Leo started kissing me passionately on the lips and then he lightly kissed down my neck. I leaned against the wall feeling weak in the knees.

I had never done anything like this before with a man I barely knew and certainly not in the bathroom of a high school! Maybe this was me finally living out my sexual frustrations. It was appropriate that it would start in my old high school, since that was when it seemed to have started.

Our kissing got hotter and heavier. Leo grabbed my ass and lifted me up onto the sink. His strong arms were a turn on. I didn’t seem to weight much in his arms, and it felt good.

Reaching down, I undid his belt buckle. I could hear his pants drop and my hand rubbed up against his erection inside his underwear.

Wow! He was well endowed! Guess that’s why he got this job!

Something about this entire encounter made everything hotter. It was seedy, mildly dangerous and wrong. That was kind of a turn on.

Maybe this was what I needed. And the best part about it, it was hundreds of miles away from New York. There was no way anyone at work would find out about it.

Can you imagine? I’d get fired for sure.

Leo was kissing my neck and I could feel a little bit of his five o’clock shadow rubbing against my skin. He was a hungry beast that smelled like a high-end barber shop. His lips found his way into my cleavage. I felt my breast being pulled out of my bra and he tickled my nipple with his tongue.

I gasped.

“Do you like that?” he whispered.

“It’s been so long since someone touched me like that,” I whispered back. “Yes.”

He went back to licking my nipple and then exposed and licked the other one. I felt his other hand reach down into my panties. They were already a little damp with excitement.

I bit his ear and pulled open his shirt. His chest was extremely muscular, just like I expected, and it was another major turn on for me. I ran my fingers over the hard ridges of his broad chest and abs.

“Take me, Leo,” I whispered. “Take me right here. I want it. I want it so bad!”

Leo kissed down my body and lifted up both my legs. I was now precariously balanced on the sink, feeling like I would fall immediately if Leo didn’t steady me.

He knelt. Suddenly, his tongue was inside me, lapping up my juices. I squealed and put my head back against the bathroom mirror.

“Oh, my God!” I gasped.

His tongue was magical, and I could feel myself coming to a quick climax. Completely helpless and in his power — should he decide to let go of me — for a brief second, I imagined the teenage version of me and what she would think if she knew that this was going to happen here of all places.

I was pretty sure that she would approve.

I came, feeling my whole body tense up and release. I made noises that I don’t think I had ever made before, but it was hard and intense. It was as if some dam had burst and the floodgates had opened.

But the fun wasn’t over yet.

Standing up while steadying me, Leo had somehow gotten to his wallet and pulled out a condom. He ripped open the package with his mouth, slipped it on his huge, hard cock with one hand and was almost instantly inside me.

I let out a long, satisfying grunt as the walls of my pussy were stretched for the first time in years. His cock was so amazing! It had a perfect head and great girth. I wanted it to stay inside me forever.

Then he started to slowly move in and out and I took it all back. This was better. My head went back against the mirror, cracking it a little. I couldn’t believe how good it was. My whole body shook and if not for Leo’s steadying hand, I surely would’ve fallen onto the tile floor.

Finally, I wrapped my legs around him, and he lifted me off the sink. I pushed down with my pelvis, allowing his cock to penetrate me so completely.

I gasped, squealed and just kept whispering, “Yes! God yes!”

Holding me like I weighed nothing, Leo thrust in and out of me. Every time he slid against my pussy walls my body tensed again. This was the best sex I had ever had. Nothing felt as good as Leo and I was coming again quickly. My pussy gripped him hard and then quivered, shaking my whole body.

Then Leo grunted and I felt his whole body go tense. His condom filled up with his load and the change in temperature inside me caused me to cum again. I was vibrating inside and out, holding onto him and kissing him.

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