When finally her blouse was off and her bra, too, Sam worked her skirt down her hips, taking the slash of black panties down with it. She’d barely kicked away her shoes before he tugged her to the end of the mattress, and went down on his knees between her legs. He caressed her then, and she trembled with anticipation.

“Just so you know,” he said. “I’m going to do everything to make sure one night isn’t enough for you.” His lips pressed to her stomach, his fingers sliding into the wet heat of her body.

No. One night wasn’t enough. Right now, it felt like too much. Too much pleasure, too much desire, too much yearning. But no. Not enough of Sam.

* * *

SAM TOOK HIS TIME with Meagan, savoring every blissful second with her. How he’d ever thought sex would work Meagan out of his system, he didn’t know. His lips traveled the dip of her flat stomach, the curve of her hip. His nostrils flared with the soft feminine scent of her perfumed skin. He moved lower down her body. His breath teased her clit, and she arched into him, silently asking for more. Her sex tightened around the two fingers inside her, telling him he was pleasing her. And pleasing her was exactly what he burned to do.

Sam’s cock thickened, his body pulsing with the need to be inside her, reacting to how readily she responded to him. With any other woman her willingness to give herself to him wouldn’t have impacted him with such force. But with Meagan, it did. It did because he knew she didn’t give herself easily. It mattered because she meant something to him, because what she felt and needed and wanted mattered to him in a way it had never mattered before.

Sam lapped at the swollen nub, his fingers gently massaging the tight wet heat of her body. Her soft moans driving him crazy, pressing him onward to hear another and another. He lifted her leg over his shoulder, licked her and teased her until he felt her body clench and begin to spasm. Slowly, delicately, he suckled her, easing her through her release.

To his surprise, she covered her face with her hands, as if she were embarrassed. She was one big wonderful surprise after another, this woman. Feisty and confident one minute, and insecure and sensitive the next. Sam kissed her stomach and slid her farther onto the bed. “You’re beautiful. I loved doing that to you.”

“Sam,” she said shyly, her lashes fluttering, her cheeks turning rosy.

He smiled as he watched her blush. “Don’t go anywhere,” he told her before he moved away from her to finish undressing.

She lifted up on her elbows to watch him, the timidness of moments before sliding away. Her gaze lingered on his body, her expression hot with interest. And when she scraped her teeth over her bottom lip, his cock jerked and hardened. He started for the bed, and then silently cursed his eagerness, grabbing his pants and pulling a condom from his pocket.

And though he was beyond aroused, beyond reason, he didn’t miss the distressed look that flashed across her face. “I don’t carry condoms with me, sweetheart. I wasn’t, however, going to miss a night with you because I didn’t have one. I got a few when we stopped at the store.” He tossed two extras on the bed.

Her lips curved instantly and she nodded her pleasure at that answer. “Can I?” she asked, scooting to sit at the end of the bed and holding out her hand.

“You don’t even have to ask,” he assured her. Every muscle in his body was tense with anticipation as he stepped forward.

She took the package from him and opened it, then wrapped her soft hand around his hard cock, the contrast almost too much for him. When he thought she’d slide the condom on him, she instead slid her tongue over his erection.

Sam sucked in a breath, desire rushing through him, tightening his balls. His hand went to her shoulder. “As much as I like that, I’m about as on edge as a man can get.”

“I like that you’re on edge,” she said softly. “I like knowing you feel what I feel.”

Her words were like fuel on the fire that was his need for this woman. He took the condom from her and rolled it on, before he moved them both to the middle of the bed. He spread her legs, settling between them, fitting his shaft into the warm V of her body.

He kissed her before she could say anything more, claiming her mouth, just as he pressed inside her.

Sam buried himself to the hilt, the tight feel of her squeezing him, driving him wild. She gasped into his mouth with the impact, whispering his name. He wanted to hear her say his name like that over and over. He could never hear it enough.

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