“Here,” she said, slipping a small folded piece of paper into his hand through the bars.

“You found it?” Logan asked, sounding surprised.

“I believe so,” she said, still wondering why it was so important to him. When he reminded her of her promise she thought he was going to ask her to arrange his escape, which she would have done. She owed him her life after all, but instead of asking to be freed, he asked for a piece of information.

“Thank you,” he said quietly as he took the paper and placed it into the white pants all the prisoners had to wear.

“Good night, Logan,” she said before walking away.

He simply nodded as he headed back to his bunk.

Chris took her hand and led her to the elevator. They didn’t talk for several minutes, probably because Chris was too busy pressing butterfly soft kisses to Jessica’s sleeping face. She already knew that the man was going to spoil her rotten and if she hadn’t already known that, the nursery he set up for her was a big clue.

He hadn’t allowed anyone, including her, have anything to do with setting up the nursery for his, and she was quoting on this one, “Precious baby girl.” The man went a little overboard turning the room she’d planned on using for her office in a nursery. When Madison suggested a teddy bear theme he vetoed it and told her to get her damn teddy bears out of his damn princess themed nursery.

She was actually surprised that she got some alone time with Jessica today. The stubborn man usually took her everywhere with him only returning to her when Jessica needed to feed. He’d decided that they weren’t going to give their baby formula and that only breast milk was good enough for his baby. Sometimes she felt like a damn cow.

“I’m sorry, Munchkin,” he said as they stepped off the elevator.

“For what?”

He sighed heavily as she scanned her hand. “I know how badly you wanted to go to the new house. I’m sorry that you’re stuck here with-“

“It’s fine, Chris. Joshua needs us and until he’s ready to go with us we’ll stay right here,” she said, knowing how torn he felt between taking care of her and taking care of his family. She couldn’t wait for the day when he realized that he didn’t need to choose, because she would be by his side no matter what.

“I hate that you and my precious baby girl have to stay locked up here all day,” he said, sounding exhausted.

She just barely stopped herself from rolling her eyes.

The man was so damn cute and irritating sometimes.

“I’m not complaining, Chris,” she said, heading for their suite.

“And that’s what I love about you.”

“That’s the only thing you love about me?” she asked, looking over her shoulder as she gave him a coy smile when she caught him staring at her bottom.

“There might be one or two other things that I love about you.”

“If you’re good I just might let you near those one or two things,” she said, opening the door.

While Chris put the baby down, because apparently he was the only one worthy to do that, she stripped na**d and stepped into the shower, hoping to wash all her worries away.

Seconds later Chris was stepping in behind her and pulling her against him. “Mmm,” she moaned as she relaxed back against him.

“It’s time,” he said against her neck as he slid his hand down her flat belly.

“Time for what?” she asked absently as she spread her legs wide for him. He slid one finger inside of her as he licked a path to her ear and nibbled.

“For you to let me near all the things that I love about you,” he said, working his finger in and out of her at a slow rhythm that had her panting and shoving back in silent demand for what she wanted, needed, but he held back.


He chuckled as he kissed a path along her jaw. “I thought I’d take my time showing you how much I love you tonight.”

“H-how about you show my how much you love me the second time and just f**k me now so that I don’t have to kick your ass?” she suggested, fully intending to keep her word.

“I guess that you’ll just have to kick my ass, because I’m not letting you go until you know how much I love you,” he said huskily in her ear.

“What if it takes all night?”

“Then it takes all night.”

“What if I’m not paying attention the first time?”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to keep showing you, because I never want you to doubt for even a second that you are my world, Munchkin.”


“Hello, Angel,” he said when he smelled her sweet spicy scent drift into his cell.

For three weeks he’d waited to see her again the wait had been hell. When he’d been dragged through the compound he thought he caught her scent, but wasn’t sure until the next morning when she came down to see the man named Joshua that everyone seemed to be concerned about.

Not once had she approached his cell, until tonight that is.

He stepped out of the shadows of his cell and walked slowly towards the door where she leaned, running a finger absently over the door’s bars.

“Hey, big guy,” she said, smiling, but he detected a note of sadness in her eyes and knew it was the man named Joshua’s fault. He felt a surge of rage build up in him and he found himself eager to kill the bastard, but just as quickly as it came, he shoved it away. She obviously cared about the man and he would not harm her.

But he would still have her.

More than ever, he wanted her. He wanted to touch her, kiss her, lick her and f**k her until his fangs demanded their due and then he would take her. Not only would she be his treat, but now she would be his revenge against the bastards that tore him down and destroyed his empire.

“Any chance you came down here to give me a goodnight kiss?” he asked, half-hoping that it was. She might be a means to an end, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to enjoy her.

She laughed softly, that same laugh that he dreamed about at night and found himself getting hard for. He inwardly cursed, wondering where his famous selfcontrol went when this woman was around.

“Not tonight, but maybe tomorrow if you’re a good boy,”

she teased as she walked away.

“I’m not kissing you goodnight either,” Kale said around a mouthful of god only knows what as he sauntered past Logan’s cage, earning another laugh from his Angel.

He sent the man a glare before he turned his attention on his Angel as she stepped into the elevator and disappeared, leaving him hard and aching.

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