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“Aye. Too much and that’s the problem,” he said. He urged her to her feet, where he removed her dress and underclothes with slow, torturous movements. “Now it’s my turn to tease you.”

This time he was the one who fell to his knees. He lifted her leg and kissed his way upward and then wrapped her knee around his shoulders. At the first touch of his tongue, Delilah’s hips jerked reflexively. She threaded her fingers through his hair as he drove her crazy with desire. But just as she was on the brink of an orgasm, he moved away from her.

“Not yet,” he breathed. He stood and kissed her deeply, but instead of leading her toward the bed, he lifted her into his arms and impaled her on his rigid cock right where he stood.

She cried out as she took in every single inch. The pleasure was almost unbearable at this point, so delicious that it was bordering on pain. “Conor, please…”

He moved as one with her to a nearby chair and sat down. She straddled him, one leg on either side as he began to lift his hips and slide in and out of her, her breasts moving in time to each magnificent thrust. Her hands clutched his shoulders as he held her around the waist with one hand and with the other, he slipped between her legs and continued to tease her. He lowered his head and suckled first one nipple, and then the other, until it was too much.

Her head fell back as she started to climax, his movements becoming even faster, even more relentless as she tumbled off the edge of oblivion where all she knew was Conor. He was her body, her soul, her… everything in that moment.

With one last, hoarse shout, he emptied himself inside of her and finally fell still. Their breathing was heavy, a light sheen of perspiration coating them, but still they seemed reluctant to part. She opened her mouth to proclaim her love, for there was no longer any doubt in her mind that was what was in her heart, but she stopped herself before she made that grave error. She would just have to enjoy Conor’s company until after the race and the festivities in the park, after which she would leave and return to her father’s estate, while he went back to Ireland. This fantasy affair would be over, and they would return to the reality of their lives.

“Ye drive me crazy, Delilah.” His grip tightened around her waist. “I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to let ye go.”

Then don’t… She wanted to shout at him, but instead, she said, “Let’s just enjoy the time together that we’ve been granted.”

He kissed her gently, but with enough interest that it made his cock stir to life inside of her once again. However, he reluctantly pulled back and said, “I should be going.” He hesitated. “Unless ye want me to stay.”

She wanted nothing more, but when she moved off his lap, he took the hint.

“Ye’re right. We’re only courting trouble if I don’t leave soon.”

Delilah turned away and gathered the coverlet off the bed rather than hope her fingers

might obey the command to dress herself. However, when she turned back to Conor, she was struck by a strange symbol that was tattooed near his neck on his upper back. “What is that?”

He instantly stiffened, but slowly turned back to her. “A Celtic knot. There are several versions and each one represents something different.”

“What does yours mean?” she dared to ask, for it was obvious they were important to him, as well as something he didn’t care to discuss.

He appeared to fight an inner battle with himself, but then said, “It’s called a shield knot and is a symbol for protection.”

Delilah’s skin prickled with awareness. She should let the matter drop, but some higher power compelled her to ask, “What do you need protection from?”

His eyes glowed with that strange, inner light she’d noticed before. It was as if the demons of his past were trying to keep him a prisoner in his own mind. “Myself.”

She said nothing, for he donned his shirt, his entire being telling her that it was all he was willing to say on the subject.

Once he was properly attired, all except his jacket which he held in his grasp, he turned to her, where she continued to stand wrapped in the coverlet. His nostrils instantly flared as his gaze traveled up and down the length of her. “Ye greatly tempt me standing there like ye are.”

“Do I?” she asked coyly, relieved that the Conor she was used to sparring with had returned. But at the same time, she yearned to break through the reserve of the man he was doing his best to keep hidden away under tight lock and key. It was only when he allowed that part of himself to emerge could he truly heal from whatever wounds were following him.

He kissed her lightly on the lips and donned his jacket before he opened the door. He seemed slightly reticent to depart. “Will I see ye at the race?”

Delilah nodded her head. “Of course. I wouldn’t miss it, even though it scares me.” She shivered.

He touched her chin, and when she looked at him, his eyes were a green, swirling tempest. “It doesn’t scare me nearly as much as you do, my sweet lass.”

With that, he turned on his heel and left.

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