“All I know is that I hate you!” she said, trying to squirm and shove him away simultaneously.

“You hate me, huh?” he asked, pressing a kiss to her forehead as he gave her luscious little ass another squeeze that had him nearly groaning and his dick trying to jump, but there was no give in his now too tight jeans.

“Yes!” she hissed out as he glided his hand lower and pressed between her legs.

“Who would you rather have as your mate?” he asked, dropping his hand from the hood of the car to rest on her hip as he rubbed the tips of his fingers teasingly between her legs, wishing she wasn’t wearing anything so that he could touch her without any barriers.

“A-anyone else,” she said, licking her lips as pushed back against his hand.


“Yes!” she cried out, from his touch or irritation at him and his words, he didn’t know and didn’t care as he snaked his hand beneath the soft flannel shirt.

A shiver tore through him as his hand slid up over smooth warm skin and encountered a large heavy breast. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before.

Before, when he used woman, girls really, to make himself appear normal he’d never received any sort of enjoyment from touching them. Admittedly he’d been curious about them, about how they felt, tasted, and would react to his touch, but touching them had never made him desperate for more.

“You don’t want me, Chris. So why the hell do you care what I do or who I do it with?” she demanded as she hooked her fingers in the waist of his jeans to hold herself up as he continued to rub and explore her through her jeans.

“It doesn’t matter if I want you or not,” he bit out, hating how badly he wanted her. They shouldn’t be here. They shouldn’t be doing this and no matter how many times he told himself to let her go and get the hell out of here, he couldn’t.

“You’re mine, Izzy, and if another man ever touches you again I will f**king kill him. Do you understand me?” he asked, yanking his hand out of her shirt and from behind her.

“Who the hell do you think-oh god!” she cried out as he ripped open her shirt and cupped both br**sts in his hands.

As he lifted, squeezed, and caressed her large br**sts, careful not to touch the large hard nipple that was demanding his attention as he watched as Izzy licked her lips as she struggled to keep her eyes open. Finally, she gave up her little battle and let her head drop back against the roof of the car.

Her fingers tightened on his jeans as he continued to explore her br**sts. The contrast between her large br**sts and tiny body was a surprising turn on for him.

All those times he imagined what she looked like he hadn’t really given much thought to sexual preference, because he’d never any sexual urges. He’d always pictured her taller, but shorter than him. Brunette, brown eyes, maybe blue and an average figure. He’d been more focused on imagining what it would be like to have someone in his life that belonged to him, with him, that he hadn’t given much thought to what type of person she would be. His only concern was what she would do for his family.

But standing in the large vacant parking lot, he couldn’t help but feel pleased that she was his. It didn’t matter that he didn’t want her or that she’d disappointed him. At that moment the only thing that mattered were the cravings that touching her were creating. He wanted her. He wanted to kiss her, lick her and touch her everywhere. He wanted to slide his dick between her lips, over her large br**sts and between her legs.

As he imagined f**king her the pressure between his legs became painful. Gasping for breath he tried to fight the need to do more to her, to take her. He shouldn’t be doing this, he inwardly screamed. She was taking all of his control away from him and she wasn’t even touching him, he thought with disgust as he moved to drop his hands, but his little mate wasn’t having that.

With a tug that actually impressed him, she pulled him closer and released one hand away from his pants so that she could reach up and grip him by the back of the head and yank him down for a kiss that set his body on fire.

This was nothing like the controlled kiss they’d shared in the foyer. This kiss was hungry, hot, and had every nerve in his body screaming for more. His grip on her br**sts became more demanding as he moved his palms over her hard ni**les. He stroked, pinched and tugged on them as she moaned in his mouth and suckled his tongue.

She released her hold on his hair to run her fingers down his jaw, his neck and over his chest. As her little fingers explored him her hold on his jeans tightened almost desperately.

“We have to stop this,” he mumbled against her mouth, but made no move to step away.

In answer she released her grip on his pants and he thanked god that one of them had at least been able to think clearly and stop this before it got out of hand.

All rational thought left his brain the second she cupped him through his pants. As she squeezed and caressed his erection almost desperately she moaned and groaned loudly as if she were just as affected as he was.

“I want you,” she whimpered against his mouth.

“I want you, too,” he admitted, unable to help himself.

He may not want her in his life, but he couldn’t help the way her wanted her body.

He released his hold on her br**sts so that he could pull her shirt off. With a quick jerk he had it off of her and tossed it over his shoulder. He pulled her tightly against him, groaning in her mouth as hard ni**les teased his chest.

She felt so good in his arms, he thought as he ran his hands over her damp back and over her jean clad ass.

When she worked his zipper down and reached in his pants to pull him out he thought she felt f**king amazing.

The first stroke had him struggling to breathe as intense pleasure like nothing he’d ever known before shot through his dick, tightened his balls and created a tingling pressure low on his spine. The second stroke had him pulling away from her mouth to look down.

He swallowed hard, licking his lips hungrily as he watched her run her hand slowly up and down his shaft.

The sight entranced him, leaving him barely able to move never mind breathe as she explored him.

“That feels so good,” he groaned, barely able to stop himself from thrusting in her hand.

“I know something that will feel even better,” she said, leaning forward to press a kiss against his chest. They groaned together as she licked and kissed her way down his chest, paying special attention to his tattoos and scars. When she traced the scar on his stomach it tingled and he had to admit that she was right, this did feel good.

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