Neither one of them was surprised. “Fine. Stay here and I’ll be back when Madison is done talking to me.”

She waved them off. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me.” They weren’t.

Ephraim led Madison into the foyer. “Where do you want to talk?”

“The training room.”

“Okay.” He wasn’t looking forward to this, but it was better to get it over with so he could start groveling and begging her to come back to him. He would, too. He couldn’t live without her and he didn’t give a damn if he made an ass out of himself to prove it.

He punched the code into the alarm pad. At the beep he opened the door and held it open for her. The door shut with a click and a beep behind them before they reached the bottom step.

“So, what did you need to talk-“ She grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him into the wall as her mouth closed over his.

Chapter 28

Madison trailed kisses down his chin and neck. “Not that I’m complaining, but I thought you wanted to talk.”

“Mmhmm.” She ran her tongue over his flat nipple on her way down his stomach. She nibbled and kissed each rippling muscle.

“I’m really sorry about everything, Madison. I know I should have done it another way and I know you know all the reasons so I’m not going to get into that again. If you could just see it in your heart to forgive me I will spend the rest of eternity making it up to you.”

She laughed against his skin. “What do you call this?”

He sucked in a harsh breath as she unzipped his pants. “I-I don’t know what it is just p-please don’t stop.”

His pants dropped around his ankles followed by his boxers. Madison pulled them off and threw them to the side, leaving him na**d and fully erect. Several drops of excitement oozed from the tip of his erection. Madison looked up and met his eyes as her tongued darted out to lick it up.

A long loud pained moan escaped him. His erection jerked under her touch. She ran her tongue from tip to base and back again, leaving him panting until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Enough!” he growled as he yanked her off her feet and threw her over his shoulder.

She giggled breathlessly as he carried her farther into the training room. He stormed past the exercise equipment, knives’ table, the guns’ table, and holy weapon’s table until he came to the matted section of the large room.

“Four weeks is too long, baby.” He gently placed her on the mat.

“I agree so don’t piss me off again.” Her voice was low and urgent as she ran her hands over his chest and arms. He stripped off all her clothes. She was still sitting up when he dropped his head between her legs and ran his tongue between her slit.

She slowly leaned back until she was resting on her elbows. Her legs were bent at the knee and spread wide for him. Ephraim lapped the sweet nectar between her lips like a man dying of thirst.

Madison moaned as she rocked her h*ps against his mouth. Ephraim slid his tongue inside her core while his thumb took over rubbing her swollen nub. “Ephraim…oh Ephraim!” she screamed as cl**ax took over her. Her h*ps rose off the mat, riding his mouth to the end.

Ephraim removed his tongue as the cl**ax ended and covered her body with his. He hooked her legs over his broad powerful shoulders, opening her wide for him. “Tell me, Madison.” he pleaded in a strained voice as the tip of his manhood rubbed against her slit.

“I love you, Ephraim. Please!” she begged. He thrust his h*ps forward burying himself deep in one motion.

“I love you, Madison. I’m so sorry. So sorry,” he said as he pulled out all the way only to enter her slowly. allowing every sensation of sliding into her tight wet heat to register.

Her head dropped back. He watched as she licked her lips. Her fangs descended as another cl**ax hit her. She moaned and arched beneath him. He slowed his thrusts, planning to make her come one more time before he lost it. As it was he was dangerously close to coming too soon.

“Do you forgive me?” he whispered against her neck.

“Mmmhmmm, I forgave you upstairs when you said I was stubborn.”

He laughed weakly against her skin. “That’s what it took?”

“That and you’ve never doubted me and even with a mother like Candy you’re willing to take a risk with me.”

“There’s no risk with you, Madison. I adore you, sweetheart. I’m so sorry, baby, please believe me. I’m such an idiot. I-”

“Shh, shouldn’t you be f**king me instead of talking?” she asked with a sultry smile.

He growled against her skin. She knew what dirty talk did to him. She loved his reaction. It threw him off his steady cadence until he was pounding into her without finesse or rhythm.

Ephraim let go. Everything he’d held back the last four months to make sure he didn’t overwhelm or hurt her was released. He thrust into her harder than he’d ever thrust into any woman before. She moaned and cried out his name. He knew she liked it when her body gripped him tightly, trying to keep him from pulling out even to thrust back in. She was drenching him and making every slide into her body more intense. She was so damn wet he could cry.

His fangs lowered and he decided to show her exactly what it was like to be f**ked by a Pyte. He sank his teeth into the crook of her neck. His eyes squeezed shut with pleasure. It had never been like this. He’d bit many women while bedding them, but he’d never gained any pleasure from the bite. Now he was ready to explode.

Madison gasped as his teeth sank into her. It intensified what he was doing between her legs. It sent a thousand sensations throughout her body. She desperately wanted to move against him, but he had her pinned to the ground with her legs over his shoulders. She managed to turn her head so she could lick his neck. He moaned and shuddered against her. She licked him again and was rewarded with a harder tug on her neck and a more violent thrust between her legs. It was too much she couldn’t hold back.

Ephraim thrashed wildly on top of her as her fangs pierced his neck. It was the most erotic sensation of his life. They fed off each other while he made love to her.

Their loud moans vibrated pleasantly throughout the room as a powerful cl**ax claimed them both. Madison’s nails scraped down his back, driving him on until the last tremor subsided. They released their bites and kissed each other slowly as they tasted the mixture of their blood.

He pulled back to smile down at her. Madison bit her lip and looked embarrassed.

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