She froze and blinked her big, blue eyes at me. “I didn’t? All the personal info I gave you?”

“You said Vicky was married to Jim, that’s it. You didn’t mention a last name in the email.”

Carina sighed and put her elbows on the bar. She dropped her head into her upraised hands and ran her fingers through her hair.

“But Jim would know you were dating someone, right?”

“No,” I laughed. “We’re not that close. I mean, we’re friends, but — trust me, it’s fine. I met Jim when he came to speak to my class at law school. We’ve kept up a little, mostly through emails, but it’s been all business.”

Carina seemed to relax a little with that information. She sat up and looked me over.

“Sorry,” she said, exhaling in relief. “I’m new to this. I just… I can’t bear to get teased again.”

“That was high school,” I assured her. “These are grown adults. People mature and change. I’m sure they won’t even care.”

“You don’t understand these women,” she assured me, rolling her eyes. “They’re not going to change. If anything, they’re probably worse.”

“Well, I promise I will be absolutely charming,” I smiled. “When they get a load of me, you’ll be in the clear.”

She looked me over again and bit her lip just a little. A slight blush came to her cheeks and part of me wondered if she liked what she saw.

“Okay, fine,” Carina relented. “Let’s get going.”

As we drove over to the high school where the reunion was being held, I suggested to Carina that I abandon the whole “traveling for business” background. She reluctantly agreed, figuring that eventually too many lies might catch up with her via Vicky. I assured her that as a soon-to-be lawyer, I had to do some traveling and we could have met on one of those trips.

At the reunion, we made an entrance together. It was a low-key event just held in the high school’s gym. There were some simple decorations and tables set around a dance floor. Most of the crowd was surrounding the makeshift bar at one end of the basketball court.

I flashed a smile and turned some heads. In the reflection of a window, I caught a glimpse of the two of us. We made a good couple and I could tell some of the ladies were noticing.

I got Carina a drink and we made some small talk. I put my arms around her shoulders to give the impression that we were a couple in love. Carina tensed up for a moment.

“Relax,” I said under my breath. “We’re engaged, remember?”

“Sorry, it’s been a while,” she said nervously.

Shyly, she looked down, as if trying to not meet my eyes.

For a moment, I worried that we wouldn’t be able to pull this off. Carina was obviously not used to having a man touch her. That made me sad, so I pulled her closer to me until our bodies were touching too.

Her curves felt just as good as I imagined they would.

Carina let out a little gasp and I turned to look where she was looking. Jim had just walked in with a red-haired woman who must have been his wife.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered to her. “Everything is going to be fine.”

I waved to Jim, who lit up in a big smile and strolled over. He was a man who almost always was in a good mood and that made him a fun guy to be around.

“Leo!” he said, when they came close. “I was not at all expecting to see someone I knew here.”

After shaking my hand, he realized that I was standing with Carina. A brief moment of shock rolled over his features, but he settled into a pleased smile.

“Well, this is a small world, isn’t it. Hello, Carina.”

They shook hands.

“Oh goodness,” the red-headed woman gushed. “You did not tell me that your fiancé was so handsome, bestie.”

She grabbed onto Carina’s hands and shook her slightly as they both giggled.

“Let’s get us a table and the boys can go get drinks.”

Carina shot me an anxious glance, but then Vicky lead her away towards the other corner of the room.

Jim grinned at me.

“Well, we have our orders,” he jokingly sighed.

I grinned and we both turned to walk past the dance floor.

As we waited in line at the bar, Jim and I caught up, but invariably the conversation turned to my career. He had been a mentor to me over the years. Today was no exception.

However, he had no idea that I was working as an escort now, and I didn’t intend on telling him.

Chapter Three


I was sitting with Vicky at one of the tables in the gym, having a drink, trying to relax. But I couldn’t shake the thought that my entire scheme was going poorly.

Leo was standing around with Jim at the makeshift bar, gabbing away.

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