grins when he spots me on the dock.

My body starts tingling with excitement as he turns and swims over.

“I thought you were going to sleep all day,” he says as he grabs the ladder with his tattooed hands. “I hope you don’t mind that I came for a swim.”

“Where did you find a bathing suit?” I ask as he starts to climb up. “Did you go into my father’s—oh!”

He’s completely and utterly naked.

I swallow hard as his lean muscular body comes into view. Beautiful intricate tattoos cover almost every inch of him, from his toes to his neck. His muscles ripple and clench as he climbs up the ladder and stands on the dock. Drops of water run down his inked skin, trickling around the curves of his big arms and through the deep valleys of his sculpted abs.

My eyes go wide as his long thick cock comes into view. It’s the only piece of skin besides his face not covered in ink, and I can’t help but shamelessly stare at it.

It’s semi-hard as it hangs low between his legs. My mouth waters as I drag my eyes down from the thick root all the way to his beautiful head that was deep inside me last night. My legs squeeze together and I shiver in nervous excitement as I realize that fact.

That beautiful cock took my virginity. Those big swaying balls were pressed up against the bottom of my ass as he emptied every last drop of his seed inside me while I screamed for more.

I should be terrified that we didn’t use protection. I’m not on anything. No pills, no nothing. I could be pregnant right now.

But for some reason, I like that feeling. It’s not making me scared, it’s making me eager. Eager for the day I can carry Colton’s child, if I’m lucky enough to.

“Do you like what you see, chipmunk?” he asks in that deep growly voice of his.

I don’t answer. I just lick my lips instead.

“You keep wetting those lips, baby, and I’m going to have to slide my cock in between them.”

I can feel his eyes on my mouth as I watch his cock getting harder. It starts to stand up straight and my mouth waters, wondering what it would feel like to suck on it.

My tongue darts out, wetting my lips and teasing him.

“Fuck,” he groans as he grabs his hard dick and starts to stroke it. “I warned you, girl. Now open up.”

I crawl up to my knees as he comes over, stroking his cock with every step. It’s right in front of my face and I gasp as I push his hand away so I can wrap my fingers around it.

Holy, he’s big. His throbbing shaft is so thick. My hands look so tiny on it as I awkwardly stroke him back and forth.

“Get it nice and wet with those sexy lips,” he commands. “Slide your hot tongue around it.”

I’m not sure what to do, so I just open my mouth and put his cock inside. He drops his head back and groans. My pulse starts to race. I want to hear him make more of those sexy guttural sounds. And I want to be the one pulling them out of him.

I start rolling my tongue around his shaft as I move my head back and forth. A salty taste fills my mouth and I moan when I realize it’s his pre-cum oozing out. It spurs me on and I start sucking harder to get more of it. To get it all. I want to swallow his cum down and feel it warming my insides.

“Your mouth is heavenly, sweet girl,” he says as I start stroking his cock while I lick his balls. He tastes like the lake water at first, but then he just tastes amazing. “You keep that up and I’m going to cum all over your little tongue.”

“Promise?” I ask right before I take him back into my mouth. He grins as I slide my palm up his stomach, feeling how hard and tight his ab muscles are.

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