He slipped on a condom as I moved to all fours in the bath. As Leo entered me from behind, I felt a wave of welcomed sensations. This is what I needed. This is what I wanted. Leo made me feel good and I wanted that feeling every day for the rest of my life.

We splashed in the water as Leo plunged his rock-hard cock into my dripping pussy. I could feel the walls of my pussy stretching and squeezing all over his big cock. I pushed back on him to get him as deep inside me as I could. I just couldn’t get enough!

“Oh, God! Carina,” he gasped. “It’s so good. You’re so good.”

“Mmm, yes baby, don’t stop!” I begged. “Right there! Right there!”

In no time he came long and hard inside me. I could feel the condom fill up with his seed and its warmness filled me with joy. The sensations caused me to orgasm and I shuddered for several minutes, unable to speak coherently.

After drying off, he carried me to the bed, and we continued our lovemaking. It was non-stop. Again and again, I would cum on him. After two times, I worked his cock with my mouth, licking up and down his magnificent shaft until he was hard again. Then he put it back inside me and plunge in and out until we both came.

We did this for hours, all through the day and into the night. Ordering room service was necessary. The two of us had to replenish after being spent for several hours. I think at one point we both fell asleep for an hour, but immediately woke up and started having sex again. Leo and I were insatiable animals. Beasts that wanted only to keep fucking and feeling the sensation of our love.

Somehow, we were in the middle of doing it when the phone rang. Our wakeup call was alerting us that it was time to go. We were both a bit surprised and laughed. It was funny, we had basically been up all day and night having sex, but we both felt energized and alive.

I had to go back to New York to finish out the school year. Leo would stay behind to arrange things with Jim. Within a few months, we’d be starting our new lives together and neither one of us could wait.

I kissed Leo goodbye at the airport.

We were both full of promise and excitement.



It’s a year later and everything has changed.

I finished out the school year in Manhattan and cashed in my vacation days for a huge bonus.

Best of all, it turned out the opportunity in New York wasn’t just about New York State, the Educational Organization of America wanted to franchise a series of similar schools all over the country. When I told them, I was moving out to Los Angeles, they agreed that opening a school out there was on their agenda. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Vicky immediately came through for me. She recruited Ann, one of the partners at Jim’s firm, to sort through the legal paperwork so that the EOA could open a new school with me as the director.

Leo found us an amazing apartment just off Ventura. It was a great area of the city with restaurants, live theater and art galleries. It was only a short commute to the law firm’s offices in Santa Julie.

Jim immediately hooked Leo up with a great law clerk position at the firm. With the money he was making, we could easily afford the apartment. And it was just a matter of time before Leo passed the bar and became a real lawyer. With Jim as he mentor, he’d have a place at the firm and would then be making the kind of money that we could use to get a house.

We invited Vicky and Jim over for a thank you dinner. If it hadn’t been for them, we never would’ve become a couple. Thankfully, no one ever mentioned Leo’s escort past again. I think, as our best friends, they knew it was best to keep that secret very discreet!

With the school on track and Leo’s job in place, we eventually got some time to ourselves exactly a year after we had connected. We didn’t have the money to go out of town, but I decorated the place with romantic lights and roses. I bought us some lotions and bubble baths and lit candles in the bathroom for a sexy bath time.

“Oh, what’s all this?” asked Leo, smiling as he entered.

“It’s our anniversary, babe,” I announced. “I wanted to do something special. Remember that night in the hotel near the airport?”

“I think I’m still recovering from that!” he joked.

“I was thinking we could have another weekend of sexy time,” I smiled.

I stood up and let my silk robe fall to the floor. I was already completely naked.

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