“Was there something you needed?” I asked the jackass who was staring at her cleavage. Jealousy raged through me, but it wasn’t visible on my face at all.

“Just some time to convince her to marry me,” he smirked.

“Well, sir, not on company time. She has work to do.”

“I’ll see you around, Rachael.” He left, winking at her.

“Another admirer?” I asked, hiding my irrational jealousy.

“Yes, you know I have them by the truck load. New admirers by the hour,” she joked. “But really, thank you. He comes in here once or twice a month.”

“No problem. Just let the supervisor know if there’s a problem.”

“I will.”

“Okay, have a great weekend.” I walked away, itching to snap and take her away from here. She was mine and the thought of men looking at her or even hinting at fucking her made me furious. I couldn’t even act because she was my employee. I didn’t want to fire her either. She wouldn’t look too fondly at me if I did. But there was one thing I planned to do immediately. As soon as I got to my room, I called the manager of the hotel and informed him that the concierges were going to have to wear a uniform like the one we had in Minnesota. It was still a great look, but this way I knew she was covered up. It wasn’t that Rachael dressed inappropriately. In fact, it was the exact opposite. She looked like she belonged leading board room meetings, but her large tits were practically bursting through her blouse under her suit jacket that only accentuated her curves.

I looked around my room and I noticed that the bed had been made and the room cleaned. I still had everything open in my bedroom, including my laptop with her record on it. Fuck, what was wrong with me? I never left something open like that, and who told the cleaning crew to come in here?

Damn it, I got my things and left the building without running into her again. She had gone on break and I was grateful because I was seconds from claiming her.

Chapter 6


He was here again. Three weeks in a row, just sitting at the bar, sipping his coffee. His eyes were trained to me waiting for me to fuck up again. I got called into the office when he left. I was accused of flirting with the customers and the only one who could have said it was him. He saw that guy hit on me and I thought he was on my side, but I guess not.

The man turned me inside out. I was pissed at him, and at the same time, I wanted to feel his hands on my body. My heart still belonged to him, even though I knew he didn’t trust me and was waiting for me to fuck up again. They were holding a conference here today, so he was supposed to be here, but the fact that he was watching me, judging me, made me want to scream. If I wasn’t worried about getting fired and admitting to my parents that I failed, I would ask him what the fuck his problem was.

One of the other concierges Lance told me that a woman almost got me in trouble with the boss man. Then someone let it slip that he pulled my HR record and they saw it in his hotel room the first day I saw him. So that bitch wasn’t lying that he had been looking at my file. The Middleton brothers only did that for two reasons, a promotion or a firing. I’d been written up and Roxie made sure that Joseph was going to know about it. I had to start looking for a new job as soon as possible.

I was going to get canned, I just knew it. I wanted to quit before they did that, but I didn’t want to give my parents the satisfaction of saying I told you so. My parents and I had the same arguments every day. I didn’t know how many times I told them that working built a great work ethic and character. They wouldn’t know; my father’s wealth had been handed to him on a silver platter from his parents. He gained even more money from marrying into my mother’s wealthy family.

Joseph came to the front desk, just as I was about to go on break. I was about to walk away when he said, “Wait.”

I stood there for a moment, waiting for the reason he stopped me. Didn’t they leave the canning to the lower bosses or the HR people? Why did he have to crush my dreams in every way?

He was about to say something when that snotty assistant called out to him. They hosted a meeting here this morning, so she was here again. While his back had been turned from her, she gave me a look that would have me six feet deep if looks could kill. I wasn’t intimidated, only crushed. I couldn’t shake the infatuation I had with him even though I knew he was going to have me fired. Knowing that they had sex with each other killed me.

“The executives are waiting for you to head over to the restaurant.”

“I need to speak to you later,” he said, looking deep into my eyes. I just nodded because the look on his face wasn’t harsh. In fact, it was soft, almost affectionate.

Hopefully, someone else would fire me because I was on the verge of tears as it was. I walked into the breakroom where several of my coworkers were gathered. Everyone looked at me like I was going to the gallows.

“Sorry, girl. We heard about the HR write up and now this. I mean they can’t blame you for everything that gets fucked up in this place. His assistant was talking to Marlene and she said your name.”

“Well, you know that Joseph Middleton is a perfectionist and that woman has it in for you. You’re too pretty for her to deal with.”

Darla scoffed and said, “He’s fine as hell, though. If I wasn’t married and about ten years younger, I would be drooling like a giddy fool.”

Any time Roxie’s name was mentioned all I saw was red. “Well, I hope he tosses himself off the building,” I snapped, tossing my lunch into the garbage. I had no appetite and I was about to turn in my notice.

“That’s not nice and I know that you don’t mean it.”

“I don’t, but I’m the reason that we have to wear a uniform at the desk now. Everyone was pissed at me.”

“Um…according to the supervisor it was because the guys were harassing you. They thought it would be better if they didn’t ogle all the women.”

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