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Her mouth drops open. “Excuse me?”

“I don’t think you treat me very nice,” I tell her, letting it all come out. “You’ve always talked down to me. Everything is always about you and I don’t care anymore.”

I don’t feel any guilt or sadness or regret. Joy has never been a true friend and I’m done with her. It’s time for the next phase in my life.

“Well, fuck you, you little prude!” she screams as she slaps the hood of my car and gives me the finger.

“All right,” I say as I roll up the window with a dry smile on my face. “We’re done here.”

I drive off, leaving her in my rearview mirror where she belongs.

This little prude needs to find her man and get laid!

Chapter Ten


“So, a custom-shaped exhaust that wraps around the frame and engine, a new fuel tank to give it a curvier look, and a full paint job.” I swallow hard as I lock eyes on him. “Twenty-two grand.”

“Whoa!” Ryan says, looking like I just shot his brother. “You used to do that for a couple of packs of smokes.”

“Used to,” I say with a nod. “Things have changed.”

They’ve definitely changed. Mackenzie is in my life now and I’ve realized that I have to grow up and be the provider she deserves.

Ryan rubs his jaw as he stares at his bike, thinking about it. He’s a bike junkie and has been coming to me for custom work for years.

“Twelve grand,” he says, looking like he’s about to break out in sweats.

I shake my head. “Twenty-two.”

He sighs. “I can get it for twelve at the place with the Russians.”

“Yeah, and they’ll probably take your money and fuck up your bike. You know the kind of quality work I do. The price is twenty-two. Take it or leave it.”

I cross my arms over my chest as I watch him squirm.

“Oh, fuck, fine!” he says as he pulls out a wad of cash. He counts it all and shoves it into my hand. “Here’s fifteen hundred to get you started. I’ll get you the rest.”

“I’ll start when I get the rest.”

He huffs out a breath. “Fine,” he says with a shake of his head. “I’ll go to the bank now. You’re running a tight ship.”

“You have no idea,” I mutter as he heads to the door.

I’m not going to support Mackenzie with cigarettes and compliments. I need cold hard cash.

Ryan disappears through the door and I turn toward the bike, already planning it out when the door opens and someone new walks in.

I recognize her perfume immediately and spin around as my mouth drops open.

“Mackenzie,” I whisper.

She’s there. She’s actually standing there.

I run over and touch her just to be sure.

“You have a bag,” I say, feeling my heart swell in my chest. If it gets any bigger, I’m going to go into cardiac arrest. “You’re staying?”

“Is the offer still on the table?” she asks. “For a pretty little rich girl with no place to go?”

I wrap my arms around her and spin her around. “Always. You know you belong with me.”

Her brown hair is draped down on my cheeks as she looks at me with those sexy brown eyes.

My cock is already rock hard and desperate to slide into her tight warmth.

“I do,” she says as I tilt my chin up, my lips a breath away from hers. “Let’s never be apart again.”

I loosen my grip on her, letting her slide down my arms until our lips are close enough to connect. “I was thinking the same thing.”

I kiss her hard and she moans into my mouth.

And just like that…

…I know everything is going to be okay.

I have my chipmunk and that’s all I need.



Eight months later…

“You know I don’t like wearing these fucking things,” Colton says as he tugs at the tie wrapped around his neck.

“You know you look beyond sexy in those fucking things,” I say as I stand up on my toes and kiss him on the lips. If we didn’t have to leave for my parents, I would ravage him one more time. But it’s Christmas dinner and my parents are sticklers for showing up on time. Plus, we’ve only just started talking again and we’re still on shaky ground. We’ll get there, and tonight is really going to help in getting us to that point where we can be a family again.

I recently told them I’m pregnant and my mother was so happy. My dad looked… unsure, but my mother convinced me that he’ll come around.

I hope he does.

Colton’s possessive hands start wandering up and down my body and I sigh as I fall back onto the bed. We’re going to be late…

We show up at my parents (an hour late…oopsies!) and they greet us each with a warm hug.

My dad looks like he’s gotten into the egg nog, but he looks happy as he wraps his arm around Colton’s shoulder and brings him into the den.

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