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“You know, you could have just called.” Raymond looks to Dimitri and Anna. “They have these things called phones. You don’t have to come walking through the walls whenever you want to tell us something.”

Anna draws her brows together. “What fun would that be? Besides, cell phones are the devil. They steal your soul.” She looks down at the kids who look back with wide eyes.

“We should be heading out.” Dimitri puts his hand on Anna’a back. “It’s a half hour trip and they are waiting.”

“I’m so excited.” Anna makes her hands into fists in front of her chest. “I’m going to be a mom. After four-thousand, eight hundred and forty-six years!”

“Hey!” Seleme narrows her eyes at her, then points a finger her way. “You do know how old you are.”

Anna shrugs. “Of course I do. How could anyone lose count of how old they are?” She makes this ‘tsk’ sound, and Seleme shakes her head.

“Okay, see you in a few hours.” Dimitri waves as they head to the front door.

Anna heads for the wall, but he doesn’t let her hand go, opening the door and pulling her along behind. As they disappear into the night, we all gather around with a new joy in our eyes.

“Ready to make up the new baby’s room?” Seleme looks at the kids and they nod vigorously.

“Okay, but first…” I step toward the kitchen. “I think we have to deal with some food issues…”

The kitchen is filled with smoke and Seleme makes a disgusted face. “Shoot. I did it again. Sorry kids, it’s Cheez-its and calves liver again.”

“We’re not even hungry.” Raymond replies. “Are we?” He shoots a pointed glance at his sister who shakes her head in agreement.

“Nope. Not even hungry.”

Seleme tilts her head at them on a long exhale ready to reply but I’ve got other ideas for the moment.

“Baby.” I whisper. “Just turn off the oven, take everything out. I’m going to get the kids settled in their playroom for a bit. You and I have to talk.”

“Talk?” Raymond makes a disgusted sound. “You guys always have to go in your bedroom and talk. What do you even talk about?”

Seleme turns and makes her way into the kitchen. “Grown up stuff. You would be bored, trust me.”

“Fine.” He stomps toward the stairs, his sister following behind. “Grownups are weird.”


I get them settled watching an old rerun of Wolfman in black and white, while they both play with Seleme’s dollhouse. Then I head for the bedroom, lighting some candles with the matches when I enter, because unlike the rest of my family I lack the ability to control fire.

When Seleme comes through the door a few minutes later, I’m already naked. I grab her around the waist and throw her over my shoulder, enjoying the yelp I get in response.

“You’ll never get over that, will you?” She laughs.

“Nope. No one but me gets to throw you over their shoulder. I don’t want you to ever forget that.”

I toss her on the bed as she giggles, and focus my mind on the tiny buttons down the front of her lace dress. As I reach down to stroke my already hard, leaking cock, each one begins to unfasten on its own. Then, when the dress falls open, Seleme rises onto her knees and lets it drop down her shoulders, off her arms, and with one direct focused thought, I drag it from her legs to leave her there naked, her red lips smiling at me as I jerk myself off to the sight of my beautiful little vamp.

“Ass up. Head down. I’m in a mood.” I direct, and Seleme bites into her bottom lip. “Now.” I order, and she quickly assumes the position. “That’s my good girl. I only wish I could fuck another hundred babies into you.”

“You can try. I like the trying part.”

“Me too.” I agree on a growl as I step to the bed, crawl up behind her and line up my throbbing dick with her soaking opening.

I slam into her in one thrust, making her gasp as her body clutches around me, rocking and roaring and growling until the bedding is in tatters and we’re both on the floor, Seleme straddling me as her fingernails dig into my chest.

“That’s my girl. Show me how you make me happy. Fucking me, just how I like it. Your purpose. Your place. On my cock.”

She arches her back, her tits pressing out, nipples hard as she cums, drenching my cock and balls as she screams my name and scores my flesh, drawing blood with her nails.

I heal almost immediately, reaching up and flipping her over so she’s laying on the floor. Then I straddle her body, bringing my cock to her lips.

“Open your mouth.” I grit out, fisting the hard steel shaft, slick with her juices as I jack it up and down, the skin pulling tight until I’m on the edge.

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