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“You’re so fucking perfect,” he says as he slides his cock back out. I wrap my lips tight around it, wanting him to enjoy every second that he’s in my mouth. He does. I can tell by the groan that leaves his sexy lips. “You and your slutty little mouth.”

I moan when I taste the last of his cum as his swollen head slides along my tongue. When his cock slides past my lips, I swallow it all down, savoring every last drop.

I can’t be called a prude now. I’m addicted to cock, but only Colton’s. For him, I’m a cock hungry little slut.

He grabs his dick and shakes out the last few drops of cum onto my chest. My pussy clenches as the hot drops land on my breasts.

I immediately rub the cum all over my nipples, making them even harder.

I’m staring at Colton as he takes a step back. I’m about to ask him what’s wrong when he does a backflip off of the dock into the water.

I laugh when he pops back up with a heart-stopping smile on his face.

“Come in,” he says, waving me over. “It will feel so good.”

“Nothing will feel better than what we just did.”

He grins. “If you think that, then you’re in for a hell of an afternoon.”

With my body burning in anticipation, I jump in the cool water after him.

Chapter Six


This has seriously been the best day of my life.

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t possibly imagine a better day than this. It’s been perfect.

And the night has been pretty damn good too…

We’re outside under the bright stars in front of a roaring fire. I’m sitting on Colton’s lap, curled up against his body as he holds me close. I can’t stop smelling his masculine scent. He smells like happiness.

The crackling of the fire mixes with the calling of the frogs. I picked an expensive-looking wine from my dad’s cellar and after a few sips, it’s already gone to my head. I feel light and giddy, but that could also be from Colton’s intoxicating presence. He seems to have that effect on me.

“It’s gorgeous out here,” he whispers as he looks over at the lit-up pool in the distance. The soft lights are on around the house, lighting it up in a dreamlike glow. It really is a stunning place.

“It’s gorgeous in here too,” I say as I move my lips closer to his. He can’t resist and starts kissing me slowly and softly. The urgency from last night is gone and we just take our time, enjoying the softness of each other’s mouths.

His hand slides over my hip and he pulls me a little closer to him as I thread my fingers through his dirty blond hair. I could do this all night. Hell, I could do this all of my life.

“What do you think is going to happen?” I ask in a whisper between kisses.

My mind has been racing all day. I can’t help it. I always have to plan everything or it drives me crazy.

“Happen with what?” he asks as he looks down, admiring my lips.

“With us?” My stomach starts to flutter now that it’s out there. “Is this like a one-time thing, do you think?”

“This is a once in a lifetime thing,” he says, making the flutters go away. “You don’t let something like this go.”

“Really?” We look into each other’s eyes and I can tell that he’s serious. There’s so much love and adoration being directed back at me that I start to get all lightheaded with glee.

“I love you, Mackenzie. I knew that the second I saw you walking through the party. You’re it for me, chipmunk. There’s no one else.”

I kiss him softly on the lips and then rest my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as I cherish the moment. I know that I’ll be thinking back to this moment whenever I’m down in the future. I’ll be trying to remember everything about it when I’m a ninety-year-old lady at the end of my life. I’ll be trying to remember the crackling of the fire, the feel of his hands on me, the smell of his shirt, the warm breeze, the passion, the yearning, the love, the gratitude. I know I’ll be trying to remember it all, so I take a moment to soak it all in and memorize every last detail.

“I love you too,” I whisper. “You have my heart, Colton. Keep it, toss it, crush it, cherish it. Do whatever you want with it, but it’s yours now and it will always belong to you.”

I can feel the hesitation in him. The tightness in his body.

“But I can’t give you all this,” he finally says.

“I don’t want all this,” I say as I look into his eyes. “You can give me so much more. You already have. Like you said last night, I only want you. It’s the same for me, Colton. I just want you.”

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