It all ended in a shuddering, mind-blowing orgasm. I found myself making noises I had never made before. I was cumming, but it was some kind of next level orgasm. It was complete and left me spent.

We were against the glass wall gasping and panting for a few minutes. Both of us were just trying to process all the sensations. She turned around and we started kissing. I was a bit lightheaded. I think we both were.

After getting out of the shower and drying off, we both got into bed. I spooned her from behind. Neither one of us put on any clothes. The skin to skin contact was too phenomenal right now.

Neither one of us spoke, but there was some kind of wordless bond between us. We spoke in touching. She took my hand under the sheets and wrapped my arm around her. Within minutes, we both drifted off. It was one of the most relaxing sleeps I had ever had.

Something about the sex and just being with Carina made me feel really good. It was almost like I was home even though I was in a hotel room. Weird, right? Could I really be falling for someone that fast?

Chapter Nine


The next morning, I woke up feeling very refreshed. Sadly, Carina was already showered and dressed by the time I opened my eyes. I was really looking forward to another quickie in the hotel room.

Hopefully last night wasn’t the last.

“We have to get you some clean clothes,” she told me. “We need to meet up with Jim and Vicky in an hour. You want to grab a shower here?”

“I’m pretty clean after last night,” I said, grinning while I remembered our wonderful night. “Let’s just pop over to my room, I’ll get changed and we’ll go, okay?”

“Okay,” she smiled, but her eyes looked a little nervous. “Hopefully, this will be a fun double date!”

The moment she said “date” something clicked inside me. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked Carina, but the idea of actually dating someone that made me nervous. That seemed like something official. Did I want to be in an official relationship? Had I fallen into this too fast?

On the walk down to my room, I had a little time to think.

Carina called Vicky and was making the arrangements for lunch. Apparently, their kid was having an issue and the place they picked didn’t save their reservation for some reason. What’s the point of a reservation if you don’t save it? But that’s L.A. for you.

What was I going to do about Carina? It seemed too soon to be an item and yet, that’s exactly what I agreed to be for this escort gig. Now I had complicated matters by having sex with the client and offering to pretend longer. I felt like we were on some kind of accelerated relationship schedule because the entire thing was supposed to be fake.

The fact that Jim would be at lunch today was good and bad. I wanted to talk to him about jobs again, but he couldn’t find out that I was acting as an escort. I hadn’t told him at the reunion, not that I would, but was there any way of figuring it out? Normally, my clients were discrete about that kind of thing, but I crossed the line with Carina. Would she feel so comfortable that she would mention it thinking it was no big deal? Probably not. She was still kind of embarrassed.

“Okay, they finally picked a place. It’s called Place,” Carina explained once she got off the phone.

“The restaurant is called Place?” I asked, clarifying.

“Yeah, you know. L.A. names,” she said, shaking her head. “So pretentious.”

Thirty minutes later, we arrived at Place and met Jim and Vicky at their table. Their toddler, James, was not behaving very well. He didn’t look like he wanted to be there.

“Buddy, you want some chicken fingers?” asked his father. “They got chicken fingers.”

“Do they have chicken fingers?” Vicky asked. “I don’t see it on the menu.”

“They always have chicken fingers,” countered Jim. “They have to.”

James was having none of it and continued to fuss.

I pulled out Carina’s chair for her as she sat down.

Jim gave me a wink. What’s up with that? Did he know I was just faking? Nah, no way he’d find out. Carina would never tell anyone.

“So, what’s good at this Place?” I asked slyly. “See? Get it?”

“We got it,” smiled Carina. “I am absolutely famished. I want the biggest sandwich they have and a salad.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty hungry too,” I added. “The steak sandwich looks good.”

“You two really worked up an appetite last night, eh?” kidded Vicky. “Ah, young love. Be careful. It gets you one of these.” She pointed to James, who promptly knocked his sippy cup and all his utensils to the floor.

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