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She leaves with a spring in her step.

I get back to the motorcycle I’m working on as the music blares through the tinny speakers. I’m absorbed in my work until the door opens and my little chipmunk walks in wearing a sundress.

Just the sight of her sweet little ass all clean and looking delectable in this filthy shop full of motor oil, tools, and dirty men gets me going. She looks like an angel as she walks over with a sexy grin on her face.

I stand up as she walks right up to me, looking like she wants to play with my wrench.

I know that look. I’ve seen it enough times over the years to know that my cock is about to get very wet.

I slam the wrench onto the metal table a couple of times to get everyone’s attention. “Work’s over!” I shout. “Everybody out!”

“It’s only 3:30,” Jamal says, looking confused.

“Then take the afternoon off,” I say as I stare at my wife. “All of you. Just lock the door on your way out. And keep your eyes on the fucking ground.”

I feel bad for snapping at my crew, but I can’t help it. I hate when other men look at what’s mine. Especially when Mackenzie is looking as sexy as she is now.

We just stare at each other with heated looks as everybody scatters around us. When the door shuts and we’re alone, we come crashing together in a mess of rough kisses and hungry hands.

“Where are the kids?” I ask between kisses. We have three of them. All girls.

“With your mom,” she says as she starts rubbing her palm up and down my hard cock.

With the earnings from my shop, I’ve been able to help my mother retire. She absolutely adores Mackenzie and the girls. She helps us out a lot, which I love because I still get to have time alone with my sexy wife.

“Please don’t talk about my mom when you’re touching my hard cock,” I say with a chuckle. “Or it won’t be very hard anymore.”

She laughs and the sound and sight of it makes my heart grow so big that I think it’s going to explode. I love this woman so fucking much.

“All right,” she says as she starts to zip down my fly. Her lust-filled brown eyes are locked on mine as her greedy little hands work. “I’ll keep my mouth for sucking cock only. I’d like to keep your most valuable tool nice and hard. I have big plans for it.”

“Like what?” I love hearing my chipmunk speak dirty to me.

She pulls out my hard dick, gives it a few strokes that have me groaning, and then steps back. With a grin on her face, she unties her sundress and lets it fall to the floor.

“Oh, fuck,” I groan when I see what she’s wearing underneath: nothing at all.

My cock aches as I look down to her wet pussy. Her legs are crossed and all I can see is the small tuft of hair that I’m going to destroy.

“I thought I’d bring you a late lunch,” she says as she hops her sweet ass onto the motorcycle I’m working on. She spreads her legs all the way open, showing me her pretty little pink pussy. “Hungry?”

A growl rips out of me as I drop to my knee and grab her legs. I inhale deep, letting the delicious smell of her pussy fill me up.

Then, I dive in and eat her out like I’m starving.

I’m always starving for my little chipmunk and her sweet little pussy.

And I always will be.



Twenty-five years later…

My daughter is walking down the aisle in her wedding dress, but somehow I can’t bear to take my eyes off the gorgeous man on her arm.

Colton looks sexier than ever in his tuxedo as he escorts Jessica down the aisle. He looks so proud. I can tell that his heart is close to bursting.

Every part of me has sagged and stretched and gotten closer to the floor over the years, but Colton has managed to keep his hard muscular body. His hair has turned mostly gray, but even that looks better on him that the dirty blond did. He looks distinguished. Noble. Sexy as hell.

Most older men don’t suit tattoos, but Colton isn’t like most men. The tattoos on his hands and neck, peeking out of his black tuxedo, make me so happy that I took a chance and walked out of my parent’s house all of those years ago.

This man has made my life what it is today. Happy and peaceful.

He locks eyes on me and smiles. I give him a seductive grin back as he watches me.

Whenever we’re in a room, he’s always uneasy until he knows where I am. He’s still possessive and obsessed with his little chipmunk, even after all of these years.

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