She’s intoxicating.

Finally, I nip her little chin and down her neck and begin the journey down her petite body. The first time I was with her, I was afraid I’d break her. But she’s much stronger than she looks.

While kissing and nuzzling her belly button, I hook my fingers into her panties and pull them down her hips and legs, then throw them over my shoulder and settle between her spread thighs.

She’s laid out before me like a feast. Her pussy lips are small and pink and dripping wet.

“Your clit is swollen,” I murmur softly and trace a circle with my fingertip around the tight nub.

She gasps and squirms as I drag my finger down from her clit, between her folds, and push it inside her and amazingly, she clenches around my finger like a vise and I know that when my cock slides home, I won’t last long.

Finally, I can’t take it any longer. I have to taste her. I pull my finger out of her and suck it into my mouth. She bites her lip, watching me intently and I grin up at her, then lean in and pull her lips into my mouth, suck lightly, and then sink my tongue into her hot, tight pussy.

Her hips lift off the mattress, pushing unabashedly against my face. I plant my hands on her inner thighs and hold her down and lick from her entrance to her clit and back down again, and as I fuck her with my tongue, I press my thumb on her clit and watch as she explodes, her juices flowing around my mouth as she arches her back and screams my name.

I kiss her thighs and her soft, flat belly, running my fingertips up and down her skin, watching as goose bumps spread across her white skin.

“That was one,” I inform her and climb back on top of her and kiss her, giving her taste to her. I love the way her pelvis cradles mine, and the feel of her strong thighs clenched around my hips, and I know I won’t be able to hold out much longer.

I tug my wallet from my jeans, retrieve the condom, and shimmy out of my pants. My cock springs blessedly free, and I quickly sheath it in the rubber.

“You’re sure?” I settle against her, not inside her yet, and gently brush strands of hair away from her forehead.

“If you stop now, I’ll kick your ass.” She reaches between us, takes my cock in her hand, and guides me inside her, and I swear to Jesus, I see stars.

“Holy fuck, Jilly.”

“God, so good,” she gasps.

I slide in as far as I can and stop, holding myself still. If I move, I’ll pound in and out of her until I come hard, and I want to make this last.

“I missed you,” I whisper. My heart stills. God, I missed her. I only had her for one night, and I thought I’d never be here again, and by some miracle, here she is.

“I’m sorry.” She bites her lip. Tears form in her eyes, making my gut clench. “I shouldn’t have left. I should have . . .”

“Shh.” I kiss her softly and brush her tears away with my thumbs. “We had a rough year, sugar. I’m just so fucking thankful you’re here now.”

She nods and offers me a shy smile. “Me too.”

I lean in and drag my nose down her jaw to her ear. “I have to move.”

“So move,” she replies and circles her hips again.

“I don’t want it to be over too fast.”

She drags those amazing hands of hers down my back to my ass and grabs a handful. “This is just the first time, Zack.”

I pull back in surprise to gaze down at her nervous face. She’s biting her lip again.

“I mean . . .”

“You’re right.” I pull my hips back and then slide right back in and it’s all I can do to hold still again. “It’s just the first time.” I repeat the motion, and then slowly increase the pace.

“Oh God.”

I hook her right leg around my elbow and spread her wide, and can’t help but watch my hard, thick cock moving in and out of her small body.

“Amazing,” I murmur and glance up at her face. “Your tiny body fits me like a glove.”

Her body clenches around me, and I know she’s on the edge again, ready to fall apart. I release her leg and cover her with my body and kiss her hard as her pussy milks my cock.

“Come, baby.”

“Come with me,” she purrs.

“I’m right here with you.” I clench her hand in mine and kiss her fingers, then kiss her lips again. She nibbles my lower lip and suddenly, her hand tightens on mine and her pussy clenches around my cock like a fist.

“Holy shit!”

“Yes, baby.” I hold my hips still, watching as she shudders around me, coming apart, and just as her orgasm is about to recede, I follow her over, pulsing inside her, and call out her name.

“Holy shit,” she whispers, panting.

I laugh as my head clears, cup her face in my hands, and kiss her long and slow before pulling out of her to dispose of the condom and wash my hands.

“How do you feel?” I ask as I crawl back to the middle of my bed and kiss her cheek.

“Thoroughly fucked,” she replies with a wide smile.

“Good.” I kiss her cheek again and pull away. “I have to check the house. I’ll be right back.”

“Do you need help?”

The question makes me pause. When was the last time anyone asked me if I needed help?

“No, sweetheart. Get comfy. I’ll only be a minute.”

I pull on a pair of boxers and run into Thor, who is asleep right outside my door.

“Hey, buddy. Sorry about that.” He whines and licks my hand as he jogs down the stairs next to me. “I know, you miss your boy. He’ll be home tomorrow. Here, go potty so we can all go to bed.”

I open the back door and he flies outside, barks at the chickens just for form’s sake, pees on a fence post, and then runs back to the house.

It’s too damn cold out to fuck around.

I stoke the fire, add more wood, and make sure the house is locked up for the night, not that anyone is going to bother us out here. It’s just habit now.

“Are you ready for bed, boy?” I ask Thor. He offers me a doggy grin and runs up the stairs ahead of me. He stops at Seth’s room, but I shake my head. “You’ll have to sleep in my room tonight. Come on.”

When we enter the master, Thor jogs over to the bed, sniffs to see who’s up there, and then jumps up on the bed.

“Thor, no.”

“Awww, he wants to sleep with us.” Jill scratches his ears as Thor curls up next to her, happy as a clam.

“Not a chance in hell are you going to sleep next to my woman, dog.” Jill’s eyes widen in surprise as I snap my fingers and point to Thor’s bed. He whines, hangs his head for a moment, and then finally obeys, jumping off the bed and curling up on his dog bed in the corner.

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