So, what if I was alone? I should be okay with myself. Relationships weren’t the end all, be all. I needed to be okay with me and I needed to look Sabrina right in the eye and tell her to get lost.

Just as Sabrina stepped up with a smirk on her face — I knew she was prepared to cut me down again — a body moved between us. A tall, broad-shouldered body.

Leo wrapped an arm around my shoulders, and I was suddenly breathing in his spicy cologne. I guess he must’ve spotted my distress. He made a big show of pulling me into his arms in front of the bullies.

“Baby, I missed you,” he said while smiling down at me.

As I looked up into his light green eyes, I started to feel weak in the knees. He was just doing his job, but he was so handsome. How could I resist a man that looked this good?

I was pressed against his wide, hard chest. The feeling made me feel flush. Suddenly shy, I wanted to look away, but couldn’t. His face, his lips — so soft and full, with the perfect cupid’s bow — they were mesmerizing. My head was spinning.

Then he kissed me.

His soft lips pressed into mine gently at first, but as he pulled me closer and slid his hands up into my hair, his lips got more demanding on mine. It felt real. I lost my breath, opening my mouth at his urging and letting our tongues twist together.

Leo tasted like a mixture of scotch and mint — clean and masculine.

Pushing my head back slightly, he kissed me deeper, practically sucking my lips back and then pushing into them over and over.

My whole body was beginning to melt. My pussy was warm and aching. I wanted to grind against him but held myself back.

I was blushing red hot by the time he let me go.

That moment made me immune to Sabrina — like a magical force field. She and her minions just passed us by and went right into the bathroom. What was she going to do? I was here with the hottest guy on earth.

Once she was gone, I pulled away from Leo and caught my breath, trying to remember that none of this was real.

“Thanks,” I gasped. “Your timing was impeccable.”

“Why don’t you and I have some fun, alone?” he asked, taking one of my hands.

I stole a glance back at Vicky. I felt kind of bad ditching her, but she gestured for me to go.

“Uh yeah, sure, babe,” I smiled up at him. “Just you and me. Let’s get a drink.”

“Great,” he smiled.

We started to cross the high school gym towards the bar. As we crossed the dance floor, Leo suddenly pulled me close and started moving against me.

“I thought we were getting a drink.”

I laughed uncomfortably.

“You didn’t even have a dance yet,” he noted. “Don’t you want to have one?”

“I’m not a great dancer,” I blushed.

“It’s okay, I’ve had some lessons,” he assured me.

Leo spun me around the dance floor quite expertly, and I was okay as long as I followed his lead. To my pleasure, I saw quite a few jealous faces among the crowd as he twirled and twisted with me.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that he was such a good dancer. If you were going to work as an escort, you probably needed to know these things.

I liked dancing as much as the next girl, but I was normally too self-conscious to do it. With Leo, I relaxed and got into it, and after a few minutes, I was laughing and having fun.

This was the high school reunion I wanted. The one I envisioned when I came up with this crazy plan.

I was half-tempted to stay at the reunion and do more dancing, but in the distance, I spotted Sabrina and her harpies coming out of the bathroom. I figured I should quit while I was ahead.

“All right,” I said, stopping our dance by putting a hand on Leo’s chest. He was warm beneath my palm. “I’m good,” I said with a giggle. “Thanks for that. It was nice.”

“You’re pretty light on your feet for someone who can’t dance,” he noted, taking my hand between his and putting it to his lips for a gentle kiss.

My knees felt weak and I almost had to shake my head to remember what was really going on.

“Boy, you really know how to turn on the charm at the last minute,” I grinned. “I guess I’m not mad at you anymore.”

Leo’s body stiffened and his face fell into a frown.

“Were you mad at me before?”

Suddenly, I felt bad for saying anything.

“Just a little. Since you were talking to Jim all that time. I felt ignored.”

I shrugged my shoulders, turning before he could respond and walking towards our table to get my purse.

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