“Have you ever been spanked, Emma?” he asks. “What I did to you, last time doesn’t count.”

“I feel like it should count. Your hand. My ass.”

“That was a warmup. You can say no.”

“Yes,” I whisper, no hesitation in me. None. I feel no hesitation with Jax.

“Then it will be nothing but good for you. I’m going to have to spank you, Emma,” he declares.

He leans in and kisses me, and in defiance of the very idea of a spanking, it’s tender, so very tender. His lips part mine, and he lingers there a moment. “What are you doing to me, woman?”

“It’s really more about what you’re about to do to me, right?”

His lips curve. “Say it. What am I going to do to you?”

“Spank me.”

“That’s right, baby. Now. I’m going to spank you.”

I swallow hard, and the next thing I know, he’s turned me to my stomach, and he’s on top of me. My heart races, and I can barely breathe. His lips settle at my ear. “Relax, baby. I’ll warn you.” He moves off of me and rolls us to our sides, his leg capturing mine, his hand on my backside. His lips back at my ear. “We don’t have to do this.”

I breathe out, and God, my nipples are so tight they hurt, my sex a dull ache that needs him inside me. “You teased me. Spank me or fuck me, just do it now.”

“Soon, baby.” He strokes my hair from my face and tilts my mouth to his, kissing me, the sweet-salty taste of me on his lips, erotic, arousing. And God, how he’s kissing me so damn right. I’m lost in the slide of his tongue, the feel of his lips on mine: his whole damn mouth. He turns me slightly, rubbing my backside, one hand sliding under me, and then I’m on my knees, and before I can lift my upper body, his fingers are back in my sex. Now he’s tapping my sex from behind and still, his fingers tease my clit, the front and back assault on my senses almost too much.

“I’m going to spank you three times,” he says, his face near mine. “You can count with me. I’ll tell you when. Okay?”

“Yes.” That’s all I can manage because God his fingers. And that tapping is vibrating through my sex. I’m dying. I’m burning alive. “Yes.”

He stops what he’s doing again. He stops, and I’m dying with need, but then his hand is between my shoulder blades, and he’s leaning in, his face next to my face. “We don’t have to do this, baby,” he says softly. “We can—”

“Do it, Jax. Stop teasing me because payback is hell. I vow to tease you just as badly.”

He laughs again, my sex clenching with the low, sexy rumble, his hand stroking my hair. “Then I guess I better get to that spanking.”



Then I guess I better get to that spanking.

Just hearing Jax say those words sends a rush of nerves and arousal shooting through my body.

He shifts then, and he’s on his knees, at my side, his hand sliding up and down my back, over my backside, then back up my spine. Slow. Fast. Soft. Firm. Repeat. And I feel it everywhere. All over my body. My nipples are puckered. My sex is one throbbing ache where I need him to be right now. He does this over and over until I can’t take it. “Jax!”

“Three times, baby. Count. Ready?”

“No. Yes! I—”

“Now. One. Count.” His palm comes down on my backside, and the sting is hard and fast, but a shockwave of sensations spirals through my body. And Lord help me, I think I might come. From his palm.

“Two,” he says, and then the sting is there again, and it radiates through me, all of me, but I swear it’s a fire in my sex.

“Three,” he says, and I suck in air, as his palm finds my backside for the final time. I arch into his palm, only to have Jax slide inside me. He drives deep and rolls us back to our sides, curling his big body around mine, and with his next thrust, I am lost, so very lost. I press against the hard lines of his body.

He cups my face, and I stretch my neck, reaching for his mouth, to find his kiss. His hands are all over my breasts, his cock driving into me, and I have never been so aroused in my life. One more thrust and my sex clenches around his cock, and I shatter. My entire body quakes with the intensity of my release, and Jax lets out a low, rough guttural sound, shuddering with his own release.

The room spins and fades in and out. I lose everything but me and this man. When finally, too soon it seems, I return to the here and now, it’s with Jax holding me, nuzzling my neck. “Tell me you’re okay.”

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