She pulled her hand out and raised it with a slight hesitation. Before she could make a decision one way or the other, Tristan leaned over and captured those glistening fingers in his mouth, sucking loudly. His tongue ran over her fingers as he greedily suckled them, desperate for her taste. She tasted like honey and he wanted more.

“Baby,” he growled, “lay back on the floor and spread your legs. I want to lick you clean.”

Marty moaned louder, but didn’t stop moving her mouth over him. She ran her hands up his legs to caress his ass and pull him forward. His h*ps thrust on their own, sending a surge of pleasure that was both oddly familiar and intense through his body. He wanted more, but he wasn’t sure that he could control himself. It took every ounce of willpower he had left, which wasn’t much, to stop him from doing it again. He didn’t want to hurt her.

She stopped and pulled away with a sly smile at the same moment that his mind registered a cool breeze on his back. “Did you really mean it?”

“What?” he asked in a daze.

“That you were mine no matter what?”

Words failed him so he nodded. She slowly stood up, running her hands up his chest as she stretched up to kiss him. Just when their lips were about to meet, she used her hands on his chest to shove him backwards.

Instead of hitting the wall like he’d expected, he stumbled back into nothing on the wrong side of the door.

What the hell?

Marty winked at him, “Consider this payback, baby.” With that she shut and locked the door, leaving him painfully aroused and confused as hell.

That is until his mind registered that it was nighttime and instead of it being dark, everything seemed to be lit up. The front of his house was bright, really bright with odd flashes of red and blue.

Slowly, he turned around to face whatever was left of Marty’s revenge and groaned as he spotted five cruisers with their lights flashing, three ambulances, two fire department SUV’s and about twenty or so cops, firefighters, EMT’s, and onlookers.

Denny stepped forward with a camcorder in his hand as he laughed his ass off. With the other hand he wiped tears from his eyes.

“Oh, this is so going on the website,” he announced, grinning hugely.

Tristan closed his eyes and dropped his head back, hitting the door. Then he did it again and again. Oh, he was going to enjoy his revenge.

“Nice cuffs, Black!” one of the men yelled.

“Glad to know that you’re happy to see us, Black!” another man yelled. Tristan didn’t have to look down to know that he was still hard as a rock. It seemed that nothing was going to dampen his need for Marty, not the frigid February air or even public humiliation. Damn if she hadn’t gotten him good with this one.

“Ah, there she goes!” Denny said, pointing to what Tristan already knew was Marty running towards her house.

Tristan stepped around the corner of his house and watched as Marty ran away. She seemed to sense him watching her, because in the next instant she did the stupidest thing any woman could have possibly done at that moment.

She taunted him.

He watched through narrowed slits as Marty paused her little run to throw him a wink and blow him a kiss. That was it. Her ass was about to become permanently red.

Tristan took two menacing steps towards her before he felt a hard tug on his cuffs. Marty yelped and ran off towards the safety of her father’s house while Denny did his best to drag him back. Tristan ignored the pain in his shoulder and tried to take off running after her only to be tackled to the hard frost covered ground by his brother.

He looked up in time to see the front door that Marty had just escaped through slam shut. Oh, she was going to pay for this shit. There was no f**king way that he was turning a blind eye to this one.

Chapter 13

“Are you even listening to me, Marty?”

Marty scanned the bar one more time before she returned her attention to Melissa, who’d been crying for the past hour over her boyfriend. Well, he was probably her ex-boyfriend now that she’d caught him making out with her boss yesterday.

“She’s not listening to any of us!” Diane cried, causing several people sitting near them to turn around and frown at them.

Marty’s cheeks heated as she tried to duck low in her seat. How in the heck had she allowed three of her friends to convince her that this was a good idea? She didn’t want to be here. It felt kind of seedy being in a bar at noon. Granted, it was Sunday and there was a game on the flat screen, but still. Anyway, she’d been perfectly happy hiding in her room…with the door locked….and the window locked, before they’d begged her to come out.


“I cannot believe it’s over! I loved him!” Angie sobbed into a small pile of crinkled cocktail napkins.

Oh, that’s right. She came out because three of her friends got dumped, within a twenty-four hour period and they’d guilt tripped her into coming. Since they’d all been dumped they were looking to her for support. Why? She had no idea. She’d never really had a boyfriend. Granted, Tristan broke her heart and had been driving her crazy over the past couple of weeks, but that didn’t make her an expert.

She really didn’t fit in for this girl’s night out, or rather day, and had explained that to them several times. Why they didn’t just seek each other for comfort, she didn’t know.

For the past hour they’d been taking turns telling her what was wrong, what happened, and how wonderful their love had been. She just sat there sipping her beer, nodding every now and then, admittedly not really listening. It was the same damn drama every couple of weeks.

“Marty, do you think I should give him another chance?”


Diane scoffed at her. “I asked if you think that I should give Billy another chance?”

“Who’s Billy?” she asked before she could stop herself and then foolishly added, “I thought his name was James.”

Diane scoffed at her. “James was two weeks ago! You are so insensitive to bring him up! You know how much he meant to me!”

Right, Marty thought. The pizza delivery guy who’d dumped her, because she’d sent too many text messages in one day, or rather in one hour. Again, who the hell was Billy?

“It’s not really her fault,” Melissa said, giving Marty a pitying look. What the heck did she have to be pitied about?

Angie picked up the conversation with a pained sigh. “She’s never been in love like us.”

Now all three of them were looking at her like she was pathetic, which only irritated her.

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