“Yes, my love. It’s embarrassing, but yes. You’re all I’ll ever know.” Tears came streaming down her face as she smiled up at me.

“I love you, Joseph.”

“I love you, always and forever, Rachael,” I murmured before kissing away her tears. My body had just felt heaven in her depths and I wanted to continue but I needed her with me.

I bent down and took one of her breasts in one hand and the other in my mouth, sucking and teasing her nipple with my fingers. She started to rock her hips up, taking my cock deeper into her. I could barely breathe as my balls tightened almost as much as her walls did around my dick. My hips started to piston forward, taking measured and slow strokes until she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my hips.

“I want to own your body, and when I come in your pussy, I’m marking it as mine for keeps.”

“I’m not on birth control,” she muttered as she kissed my shoulder.

“Good. I want to see you swollen with my little babies.”

“Joseph, I’m going to come again.”

“You like that,” I said, reaching down and cupping her ass as I drove into her. I picked up the pace as I thought of her carrying my kids. Fuck, I felt beads of sweat form on my back and trail down my spine. “Your pussy owns me,” I swore.

“You own me,” she chanted. “I’m coming,” she cried, her fingers clawing my shoulders. It was my key to fucking dominate her body. I pulled her hands from my shoulders, raised them over her head. I moved them to one hand and slipped my hand in her long blonde hair. Tugging on it, I tilted her head and took her mouth.

“Mine,” I growled, pumping my cum into her depths. This was more amazing than I’d ever thought it could be. I let her hands go, kissing her once more before rolling us to the side.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.

Chapter 14


I couldn’t believe what he said was true. He was Joseph Middleton, handsome, rich and not a teenager. I pressed my lips to his chest, kissing the skin above his heart. “Explain it to me, Joseph. I mean, I’m glad that you were still a virgin. It’s just hard to believe.”

He flipped me so that I was laying completely on top of him and said, “It wasn’t intentional at first. I was young, quiet, and awkward. I’d gone to college at sixteen, so I was the nerdy guy who focused on being successful. After college, I tried dating, but I didn’t find it interesting. My father reminded us boys that a woman could ruin our business if we played too much. He wanted us to find women that would make us willing to move mountains for them and vice versa. It wasn’t that he told us not to date, but to do it wisely.”

“Growing up wealthy, I know exactly what you’re talking about. My parents had to fight people off with a stick when I was underage. It was a big reason I had to stay away at the party. When you have money, you don’t have to be pretty to catch a lot of notice.”

“Well, you’re stunning and I would have lost my mind all those years ago. I’m so freaking thrilled that I didn’t meet you then. My sex drive didn’t seem alive until the day I saw you on the security camera. It took me a couple of weeks, but I had to see you because I felt something I didn’t feel for anyone else. If I’d met you then, I would have given your father something to nail me for.”

“What’s up with you and my father anyway?” I asked, sitting up and giving him a great view of my chest. His eyes moved to my soft nipples and his tongue slipped past his teeth. “I’m asking you a question.”

“Love, you asked me a question just as you showed me your tits. I think that gives me a bit of leeway.”

“Okay, leeway over, tell me what’s up with you and my father.”

“He tried to get my brother to marry you. He threatened him and the rest of us. After telling him to go fuck himself and none of us would have anything to do with you, he tried to find something to blackmail us with but we are clean as can be. And it seems that it was for nothing because you’re mine.”

“I like when you say that,” I said, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on his lips.

“I love when you do that,” he groaned, lifting his hips against mine. I ground my pussy on him and felt the tip against my entrance. Seconds later, I found myself on my back and speared with his large cock. I felt my body split in two and yet I wanted more. My insides were a little raw, but it felt so wonderful to be consumed by the man I loved.

Chapter 15


Last night had been amazing in so many ways. The only kink in the chain was Roxie. I didn’t fire her yet, but I was going to. I made it clear at the wedding that I was seeing Rachael. All else could be saved for when the wedding was over. She’d been so pissed when she found out that I saw something I hadn’t seen before. She really did want me like that. Not wanting to make a scene, I ended the conversation quickly and got back to Rachael.

Mulling it over in the shower, I thought about what I’d say to her. I have personally never fired anyone that close to me. Roxie had been my assistant for over three years, and although I heard rumors, I assumed it was just people talking. After talking to Rachael, I knew she was the one adding to those rumors. Threatening Rachael was a big fuck up. I was starting to think she knew I’d been watching Rachael. Thinking back, I was sure I closed down my computer the day we checked out and I most certainly didn’t have her file up for the cleaning crew to see. Now that my balls had been drained, I could piece it all together. It really did feel like for the first time since I saw her that I could think straight. I knew that every little fuck up in the hotel kept getting tossed to Rachael’s feet, even though looking back most of them were when she wasn’t at the desk. I thought it was the supervisor making her the scapegoat, but I wondered if Roxie had a hand in it, too.

“What’s taking you so long in there, handsome?” Rachael asked, leaning against the vanity and staring at me like she was ravenous.

“I was thinking about Roxie.”

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