I stand and drop my jeans, then pull Jill off the bed and into my arms again.

“Wrap your legs around me.”

She obeys, wraps those toned, slender legs around my waist and arms around my neck and kisses me for all she’s worth, not giving a shit that her juices are still all over my mouth.

I groan against her lips and push her against the wall again, pull my hips back, and slide home, impaling myself completely inside her. With her eyes level with mine, I pin her in my gaze as we both gasp for breath.

“You are mine, Jillian. Do you hear me? Mine.”

“Yes,” she sobs as I begin to move in hard, quick strokes. This isn’t soft and slow like before, it’s hard and urgent, and I know exactly what I’m doing.

I’m claiming my woman.

My cock is harder than it’s ever been, pulsing and throbbing inside this amazing woman. Every time I pull back, she whimpers.

“Dragging against your sweet spot, sugar?”

“God, yes!” Her legs tighten on my hips as her pussy clenches around me.

“Do not come yet,” I command. Her eyes burst open with surprise and she bites her plump lower lip. “Not yet.”

“Please,” she whispers and circles her hips again, almost frantically. “I’m almost there.”

I plunge inside her and stop abruptly, holding her against the wall with my body, filling her with my cock. I watch her for a moment as her breath heaves in and out, pressing her hard nipples against my chest.


“Yes, Jilly.”

“I need to fucking come!” She makes a small fist and gently pounds it on the top of my shoulder in frustration. “Please.”

I hook an arm under her knee, cup her ass with my hand, opening her wider, and push against her even more tightly.

“I love the way you feel wrapped around me,” I murmur. “I love the way you taste and smell. I can smell how fucking turned on you are. Do you have any idea what that does to me?”

She shakes her head. I pull back then slam home again, making her cry out.

“It makes me fucking crazy. It makes me want to fuck you all night long. Would you like that, Jilly?”


I begin to pound in and out of her again, my pace quicker now. She’s so fucking slick, her wetness pouring down over my cock and balls, and her entire body is clenched around me like a vise.

She’s fucking amazing.

“Oh my God, Zack, please, I can’t wait . . .”

I watch her face in awe as she begins to succumb to her release. “Do it, baby. Come.”

Instead of screaming like I expected, she grows silent, bites her lip, and her body is racked with shudders as she pulses and contracts around me. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. My spine tingles and balls lift as I surrender to my own release, rocking into her. She cradles me in her arms as I bury my face in her neck and come harder than I can ever remember coming before, my entire body stiff, feeling like it’s going to turn inside out.

After a few long moments of us clinging to each other, supported by the wall, Jill giggles softly.

“We made a mess.”

“We’ll clean it up.” I brush a few strands of her hair back from her face. “You’re mine, Jilly.”

“I get it.” She grins and kisses me softly. “And you’re mine, soldier.”

“Damn right.”



Someone is nibbling on my neck. I stretch under the soft sheets and smile sleepily, not opening my eyes yet. Zack’s pressed to my back, leaving damp kisses down my shoulder, then back to my spine. His hand drifts down my arm to my hip, up my side, then around to cup my breast.

I moan softly and wiggle my hips, pressing against his hard erection.

“Good morning, sugar,” he whispers against my ear. “Did you sleep okay?”


He pulls me onto my back and smiles down at me. His dark hair is mussed and his big brown eyes are heavy with sleep. The dimple in his cheek winks at me.

“You’re gorgeous in the morning,” he murmurs and kisses my forehead, and just that press of lips to my skin has my body on full alert. My hand glides from his naked hip, up his side to his shoulder.

“You’re sexy all the time.”

He chuckles and shakes his head. “Doubtful.”

“I love this dimple.” I rub it with my fingertip, enjoying this lazy, relaxed time with him. We don’t get it often. “I love when you smile at me like this, because you don’t smile very often.”

“I seem to be smiling more and more now that you’re in my life,” he replies softly. His fingertips are tracing small circles around my belly.

“I love your arms,” I continue. “They’re strong. And your tattoo is supercool.”

“Supercool?” he asks with a grin.

“I’ve been hanging out with Seth a lot,” I say and shrug. “I love your flat abs and this line right here.” I trace the V in his hip and watch with fascination as he bites his lip and holds his breath. “Is that sensitive?”

“You tell me,” he whispers and repeats the motion on my own hip.

“That . . . tickles.” I wrinkle my nose at him and gasp when he does it again.

“You know what I love about your body, sugar?” He kisses my cheek, then effortlessly moves over me, covering me with his large, hard body. He rests his cock against my folds, his pelvis against mine, and his elbows at either side of my head. “I love your big blue eyes. They can make me feel like the only man in the world, or they can cut me to the core, in just one look.”

He kisses my lips and pushes his fingers into my hair, massaging my scalp. Dear sweet God, he’s good with his hands.

“I love your ass. I thought I was going to have to kill Josh and the other guys last night when you were showing off your jeans. You have an ass that’s just the right size for a nice handful, and fuck me if it doesn’t look amazing in jeans.”

“So you’re an ass man.” My voice is raspy and heavy with desire.

“I’m not finished,” he replies and kisses down my jawline to my neck. “I love your hands. They feel amazing on me. They can be comforting and gentle, or they can grab onto my hair and clench so tight I don’t think you’ll ever let go.”

His words are intoxicating. My body is humming, moving slowly beneath him. He’s rocking his hips, sliding his cock between my wet folds, and continuing to massage my scalp while kissing his way down my neck and across my collarbones.

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