The pack, now completely shifted, backed away from him and his father on two hind legs as they watched them warily. They all knew that there was no way the three of them were going to be able to take down all of them, but none of the shifters were willing to volunteer for the job of being destroyed first and that’s exactly what they would have to do if they attacked or tried to leave. Spending the night babysitting a bunch of ass**les around a campfire wasn’t exactly the way he wanted to spend the night, but he’d do it if he had to and the second they shifted back to human he’d drag their asses to the nearest pack and let an Alpha deal with them.

He watched as they tilted their massive heads back and scented the air, probably hoping to see if Chris had back up. When their heads dropped and their eyes shot from him and Izzy, the two they knew were Sentinels, to his father who was slowly pacing along the far edge of the woods like a caged animal as he glared at the pack through glowing red eyes.

They shifted on their hind legs as they tried to scent out his father. Even in human form they were able to tell that he wasn’t human, but unless they’d come across a Pyte before they would have no idea what the hell his father was capable of, giving his father the upper hand. Like the other shifters they’d been forced to take down over the years they’d probably assume he was some unknown type of demon and underestimate him, making it easier for his father to take advantage.

Demons were naturally stronger than vampires. They usually only had two abilities and as long as you figured them out quickly you could take advantage and use their abilities against them whereas vampires were stronger than a human, had speed, and agility that could help them keep up with a shifted werewolf and overtake the werewolf unless he knew how to fight a vampire in both forms. Vampires were tricky sons of a bitches and he had no doubt this pack was hoping that Ephraim was a demon.

Even though every pair of large dark brown eyes was locked firmly on the two of them he knew they were all keeping tabs on his father, watching and waiting to see what he could do. As soon as they decided what his abilities were they’d try to use them to take down his father, not knowing that the man had a full bag of tricks up his sleeve.

“Stay here,” he ordered Izzy as he released her and moved to his left. “Remember, don’t run.”

“W-why?’ she stammered.

“Because they’ll chase you,” he said, not bothering to inform her that the pack already knew she was the weakest link and his mate by the scents she was giving off. They’d go after her and rip her to shreds just for f**king with their plans. As long as she stayed in the clearing near him and Ephraim they’d hesitate to kill her, too afraid to bring the wrath of her mate.

They weren’t f**king stupid after all. He would tear them apart as he beat the shit out of them and he’d enjoy every minute of it. She was his mate, his partner and most importantly his. Hollywood truly f**ked up when they portrayed shifters as mindless animals when that was far from the truth.

When shifted into their animal form they might be more obsessed with food, fighting and f**king, but they were still very much in control of their actions. They had to be. If they f**ked up in any way that brought the attention of the humans they were swiftly dealt with by their own pack, other shifters, vampires, demons or Sentinels. No one wanted the humans aware of the real world since they’d just f**k up everything and start witch hunts. When someone truly f**ked up and endangered their world everyone stepped in to help clean up the mess and for good reason.

If humans knew there really were vampires out there their blood supply would be in danger. They’d be hunted down, their blood stolen and they’d be experimented on. The same could be said for demons, shifters and even Sentinels. Humans were not known for tolerance. History had proven that time and time again.

The leader crouched down ten feet from Chris and let out a menacing growl that would no doubt scare the shit out of a human and apparently his little mate if her cry of alarm was any indication, but Chris didn’t back down. He wouldn’t, especially with a truly leaderless pack. While the large beast was preparing to take a shot at him the rest of his pack was slowing backing up, reminding Chris of the only good thing about dealing with a leaderless pack.

Without an Alpha to keep them under control, lead and protect them they were useless, dangerous, but useless.

If this had been an Alpha-led pack there was no f**king way he would have been stupid enough to confront a dozen werewolves on a full moon with only his father and his untrained mate. He would have called for the Sentinels stationed two miles away at that bonfire to haul their asses over here. A properly led pack would have him and Izzy ripped apart in minutes and would be doing their damndest to take his father apart.

“I said get back!” he heard his father roar seconds before two large dull gray wolves went sailing through the air, landing on top of the large fire. Chris wasn’t all that surprised when the beasts remained on the fire.

He’d be willing to bet every cent he had that his father’s strike had broken both their necks on impact.

There were a lot of things shifters could recover from and a broken neck was certainly one of them, but it required time and rest. Right now the two shifters were knocked out cold and would have lived if his father hadn’t set them on fire. Fire was one of the things that could kill them.

Instead of trying to drag their companions out of the fire the rest of them moved back, growling viciously as they inched closer to him and Izzy, probably figuring that they were the safer bet. Since it was what Chris wanted he didn’t do anything to stop them. He needed Izzy’s abilities to be triggered and this was the only way that he knew that would work.

He wasn’t too worried about her getting hurt. Between him and his father they’d be able to keep her from any real harm, but she probably wouldn’t be leaving here tonight without a few minor injuries. The idea of his little mate getting hurt didn’t sit well with him, but he knew there was little choice in the matter now. Besides it was part of the job description and she’d heal quickly enough.

Chris chuckled as the “leader” followed him at a low crouch as he stepped away from Izzy, who couldn’t seem to stop shaking. For a moment he felt guilty about bringing her out here with absolutely no warning, but he knew there was no other choice.

Forcing his eyes away from the small terrified woman he focused on the large beast stalking him. He was a large son of a bitch, there was no doubt about that, but he lacked the confidence needed to go up against an enemy of equal strength, which was probably why the bastard liked to deal with little girls, Chris thought with disgust.

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