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My mother and I look at each other and then sneak by the door to eavesdrop.

“I’m sorry, Colton,” we hear him say. “I was wrong about you. I was too stubborn to hear it at first, but Mackenzie told me what happened at the party. You saved my daughter. Twice. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful.”

“Thank you, sir,” Colton says as my mother gives me a big smile. “I love her so much. I’ll always protect her and treat her right. I know I don’t have the bank accounts like you do, but I’m a hard worker and I just leased a property to open up my own shop.”

“I’d like to talk to you about that,” my father continues. “Businesses can be expensive and we’d like to offer you a gift to help get you started.”

“I don’t want to be in anyone’s debt.”

“It’s not a debt,” my father continues. “A gift. You’re going to be the father of our grandchildren. We’d like to help set you up right.”

“Thank you for the offer, sir,” Colton says in a firm tone. “But I’d like to do this on my own.”

He’s a proud man and that’s why I love him. I have no doubt that Colton will be a success. This baby has lit a fire under his ass.

After a few more words, they come back out and me and my mom pretend like we’re examining one of the pictures on the walls.

“Have a good listen, girls?” my father asks with a shake of his head. He knows us too well. He looks right at me and his face softens. “I hated these past few months.” I swallow as my eyes start to tear up. I hated them too. “Let’s put it all behind us and never do that again.”

I sniff and then nod, just wanting it to end.

“Good,” my father says, wrapping his arms around me, my mom, and Colton. “We’re a family now and in a few months, we’re going to be getting a little bit larger.”

He looks so happy as he hugs us all. “Now, what about names? I’m thinking Greg for a boy after my favorite golfer, or Bertha for a girl after my favorite golf club.”

“You are not in charge of picking the baby’s name,” my mother says as she grabs his sweater and pulls him into the kitchen, leaving us alone in the hall. “And they’re not going for a golf-themed name!”

I smile as I go to follow them into the kitchen, but Colton grabs me and pulls me up against his hard body. My skin immediately starts to prickle with heat as I stare up into his gorgeous blue eyes.

“Where are you going, chipmunk?” he asks with a growly voice. “You can’t leave me hanging here.”

He flashes his eyes up and I look up to see what he’s gesturing at. I grin when I spot the mistletoe hanging over our heads.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” he says as he holds me tight.

I lift my chin and close my eyes. “Merry Christmas,” I whisper onto his lips before he kisses me.

Everything worked out and he’s all mine.

And best of all, I’m all his.



Five years later…

“Here are the final figures for last quarter,” Betty says as she hands me the papers with a big smile on her face. Her smile is a good sign.

I drop the socket wrench in my hand and take them as I hold my breath.

“Is this for the year?” I ask, staring at the huge number in shock.

She’s shaking her head with a big grin on her face. “Nope. That’s only for the last quarter.”

I can’t believe it. I knew the shops were doing well, but dayum. This is incredible.

I’ll be able to buy Mackenzie her own lake house up at Big Bear. It won’t be the size of her father’s yet, but as long as we have a comfortable place to cuddle at night, it won’t be so bad.

In the past five years, I’ve opened up two more custom motorcycle shops for a total of three. And I did it all on my own. I haven’t taken one penny from Mackenzie’s parents even though they’ve offered numerous times and even begged to give me whatever I need. They’ve finally accepted me and once they saw how well I treat their daughter and their grandkids, they even started to like me. Our relationship has never been better.

I’m a self-made man. Just like the kind of man that Mackenzie deserves. After I opened my second shop I started to train my crew how to customize motorcycles in my style. We opened a third and now I guess business is booming.

“Is this a good time to ask for a raise?” Betty asks with a grin.

I laugh as I hand her back the papers. “Come and see me tomorrow. We’ll talk about it.”

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