He didn’t say another word as he brought her to the car and threw her ass into the passenger seat, but not before he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back. When she went to kick him in the balls he simply stepped to the side and belted her into the seat so that she couldn’t do anything more than struggle uselessly and call him a few choice words.

That little piece of freedom ended abruptly when he stuffed a clean, well, she hoped it was clean anyway, gym sock in her mouth. Without the ability to scream or kick him she settled for the only option she had.

She glared at him.

“As much fun as that little breakdown was I think it’s time we got a move on, don’t you?”

She shook her head, but he simply ignored her and started the car. During the next five hours she prayed for a bathroom, a drink, food, and freedom so that she could get another shot at his balls. Before this was over she was going to kick his ass and laugh while she did it.


“What did you say?” Chris asked, irritating the hell out of her since it should be more than obvious what she needed. She was doing the pee pee dance for Pete’s sake.

She narrowed her eyes on him as she waited for him to uncuff her or pull the damn sock out of her mouth.

When it became painfully obvious that he wasn’t going to do anything more than throw her a curious look over his shoulder as he looked around the hotel room he’d dragged her into, she dropped her butt onto the floor and worked her bound hands over her legs.

As soon as she had her hands in front of her, she tugged the sock out of her mouth and went to tell him off only to realize that her mouth was way too dry to speak and she was seconds away from having an accident. So she settled for flipping him off, which he of course he missed and rushed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her and taking an extra five seconds that almost cost her to lock it.

It was a close call, but she managed to undo her pants and shove them down so that she could sit down on the toilet and relieve herself. Once that was done she felt marginally better, furious, but a little better. She kicked off her shoes, shoved her pants and panties down the rest of the way and pulled her shirt off only to discover that she couldn’t get it off all the way.

She was about to try and rip it off when she spotted the hotel’s complimentary basket on the back of the toilet.

After a quick search she found a little sewing kit. It took her a few minutes with the tiny scissors, but she finally managed to cut the shirt off and tossed it in the corner.

She just wished she knew how to pick a lock so that she could get rid of the damn handcuffs, but she didn’t and right now she didn’t care enough to yell for the bastard to remove them.

Grabbing the travel size complimentary toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner and bar of soap, she stepped into the puke green shower and turned on the water, wishing she could wash the last forty-eight hours away, but settling on washing away the sweat, grime and lingering scent of sex instead. She cupped her hands in front of her and caught as much of the semi lukewarm water as she could and drank it and kept doing that until her mouth felt normal and her head stopped spinning.

For a few minutes she contemplated taking a long shower, but then decided that she didn’t want the jerk dragging her out of there covered in soap so she took a quick shower. Once she was done washing she stood beneath the water and felt herself relax for the first time in two days. What she wouldn’t give for a giant chocolate candy bar and a little sleep, she thought as her stomach rumbled and her eyes threatened to shut.

She was so tired. All she wanted to do was curl up and climb into a bed a stay there until”I wish you’d told me that you wanted a shower,” Chris said, sighing heavily as he tore back the curtain and earned another embarrassing squeal from her.

Pressing her hand to her chest as she willed her heart to stop trying to break free, she turned to glare at the big jerk.

“Here,” he said, gesturing for her to bring her hands closer to him, “let me make this easier for you.”

Her eyes narrowed on him before dropping to his hands and the small key that he held. She didn’t trust this sudden nice guy act, but she honestly was too tired to fight him. Worrying her bottom lip, she held her hands out to him and was shocked when he not only uncuffed her right hand, but also gently massaged her tender wrist.

“I’m going to run out and grab some food and some clothes. What are your sizes?” he asked, sounding almost pleasant.

She wasn’t sure if exhaustion was taking its toll on her, but when he gave her a reassuring smile she decided to trust him. He probably felt bad about the way he’d been treating her, she mused. Besides if he was leaving then that meant she had a chance to escape and she was damn well going to take it.

As she gave him her sizes she wondered if there was a bus station close by. She still had some cash and her credit cards so she wouldn’t have to worry about money for a while. The only thing that worried her was getting to the bus station before he came back. Then again she had her computer and could easily find the best route to a bus or maybe even a train station.

It really didn’t matter where she went as long as she got the hell away from him she really didn’t care. She’d have to buy several tickets to confuse him just in case, she decided.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a little while,” he said, drawing her attention. “You’ll be okay while I’m gone?”

She had to stop herself from smiling. “Yes, I’m sure I’ll be-hey! What the hell are you doing?” she demanded as he brought her hand up above her head and attached the cuff to the thick metal shower rod that was unfortunately screwed to the wall. It was also up high, forcing her to stand on her tippy toes.

“I’ll be back soon,” Chris said, giving her ass a little smack before he headed for the door. “Try not to miss me.”

“Get back here!” she snapped.

“Sorry, can’t.”

“I’ll scream,” she threatened, knowing she damn well would even if it meant someone finding her naked, wet and cuffed to a shower rod. All she cared about was getting the hell away from him and finding a nice warm bed where she could sleep and forget any of this ever happened.

“Go ahead. I made sure we got a room far away from everyone else so knock yourself out,” he said from the other room.

“I. Hate. You!” she yelled, emphasizing each word as she stepped up onto the edge of the tub to take some pressure off her arm.

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