“Aw, that’s really sweet, Munchkin,” he said seconds before she heard the tell tale click of a door shutting and locking.

“Jerk!” she yelled, not because she thought he’d hear it and care, but because she needed something to do since she couldn’t bitch slap the bastard.

Chapter 25

“I’m sure you hear this every day, but you’re a very beautiful woman,” the human male wearing far too much cologne said to the beautiful small red head, making Logan snort in disgust.

For the past two hours he’d been forced to listen to this ass**le deliver that same line to every woman who came within a ten foot range of the bar. If he hadn’t been waiting for Kale he would have already dragged the bastard out back and drained him for annoying the hell out of him.

Unfortunately for him and apparently every female in the bar he couldn’t kill the bastard, yet. He needed to speak with Kale without giving the bastard a chance to blow him off and he knew that this was the only way.

Not many people knew this, actually if they did Kale would probably just kill them because he didn’t like anyone knowing anything that could be used against him, but Kale preferred to eat his evening meal in a pub with a tall glass of mead.

Since this bar was the only one in town that also served food Logan knew that if Kale had the chance to eat tonight, he’d be coming here and Logan would get his damn answers. If anyone else had refused to answer his questions not to mention hung up on him, he would have enjoyed ripping the bastard’s spine out and making him eat it.

Unfortunately he couldn’t do that with this bastard and so it seemed he was stuck listening to this ass**le sprout bullshit lines until he found a woman desperate enough to spread for him. He really doubted this woman would be the one. She was too beautiful and the way she held herself let everyone in the room know that she was well aware of that fact.

As he sipped his whiskey, a drink he couldn’t live without even though he knew he’d be pissing it out in its original form by the end of the night, he allowed himself to look at the beautiful woman. She was beautiful, stunningly so with her dark red hair that was closer to brown than red. Her beautiful bright blue eyes, small delicate face with a cute little button nose and little plump lips had him cursing Kale to hell and back.

If the man didn’t move his ass and get here soon he was afraid this ass**le was going to chase off the woman he’d decided was going to be his meal tonight. His eyes darted to the ass**le that was pissing him off and decided the man would be his meal and the red headed beauty would be his snack, a little sweet treat for all the bullshit he’d gone through lately and an early celebration treat

Once he had Isabella McGuire, he would finally have his empire. With her help there wouldn’t be anywhere on this earth that his enemies could hide from him.

He’d take over the blood delivery system and weed through the f**king traitors. Thanks to today’s dependency on technology and Isabella’s McGuire’s skills he’d have everything he ever wanted, including revenge.

He’d find the son of bitch that had taken his beautiful Elizabeth’s sweet soul and he would kill him right along with Kale. Perhaps he’d hold off on killing Kale until he found the other bastard. Then he’d kill them together.

But before he could do anything he needed to get his hands on the damn woman and that meant finding out what Kale knew. The bastard wouldn’t be happy that he was here, but Logan didn’t give a damn. There was too much riding on this to sit back and wait. Kale was good, probably the best, but there was always a chance that someone out there might swoop in and grab Miss.

McGuire before he could and that wasn’t something Logan would allow.

A war had started and although he’d like nothing better than to see every last Sentinel wiped off the face of the earth he needed them around, at least for now.

Once he gained control over enough territories he fully planned on taking care of the Sentinel problem, but for right now their existence benefited him so he was going to step back and allow them to continue.

“Why don’t we go back to my place?” the man asked and Logan had to admit that took balls since the woman was clearly out of his league.

“I think I’ll pass,” she said, giving the man a polite smile as she turned her attention back to the game playing on the flat screen television above the bar and her dinner.

“Bitch,” the man muttered as he walked away.

Logan’s eyes narrowed on the man and watched as he approached a group of what could only be termed as “Bar Bunnies.” Before he left town he was going to drain that man dry.

“Carl? Can I get the check? I think I’m going to call it a night,” the beautiful red head said, grabbing his attention once again.

“Sure, Jill,” the bartender said, sliding a handwritten tab in front of the woman apparently named Jill.


He realized that he actually liked her name, which was unusual for him, because he generally didn’t like anything about anyone. As he watched her dig through her small pink purse he decided that he’d love more than just a meal from her. He wanted her in his bed, beneath him, on top of him and anyway he could get her and tonight he would have her.

Then he would kill her.

Like everything else in his existence he liked to keep sex simple, basic. He didn’t do attachments, promises or relationships. Sex was just a physical release.

Something he only gave into when he needed to otherwise he could care less. When he took a woman he f**ked her until he was done with her. He’d never made love to a woman and never would. The women he took to his bed understood that and if they pushed for anything more he killed them.

Granted he usually dealt with vampires, demons and the occasional shifter for sex and they all knew what he was capable of so there usually weren’t any problems.

He didn’t usually consort with humans for anything more than a meal. Other Masters might enjoy having a minion around to f**k, but he didn’t.

Human females were weak, clingy and far too easy.

When he took a woman to bed he wanted them to make him work for it. He didn’t like to hold back when he f**ked a woman and with a human he’d have to do just that, but since he fully planned on draining this one dry he wouldn’t have to hold back, he thought, fighting back the urge to take her right now.

It was actually a little shocking to find himself this attracted to a human. She was quickly turning into a bit of a distraction, something that he couldn’t allow.

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