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A year after everything settled down, Seleme’s parents made the decision to move back to Romania. People were beginning to question more and more their lack of aging and they wanted to explore the world a bit, so they took up residence in the family home while they traveled the world at their leisure.

We decided to take over the mansion, while Anna and Dimitri bought the house across the street and renovated it completely making it a modern take on the tired Tudor that it was.

Seleme never did go back to her law practice. Something shifted in her after everything that happened. The case she was supposed to present before the state supreme court also fizzled out, her client having a change of heart which worked out. Seleme was a bit disappointed but in truth, many things changed after that night and her passion for that sort of success diminished.

I do some stock trading and with my new ‘vision’ I’ve been able to create quite a sizable fortune in my own right yet still stay home with Seleme and the kids which in my heart is where I belong.

In the end, a sort of peace was reached between all the vampire families. Although it would not be called friendship, no more lives have been lost since the uproar that followed Seleme’s turning. Everyone returned to their corners of the world and for at least a few years, none of our paths have crossed.

“How are my favorite mini-vampires?”

“Goooooood.” They both sing-song in unison.

“Hey there.” Dimitri comes through, ruffling their heads as he passes. “How’s tricks?”

I stand and shake his hand. “All is well.”

He leans his head back and sniffs the air. “Seleme cooking again?”

I smack him on the shoulder. “Stop.” I whisper.

“Too late.” Her voice comes through from the kitchen, and I give Dimitri an I-told-you-so look. “I heard him.”

“Sorry.” He offers, shrugging as he shoots me a sympathetic look. “How do you get away with anything?”

“He doesn’t.” Seleme answers, and I give him a resigned smile.

“What would I possibly need to get away with?” I look through into the kitchen, watching her with wonder at how I managed to land such a goddess, undead or not.

“Beats me.” Dimitri concedes as the kids run in, dragging Anna by the hands.

“Mommy, Daddy…” Raymond announces. “Anna said she has something to tell us, but she wants us all to hear.”

Seleme turns and wipes her hand on a towel, then comes to stand next to me and I lean down and kiss her cheek.

“Well.” Anna starts, looking at each of us. “Dimitri and I have some news.”

Dimitri wraps his hand around Anna’s waist, looking like he’s just won the lottery.

“What?” Seleme rests a hand on my chest and puts her other around my waist.

“Something’s happened.” Dimitri’s voice is deep as he looks from Anna back to us. “With the Hasanovs.”

I feel Seleme’s body tighten, and reply for us both. “What?”

“It’s okay.” Anna adds. “It’s good news.”

A beat of silence, then Seleme breaks the tension. “Stop with the theatrical pauses and tell us.”

“We’re having a baby.” Anna smiles as her voice cracks, and Seleme and I look at each other in confusion, then back at Anna. “I mean, I’m not actually having a baby. But… there’s a baby. She was born to a turned vampire in New York, but after she turned… a similar situation to Seleme’s, although thankfully without all the moon-child craziness. The Hasanovs came to hear about it, but the mother and father were both killed in a freak accident the day after the child’s birth. Car accident. They ran into a tree which fractured and impaled both of them in the chest. The Hasanovs came to me, because they weren’t sure what to do. The mother had no vampire family. The child was an orphan, surely unable to fit in in the human world, so they hoped I might know what to do.” She shrugs, and Dimitri kisses her cheek.

“We knew what to do, alright,” he says with a grin.

“Really? You’re going to take the baby?”

Anna nods. “Can you believe this shit?”

Both the kids gasp and Anna starts to blush.

“Sorry. I mean, can you believe it though?”

“Mommy, she said a swear.” Avery looks up at Seleme.

“I know, baby. It’s okay, grown-ups sometimes slip.”

“Congratulations, man. When?” I reach my hand out to shake Dimitri’s again.

“Tonight. That’s why we popped by. We wanted to come back here. I know your mom and dad are coming in. We wanted to share it with all of you. You are our family.”

Both the kids start jumping up and own.

“Yes!” Avery squeals. “I want to see the baby!”

“I want to show the puppies the baby. They can all be friends!” Raymond adds.

“Okay, okay.” Seleme lets me go and hugs Anna. “I’m so sorry for the parents that died, but this is the best news. We will be here waiting. We will set up a nursery in the guest suite. I still have so many of the kids’ things. It will be so much fun, won’t it?” Seleme looks to the kids who both jump and nod.

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