“Looks like the funs about to start,” Finn suddenly announced with an eager smile that actually made Shayne a little nervous.

“Aye,” Quinn said, chuckling, “someone better go get Tadgh and Liam.”

“I’m on it!” he heard Aidan shout from the upstairs hallway.

Before he could ask what was going on, the doorbell was ringing and the bastards that loved to torment him were trying to yank his shirt off. After a short struggle, the bastards had his shirt off and were shoving him towards the front door.

“What the f**k are ye doing?” he shouted, wondering when the bullshit would end.

“Make sure to smile, lad,” Quinn said, giving him another push towards the door.

“Aye, it would probably be for the best if ye stopped grinding yer teeth,” Finn pointed out with a shooing gesture towards the door.

“And ye should probably stop clenching yer fists like that,” Aidan said as he popped back into the room.

His stomach dropped as realization hit and when it did, all he wanted to do was to make a run for it. When he may have taken a step back to do just that, he found his only exit blocked by Liam and Tristan.

“Just flex a little muscle and you’re in, big guy,” Tristan said with a wink and a chuckle that had him narrowing his eyes on the traitorous bastard as he was once again dragged back towards the door.

As he was shoved out the door, Shayne decided that there was perhaps a slight chance that he’d gone a tad overboard with screwing Tristan over for his own entertainment over the years. When he was thrown into the woman that fate and the damn curse had trapped him with, he decided that payback truly was a bitch.

To be continued……

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