She was too tempting. She was plain as far as he could tell, but that was just the package. What lay inside was driving him insane. All night he tossed and turned, trying to fight the urge to go back to her room and have a taste. Finally in the morning he couldn’t take anymore and took a long cold shower, trying to wake up.

Now he just had to go home and avoid the woman. It shouldn’t be too hard. He never ate meals and didn’t go into the main house. He would relax in his room and file his reports for the day online. Then he could catch up on some sleep.

His eyes narrowed on something two miles down the road, a woman. His eyesight was perfect. He smiled. That was a good thing in this case. This woman was perfection. “Holy shit,” he mumbled softly as he slowed down so that he could take his time appreciating this beauty.

Her hair shimmered in the sun. It was beautiful and black. Generous h*ps swayed gently beneath a short skirt. Her backside was perfectly curved as well as her legs. She had a beautiful golden tan. Damn, this woman was hot. He was willing to bet the front would be just as inviting.

He shifted in his seat and laughed. It looked like his body was interested. Perhaps this beauty would like to help end over a hundred years of celibacy. It seemed he no longer thought sex was boring. He checked his breath and hair and sped up.

Ephraim didn’t look at her as he drove past. He pulled his car onto the shoulder twenty yards ahead and watched her approach. His groin hardened painfully. She was even more beautiful than he imagined. Her face was raised to the sun while her eyes were closed. She looked like she was enjoying the sun, well that was fine because it allowed him to enjoy the view freely.

Her face was stunning. She was so beautiful it hurt. Her black hair and tan complexion meshed together perfectly. She was shorter than him, but he liked his women shorter. Her br**sts were good size, but not too big. They looked like they would fill his hands perfectly with no waste. Her waist was narrow while her h*ps were wide. He was imagining her legs wrapped around him as she walked past his car.

It had been a very long time since he wooed a woman. He was sure it hadn’t changed that much, flirt, keep eye contact and make a suggestion. No wait, they went on a date first nowadays. Okay, so he had to get her to agree to a date, dinner and a movie. That was the new mating ritual. He bought her some entertainment and then she would provide him with some. That’s how they did it in the movies at least.

First he had to talk to her. He stepped out of the car and adjusted his gun and tie. “Excuse me, miss?” He used his most charming smile.

The woman stopped and turned around. Beautiful brown eyes met his. They reminded him of someone. He couldn’t think past how beautiful she was. It left him speechless until she spoke of course.

“Ephraim?” She looked worried. “Are you okay?”

She knew him? Impossible. He would never forget meeting someone like her. He didn’t want to let her know that he didn’t remember her. He seemed to remember that women hated it when he forgot their names.

“What are you doing out here walking?” He gestured to the long stretch of road.

She bit her lip. “My car finally died. I left it with Earl. He promised me a proper burial.” She smiled. It was contagious, he couldn’t help smiling back.

He gestured to his car. “Do you want a ride?”

She looked up at the sun and then back at him. “No, thank you. It’s too beautiful a day to waste.” His thoughts exactly. “It’s only another mile. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” She sounded like she was saying goodbye. He didn’t want her to say goodbye that meant he wouldn’t be able to look at her for much longer.

A mile? She gave him a clue. His brain raced to figure it out. He needed something else to talk about before she walked away. The only thing a mile down the road was Mrs. Buckman’s boarding house and a few other houses, and a convenient store. He knew she didn’t live near him. Was she visiting?

Ephraim gave her a lopsided smile. “I don’t feel right leaving you to walk by yourself, but if you insist I would feel better if you allowed me to check on you later to make sure you arrived safely.”

She gave him a weird smile. “Sure….that’s fine,” she said slowly as if she was a little confused.

He cocked his head to the side and studied her. There was something very familiar about her. Even fifteen feet away he felt like he was missing something. He decided to push for more answers. Maybe something would remind him of her identity.

“I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your address, perhaps you could take pity on me and remind me so I can do the gentlemanly thing later.”

She laughed.

At him!

He wasn’t being foolish, he was sure of that. Sure he was out of practice, but he felt that he was being charming. Her eyes were shimmering with humor as she shook her head. “I’ll see you later, Ephraim.” She turned, still laughing and began walking away from him.

He was about to ask her what was so funny when a gust of wind swept her beautiful black hair up. The wind carried her fragrance to his nose. He stumbled backwards and landed his ass on the hood of his car. It couldn’t be.

She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. Those damn brown eyes. It was her. Madison laughed again as she turned her head around. He could only sit on the hood of his car, watching her go.

He dropped his head in his hands. “This is not happening.” This woman was supposed to be a tomboy. She was supposed to be unattractive to keep them both safe. It was bad enough that he craved her blood, but now he desired her body. This was not good. This was a test. This was a test to see if he could resist temptation. That’s what this was.

No woman should be this tempting. It was too much. And what the hell was she doing still being a virgin? When he thought she was a tomboy he understood her predicament, but now…..hell. A virgin? It made it worse. The package was too damn tempting. A surprising beauty with blood that sang to him that was untouched by another man. She might as well place a target on her neck.

He pushed himself away from the car. No, no this was fine. As long as they both remained at the boardinghouse she was safe. He had rules after all and he never broke them, ever. He did not feed where he lived. He just had to get the rest of his body in line and he would be fine because feeding from the virginal Madison was not an option. She was the only woman he would not be content with just a feeding, he would take her body and life as well. That would wreck everything.

Things were different these days. Back in his day he could feed off as many whores and criminals as he wanted. If he took their lives it was no big deal. No one would miss them. Occasionally he over fed in one area and had to flee but as he learned to control his feeding by using more than one victim so that he could feed without taking a life. Today, they could track him down.

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