I found Micah in the kitchen, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts, sipping at his coffee. He didn’t greet me, but I didn’t notice at the time, or think anything was off.

After pouring my coffee, I sat across the table and muttered, “Sorry about the woman in there. Hope we weren’t too loud.”

Micah put his cup down. “We brought her home together.”

Despite the pain in my head, my eyebrows raise in interest. We’d shared women before, but it had been a long time. “I don’t remember. What did I miss?”

“The usual,” he said, which meant one of us had her pussy and the other had her ass at the same time.

“Let me get my stomach and head settled, and we can give her a nice send-off,” I told him with a grin, then winced at the pain that caused.

“You really don’t remember?” Micah asked, and that’s when I noted something funny in his voice.

I didn’t shake my head in denial because it would have hurt too much, but I told him the truth. “Completely blacked out. How much did I drink last night?”

“Enough to make you black out, apparently,” he said with heat to his voice.

“Did I do something to piss you off?” I asked flatly.

Micah’s eyes narrowed. “Does my sister Jorie ring a bell?”

I honestly had no clue what he was talking about. Jorie had been living in Los Angeles for several years. I hadn’t seen her in forever, and didn’t know much of what was going on other than she was married to some financial advisor or some shit like that.

“Jorie?” I asked in confusion.

“You don’t remember the shit you told me last night?” he asked with disbelief.

Dread welled up inside of me, because that could only mean a couple of things. I either professed my attraction to his sister, or I spilled the beans about what happened to her when she was sixteen, a secret Jorie and I had kept solidly together.

“Why don’t you enlighten me?” I asked, but I sure as hell didn’t want to know the answer.

“After we fucked that woman in there,” he said with a jerk of his head toward the hallway that led to the bedrooms, “we came out to the living room and drank some more. You were bitching and moaning about Renee.”

“Bitching and moaning?” This was odd because Renee and I mutually decided to end the marriage. There was nothing really to bitch or moan about, except for the fact I was going to miss having sex with her.

“About how you shouldn’t have bothered with marrying her.”

I could totally see me saying that because it was the truth. I was smart enough to have a prenup signed with Renee, but she still left the marriage with a nice chunk of my money. Still, I didn’t begrudge it to her. I knew what I was getting into.

“What does that have to do with Jorie?” I asked.

“You started talking weird shit about Jorie,” Micah said. “It made no sense.”

“Like what?” I prodded, my stomach tightening, the one sip of coffee I’d had threatening to come up.

“That you didn’t have a special bond with Renee, not the way you did with Jorie,” he said, and bile rose in my throat. “I asked you what that meant, but you just kept repeating that, all slurred and not making sense.”

“Okay,” I said hesitantly.

“Until you appeared to sober up miraculously for just a moment,” Micah said through gritted teeth. “You looked at me and said, ‘If you could have just seen the way she looked at me, brother… I’ve never had anyone look at me like that before.”

I wanted to mutter every curse word in the dictionary, because while I had no recollection about what I’d said while drunk, I knew exactly what I was referencing.

I was talking about the moment I walked into that bathroom in that hotel suite to rescue Jorie. When I walked in that door, the utter look of worship in her eyes almost made me stumble. Like I was her hero, or that if she never saw another thing as long as she lived, she’d be satisfied with that one moment where I came to save her.

“Did you fuck my sister?” Micah growled.

“What?” I barked back at him, stunned he would even think that. He actually jerked his head back at my tone. “Fuck, no. Why would you ever ask me something like that?”

“What did you expect me to think?” he retorted, but the heat had died from his voice. “What did you mean ‘the way she looked at you’?”

This was dicey. I couldn’t share Jorie’s secret.

I lied for the first time about Jorie to my best friend who was like my brother. “I don’t know, Micah. Maybe I was talking about how when we were growing up together, and Jorie would fucking follow us around all the time. She looked up to us, man. We were her heroes, dude. Surely you remember that?”

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