Leo loosened his tie. “That sounds like my kind of weekend,” he smiled, moving closer.

He took me in his arms and kissed me. This time, I drew the bath while he got freshened up after a long day. The steam filled the room and clouded the mirrors.

Leo hugged me from behind. The touch of his skin against mine excited me and he began to gently touch me with his fingertips.

Sliding down to my knees, I took his large cock into my hands, smiled up at him and started licking. I could see it become more rigid as the veins began to throb. The manly taste of his sweat turned me on, and I hungrily moved down, licking at his balls, placing each one in my mouth.

“Oh, Carina,” he moaned. “That’s so good. God, I love you so much.”

He guided me to my feet, put me on the edge of the sink and entered me immediately. I was on the pill now, so there was no need for a condom. He started ravaging me right there on the sink, just as he had done back at the high school reunion.

Instantly, I started to shudder and cum. The vibration of our lovemaking on the sink shook the entire bathroom counter, knocking over a razor and a toothbrush but neither one of us cared.

“Oh, God! Yes! Fuck me!” I moaned. “You fucking stud! Give me that big cock of yours! I want it! I need it!”

Over the past year, I had let go of most of my inhibitions. I loved to yell dirty things while we made love. Leo’s cock stretching me out just made me lose control. Between my legs was the most wonderful feeling and I couldn’t stop cumming.

“Fuck me! Just like that!” I begged. “Fill me with your hot cum!”

Leo held me by the leg and neck in an awkward position, but neither one of us wanted to stop the sensations for even a second. The awkwardness was worth it as both of us was on the verge. Leo came and I could feel his hot seed spurt deep down my box.

I became overwhelmed and orgasmed again and again. His warm dick rubbed my insides and I wanted to weep it was so good.

We got into the bath and played around for bit, washing each other and laughing. Leo always got behind me. It was symbolic of our love because he always had my back. From behind, I could feel his chin on my shoulder and his strong arms around me in the water. I was safe and satisfied. It was exactly where I wanted to be.

Making love in the bath, we both came again. Then we moved to the bedroom, had a snack, watched some TV naked and then turned it off to make love again. This time, I wanted to try something new and it seemed appropriate for our anniversary.

“I bought some lube,” I announced. “Care to try my other hole?”

“Oh, look who’s getting adventurous,” smiled Leo. “You think you can handle it?”

“I’m going to try,” I said nervously.

After sucking Leo to get him nice and hard, he put the lube all over his cock. Then he put some on his finger and rubbed around my butthole.

“Go slow,” I requested.

Leo slowly started to push into me. I gasped. For a moment, I didn’t think I could take it, but before I could say anything he pushed in deeper. I saw stars and experienced an intense orgasm like I never had before. I was squealing and squealing with joy.

“Oh, God! So tight! So tight!” gasped Leo.

He came several seconds later, and I felt my ass fill up with his warm cum. This was new sexual territory for us, and I was anxious to explore more.

We had the whole weekend.

We had the whole rest of our lives.


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