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“You want me to cum in your greedy little mouth?”

I look him in the eyes as I bury him in my throat as far as he’ll go and nod. I want to feel it so bad. I want to make him feel as good as he made me feel last night.

“Then open up,” he says as he slides his big hands into my wet hair. He grips my head and tilts it back, right where he wants it.

“Hands down,” he orders. I drop them both and my right hand immediately goes into my bathing suit bottom and onto my pussy. I’m so wet. My clit is aching. Everything is throbbing to the point of pain. I need to get off so badly. This was supposed to be about him, but I can’t help but want to get off too.

I’m rubbing my clit with hard tight circles, masturbating like I’ve never done before. I’ve touched myself, but it was always gentle and leisurely. It wasn’t like this—frantic and vigorous and full of urgency.

“Relax your throat,” he says as he holds my head in place. “And whatever you do, don’t fucking bite down.”

He goes in slow at first, easing his way past my lips with his big powerful hips. I let his cock slide down my tongue at first, then I start rolling it along his hard throbbing shaft.

“You’re killing me with those sexy lips, chipmunk,” he says with a low throaty groan. “Can you take my big cock in deeper?”

My eyes meet his and they say everything I’m feeling. I’ll take him as deep as he wants to go. I don’t care if it hurts. I want to feel him in the back of my throat.

“All right,” he grunts. “Relax your jaw. You’re getting it.”

My heart starts thumping away as I let my jaw go slack. His grip on my head tightens as he starts to thrust in and out, slow at first, but then faster and harder.

He thrusts deep into my wet mouth and I choke, tensing up and almost gagging as the swollen head of his huge dick hits the back of my throat. His hands clench into fists, tugging my hair and making my watery eyes dart up to his.

“I said relax, chipmunk,” he says again. “This cock was made for your throat. Let it go where it belongs.”

The look in his eyes is full of love and lust at the same time. It washes over me, making me feel like I can do anything. Even this.

I refocus and calm myself down as I let my jaw go loose.

“Yes,” he grunts, spurring me on. “Just like that. This was a virgin mouth when you met me, but now it’s my slutty little mouth and I’m going to coat it with my hot cum. You understand me, Mackenzie?”

I can’t nod much with his hands gripping my head and holding it in place, but I try.

He slowly keeps thrusting in and out of my mouth as my finger finds my clit again. I rub it hard and fast and the warmth emanating from it loosens me up all over. My jaw eases and we find a good rhythm as he fucks my mouth in the best possible way.

My knees are scraping on the wooden dock, but I don’t care. All I can focus on is my finger on my engorged clit and the big throbbing cock that’s treating my tonsils like a piñata.

I’m so close to cumming. I can feel it quickly building, taking me over and making my blood burn white-hot.

I look up at him and moan on his dick when I see the look in his eyes. It’s pure desperate lust as he watches me willingly take in every inch of his thick cock.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he groans as he pumps his cock in and out of my mouth. “I’ll remember this sight to the day I die.”

With my free hand, I grab my bikini top and yank it down, showing him how hard my nipples are. They’re hard for him and I want him to see.

“You ready for my cum?” he asks as he grins seductively at me.

My eyes are wide open. I’m so desperate for it.

“Here it comes.” His tattooed chest and arms are flexed as he grips my head and pushes in with one hard deep thrust. I nearly choke on his cock, but my orgasm hits and everything goes slack, including my jaw.

The heat rips through me right as he cums all over the back of my throat. I close my eyes and moan as I feel it sliding down into my chest all warm and hot and making me glow from the inside out.

Colton’s legs buckle, but he manages to stay standing as the last couple of drops spurt out. He’s breathing heavily and looking at me with half-closed eyes.

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