I stopped in our large garage and sat her on the hood of my car. Her eyes widened as she shook her head at me in disbelief.

“Is this far enough?”

“For now,” I grunted. I grabbed hold of the button on her jeans and pulled them off her body. The garage was temperature controlled, so I wasn’t worried about her freezing. My hands went into her ponytail, pulling out the band and taking her mouth with mine. The kiss was bruising, but I was losing control and she was with me, her hands tugged at my shirt, lifting it over my head. Her lips landed on my chest, placing a kiss on it before running her hands all over my body. She was moving too fast for me. I needed to make her come before I did.

I knelt down and took off her soaked panties. She moaned as I replaced her panties with my hand cupping her warmth. “You’re so fucking wet, baby. Are you ready to come? I want the first time on my tongue,” I stated, looking into her eyes as I spread her thighs farther apart and pressed my lips to her pink ones. Her scent was driving me insane and I fixated on tasting her cum. It was all I could think about as I licked her pretty cunt. I parted her lips, ran my finger up and down before pushing into her heat. She was so damn tight. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I fingerfucked her as I sucked on her clit. Her pussy was meant for me, just for me, and it made me hard every time the thought crossed my mind. Thrusting two fingers into her slit, I felt her walls squeeze them, sending a signal straight to my dick.

“Joe,” she cried out, her screams echoing throughout the garage. It was my favorite sound. Lapping up her sweetness like a man possessed, I stuck my tongue into her hole, trying to get more. Fuck, she could sit on my face all day and I’d be a happy man. I needed her now and jumped to my feet. I tugged at my belt and laid it on the hood and dropped my pants and boxers to my knees. My cock stood hard and straight with beads of pre-cum coating the head. In a frenzied need, I grabbed the hem of her shirt and tossed it somewhere, taking her nipple in my mouth and drinking from her milk that started to leak from her breasts. Growling, I parted her thighs, then took hold of my cock and pushed all the way into her. She cried out in a bit of pleasure and pain.

“Mine,” I muttered, her nipple still in my mouth. I popped off her breast and switched to the other refusing to neglect her. She tugged at my head and pulled my face to hers. I knew she had to see the wild look in my eyes, but I was fucking horny, I couldn’t take it. “I’m going to come,” I roared, kissing her as I emptied into her depths. I looked into her beautiful eyes as I attempted to become human again, and I still saw the hunger there. She was ready to come again and I couldn’t leave her hanging especially since I wasn’t even close to finishing.

I pulled out of her and slid her off the hood. I kissed her once more before spinning her around by her arms. “Lean on the car, Rachael,” I demanded as I held her arms behind her. Taking them into one hand, I grabbed my belt and tied her wrists together.

I leaned over her and whispered in her ear, “You’re mine, Rachael. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” she panted.

“You like the cool surface on your breasts, don’t you?” I asked, running my hands up her sides lightly, caressing the edge of her breasts.

“Yes,” she squeaked, her body was eager and so was I. I stood straight up and moved my hand to her pussy that was dripping from the both of us. I ran my finger through her slit coating it before slipping into her ass. She sighed as I worked her backside. I don’t know what got into me today, but I needed to fuck as dirty as I could.

“Please, Joseph,” she begged, pushing her ass back and taking more of my finger inside her.

“Baby, you want it dirty. Do you want me to claim your sexy ass?”

“Yes,” she rushed out.

“Fuck, baby, you look so sexy like this.” I pushed my cock into her pussy, stroking in and out while I pushed another finger in her ass prepping it for my entry. Once I felt her loosen and relax for me, I pulled out of her soaking wet pussy and slowly pushed the head of my cock into her ass. I paused to take a breath. We both groaned as I leaned over her, pushing my dick all the way in. “Mine,” I stated, biting her ear.

“Own me, Joseph,” she demanded.

“With pleasure, fucking extremely pleasure.” My body straightened as I rocked my hips against her round ass. My cock disappeared between her cheeks and I was losing it at the vision in front of me. I grabbed the belt and tugged slightly as I fucked her from behind.

“Ah, yes, yes,” she panted, lifting her chest off the hood. She was about to come, so I rutted deep into her as we both exploded at the same time. I wanted her screaming as I roared. I took one hand and strummed her clit. “Joe,” she screamed. Her body tensed as she came.

“Rachael,” I howled, gladly following her over.

I rested my head on her back, trying to not pass out. The woman was my undoing. I pulled out to watch my cum drip out of her. It was fucked, but I loved to watch it leave her body. It was as though I was marking her.

I took off my clothes and wiped her with my boxers as she rested on the hood. “Let’s get you in the shower.” I carried her into the house and both of us enjoyed a nice warm bath before the little one woke up. My life couldn’t get any better.

Twenty years later…


I married a maniac. After twenty years the man was still chasing me around the house. His appetite was intense, but I wouldn’t complain because I needed him and his touch. The feel of him inside me could never get old.

He was hunting for me since all the kids were away at school. Five kids and the youngest was only ten, but he had afterschool. Now, Mr. Middleton was searching for his prey.

“Rachael, where are you? I’m a starving man,” he called out down the hall. A laugh escaped my throat and I clapped my hand to my mouth but it was too late. The door to the laundry room opened up.

“I found you,” he murmured in a menacing growl, making my heart race.

“You did,” I

replied. My breathing was getting heavy with anticipation. I needed my man. Before I knew it, I was in his arms, my bottom half naked and his cock buried in me. I loved that he refused to take off his suit as he fucked me. Knowing he was heading back to the office with my scent all over him turned me on so much.

“Fuck me,” I demanded as he slammed into me. I felt the washer vibrate on my ass as he thrust into me. It wasn’t long until I was screaming his name. “Joe,” I shouted, squeezing his thick cock and taking in all his cum.

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