“Oh my my,” Paula said. His eyes were soaking up Ephraim’s body.

Madison had to stop herself from licking her lips. He really was addictive. “Come on, we’ll settle this now.” Ephraim waited, his hands clenching and unclenching into fists.

Trevor noticeably coward. “I-I-I…That’s my money!”

“That’s what I thought. You don’t know how badly I want you to take a swing at me right now,” Ephraim said. “You’ve made her life a living hell for five months and before that you sat back and did nothing while she struggled to put food in your son’s stomach and clothes on his back. You’re a piece of shit and you don’t deserve him and you should thank her, not steal from her.”

He had the good sense to look guilty. “My password is studmuffin69.”

Ephraim could only shake his head in bewilderment.

“But she’s only given me ten thousand! The rest is mine!”

“I said I didn’t want to hear the word ‘but’ again.” Ephraim pulled out a piece of paper with two account numbers on it.

He typed the first one in and entered twelve thousand. “You’re paying her twelve grand. She’s incurred late charges and fees because you were taking all of her money.”

“That’s fair I suppose,” he said in a harsh tone.

Ephraim hit "Send." He typed in the second account number. “This second transaction is to pay back all of those years that you left Madison to support your son.”


“I think ten thousand is more than fair to cover clothes, medical bills, food, shelter and other things little boys need.”

“Fine.” He bit out.

“This second account is in Joshua’s name with Madison as the backup. This will be his college account.” He hit send and looked back at Madison and Trevor. “Does that sound fair to everyone?”

Madison wiped her eyes and smiled. She mouthed “thank you.” He winked at her.

“Fine. But that’s it,” Trevor said. He knew he was trapped. “You don’t show that video to anyone and I won’t bother them again.”

“Not quite. Sign this.” Ephraim pulled out a clipboard from his desk drawer. “I had my lawyer draft up some papers.”

“What are these?”

“You are officially severing ties to Joshua and handing over custody to Mrs. Buckman, his grandmother and she in turn will make sure the boy goes to Madison if something should happen to her. I'll be providing for the boy so you won’t need to be bothered again.”

Trevor took the pen and signed. “Fine he was just a tax credit anyway.”

Ephraim hit him upside his head, sending him stumbling. “Watch it.”

Tears welled up in Trevor’s eyes. He nodded. “Paula, if you could?” He held out the paper.

“Don’t worry, handsome, no charge for witnessing this. This guy’s too big an ass**le. Keep him far away from that little boy.”

“Thank you, Paula.” Madison’s voice broke.

“Can I go now?” Trevor bit out.

“Yes, of course. Just remember that if you try to fight the transactions or get more money from her I’ll come back for you with this video.”

“Whatever.” He paused before Madison.

“Figures you’d turn out to be just like your mother. Spreading to get a man to do whatever you want,” he said acidly. Madison flinched back from the insult. "Fucking slut."

Ephraim stormed forward. He pulled out his wallet and tossed it to Madison who barely managed to catch it. “Pay Paula, tip well.”

He grabbed Trevor by the throat and lifted him in the air, shoving him violently against the wall. “You don’t ever talk to her like that again!”

Trevor could only sputter and choke. “I will f**king kill you! Do you understand?”

Madison’s hands shook as she opened Ephraim’s wallet. It was filled with crisp one hundred dollar bills. “How much does he owe you?”

“Two thousand,” Paula said in a trance.

Trevor’s face was turning red. Ephraim wasn’t easing up. Madison quickly counted out the money and added five hundred. “Do you have a way to leave?”

“We took two rental cars. I drove one and Trevor the other.”

Madison thanked god that Paula was already dressed. She shoved the money in his hand. “Thank you so much for your help. But I need you to go so that I can handle this.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice.” With money in his hand Paula yanked open the bedroom door and fled from the house.

All hope that Ephraim wouldn’t lose control flew out the window when Trevor’s eyes widened in terror and he began kicking and clawing at Ephraim. This had to end.

“Trevor, I’m going to get him to let you go. If you tell anyone about him I will show the video and he’ll probably come after you. Do you understand?”

Trevor continued to thrash, but blinked his understanding. “Ephraim, baby, let go. You’re going to kill him if you don’t. Look, he’s starting to turn purple.”

Ephraim didn’t look at her, but she could see his red eyes and fangs clearly enough. He wasn’t thinking clearly anymore. “He disrespected you,” he growled.

“That doesn’t mean he has to die. Baby, let go.”

“No,” the word came out in a loud growl.

She needed to get between them, but Trevor wouldn’t stop kicking. If he kicked her Madison knew without a doubt that Ephraim would rip his throat out. “Trevor, stop kicking so I can get you down.”

He didn’t hesitate. He froze on the spot. Madison slid between, it was a tight fit. Ephraim didn’t seem to realize or care that she was there. His eyes were fixed on Trevor’s face.

“Ephraim, put him down.” He didn’t respond. If this didn’t work she would have to shoot him. She couldn’t stand by and let him kill someone even an ass**le like Trevor.

She stood on her toes and pressed her mouth against Ephraim’s neck. She licked and nipped at his neck, sucking greedily. She felt his arms lower a fraction. Trevor slid slightly down the wall. He took in a gasping breath. Good, he was able to breathe.

Her tongue traced his Adam’s apple while her fingers yanked down his fly. She reached in and pulled him out. He was long and thick, but soft. She ran her hand over him. She’d never done this before, but knew the idea of the matter was to move her hand up and down him.

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