“Oh that feels good.” Trevor dropped his head back.

“Ephraim, if that’s you, man, we’ll handle our business later. I’m busy,” Trevor said.

“Oh no, we’ll handle it now,” Ephraim said firmly.

Paula sat up, wiping his lips on the back of one well manicured hand. “About time. You better add a good bonus for this.”

“I will.”

“What are you talking about?” Trevor sounded confused.

“She’s a hooker, Trevor,” Ephraim said calmly.

“A hooker? Fuck.” He shook his head in disbelief then chuckled. “Thank god I wore a condom then, huh.”

Ephraim reached out to flick the light on, but waited. “Just curious, Trevor, did I get my money’s worth?” He could feel Madison standing behind him. She was straining to get a look, but it was too dark for her human eyes to see anything.

Trevor laughed. “If you did this to blackmail me out of the money then you’re shit out of luck. My wife knows I f**k around. She’ll be mad for a while. Make me get tested and then she’ll let me between her legs again and all will be forgiven.”

“What if I said I had a camera in here? That I caught everything you’ve been doing?”

“It’s dark.”

“It’s a very good camera, Trevor.”

He chuckled. “Who cares? Show it to her or put it on the internet. I guarantee that in a month I’ll be sliding into my wife’s pu**y while we watch it together. She gets off on that shit.”

“You think so?”

“Hell yes.”

“How was I, sugar? Did you enjoy it? You’ve said you’ve had anal before. How did I rate?”

Trevor smiled. “I can easily say that you gave the best head I’ve ever had and without a doubt the best anal. When we get back to New Mexico I’d love to keep seeing you every week on a purely f**k basis”

“We’ll see,” Paula said coyly.

“Are you ready, Paula?” Ephraim asked.

“Ready for what?” Trevor demanded.

“Hold on, I just want to do one last thing.” He leaned over and took Trevor in his mouth again.

“Oh f**k yeah, suck that cock, bitch!”

Madison fidgeted uncomfortably behind him.

“You don’t have to see this,” he whispered.

“I’m fine,” she said in a weak voice. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

Wet sucking sounds broke the silence followed by Trevor’s moans. Ephraim watched as Paula brought Trevor’s flaccid c**k back to life. At the same time she was palming herself, getting a nice erection for Trevor’s eyes.

Madison was mesmerized by the sounds. Trevor seemed to really be enjoying the attention. She pulled on Ephraim’s arm. She felt him lean down. “What is it?” he whispered.

“Is that something you would enjoy if I did it?” she asked in a rushed nervous whisper.

Two red eyes appeared in the dark. “You’re killing me you know that, don’t you?”

“Sorry. Just curious.”

“Well, stop. I’m trying to focus.” He took a deep steadying breath. She watched as his red eyes slowly faded away until she couldn’t see anything again.

“I’m ready,” Paula said.

“So am I, suck it harder,” Trevor moaned.

The lights flicked on.


“Stop screaming!” Ephraim snapped.

The high pitched screams slowly died. Trevor’s eyes flew from Paula’s erection, which incidentally was bigger than his own to Ephraim and Madison.

“Who’s that?” his voice cracked as he nodded towards Madison.

Ephraim reached up and shut off the camera before he stepped into the room. “That’s the woman you’ve been blackmailing.”

“Madison?” he asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” she said and then quickly averted her eyes. The years had not been good to him. He’d gained at least fifty pounds since she last saw him and his hair was thinning and graying. His erection was slowly deflating. “Can someone throw something over him?”

“Sorry.” Ephraim uncuffed him and threw his clothes at him.

“I’m leaving!” He pulled on his clothes so fast he fell over.

“No, you’re not.”

“The hell I’m not!”

Ephraim stepped in his path. “No, you’re not. If you take one more step towards that door I will arrest you.”

“Y-you’re a cop?”

“Police detective. You’ve been blackmailing a resident of New Hampshire and I have proof. You’re not very good at covering your trail I have to let you know.”


“But nothing, the arrest will stick. You will not leave the state. You will be convicted and sentenced here and then you’ll be extradited to New Mexico where they'll get to convict you as well.”


“I’ve taken the liberty of hiring Paul, I mean Paula, to ensure that this goes smoothly. After I’m done with you this little tape you made will be my insurance that you will never bother Madison or Joshua again.”


“You don’t love him. You’ve never given the kid a second thought. He’s had a good upbringing with Madison doing what you should have done in the first place. You’re not going to interfere again. If you ever grow some balls and want to be a real father to the kid you can contact Mrs. Buckman or Madison otherwise you will stay away.”


“Just stop talking. If I hear ‘but’ again I’m going to break your jaw. Now sit down.”

Trevor sat down. Ephraim walked over to his computer and turned the monitor on. A bank website was on the screen. “What’s the password?”

“What?” Trevor looked past him. “Hey, that’s my bank!”

“Yes, and that’s your account number typed in there. Your password?”

“You can’t do this! That’s my money!”

Ephraim turned around. “Really? Would you like to argue that?”

“Yes goddammit, that’s mine! I don’t care what your bitch says!”

That was the wrong thing to say. Ephraim had to force himself not to turn, but he wasn’t above kicking this bastard’s ass.

“Get up!” Ephraim snapped. He yanked on his tie and pulled it off and quickly pulled off his shirt, revealing the very tight white tank top that showed off every single muscle to perfection.

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