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That’s okay. I’m still obsessed with him.

I finally pry my eyes off my man and look at my daughter. She’s a stunning bride. Jessie has his blue eyes and dirty blond hair. At first, I was secretly upset that she took after him, but once I saw how beautiful his features were on her, I couldn’t be upset anymore. She’s absolutely stunning.

I’m in tears as Colton gives her away and then makes his way over to me.

“Looking good,” he whispers with a wink as he stands beside me. He wraps his hand around mine and we thread our fingers together as we sit down to watch the ceremony.

Jessica is getting married tonight, but I’m the one excited for the wedding night.

I squeeze my man’s tattooed hand as I picture what I’m going to do to him when I get him back to that hotel room.

His tuxedo won’t stand a chance. I’m going to rip it right off.

My prudish days are long gone.

Colton’s turned me into a sexual beast.

And tonight I’m going to let him have it.

Like the newlyweds we are at heart.

The End

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