Sadly though, none of that mattered to his Master. The very second he became an obstacle or let him down in any way his Master would go for his throat. Centuries ago, the thought might have scared him, but he'd since come into his own, and his Master would find that out the hard way if he ever crossed the line.

For now he was content to do his Master's bidding as long as it pleased him. The moment this arrangement was over he would leave and he'd kill anyone who got in his way including the man who gave him life when he had none.

"My plan was working. He defended her and if I had been allowed to keep the pressure up he would have given into my demands to save her," Greg bit out angrily.

The Master's eyes flashed silver before landing back on him. The minion might think that he won, but all he'd done is aggravate their Master and that was not something they needed right now. He already knew by the expression on his Master's face that he was no longer content with watching over this project from afar.

Lucan would have to find a way to convince the Master to stay away and leave it in his hands, but he knew by the look the Master was sending the human that Caine would be wasting his breath. If the damn minion had kept his mouth shut, Lucan could have kept the Master informed and disinterested, but now they had no such hope left.

He shot a look at the smug bastard. The second he could convince the Master that the man had outlived his usefulness, he was going to allow his men to tear him apart. He'd do it himself, but the thought of touching the man actually turned his stomach.

"Although Gregory's plan did produce results," he said, watching his wording since he knew the Master often took credit for the work of those below him and could become insulted very easily, "the plan needs to change if there is any hope that he will provide us with a Pyte."

"My plan was working. You gave her food so now I'll have to start all over again until he has no choice but to f**k her," Gregory argued.

Lucan simply shook his head. "It proved that she means something to him, but he would not have touched her. The man obviously cares for her and would see touching her in her weakened state as vulgar and I don't believe he would take the chance of hurting her."

"Bullshit!" Gregory snapped, no longer happy standing in the shadows. He stepped up beside Lucan and pointedly held up his deformed arm. "He tore my arm off for her. He'll do anything for her."

"If you keep her weak and injured he's not going to be attracted to her. He'll pity her, nothing more. We know that he cares for her now. We can use that against him, but without hurting her. Every time we hurt her he'll be reminded that they're prisoners and they'll refuse to meet our goals."

"What do you suggest?" the Master asked him and just like that, he knew he had the Master's ear once again. It probably wouldn't be enough to convince the Master to stay away, but it would be enough to keep him from interfering.

For now at least.

"First we need to make her healthy again."

Gregory snorted at the suggestion. "He doesn't care if she's healthy.

"Oh, no?" he asked, cocking a brow as he leaned forward and typed a command onto a keyboard. Seconds later the second largest monitor was filled with the image of their cell. He knew the same image now filled half the Master's monitor. He gestured lazily to the activity on the screen.

"If he doesn't care then why is he fretting over her?" he asked as they all watched the Pyte carefully wrap the fresh blanket he'd left an hour ago around the woman and urge her to sit on the edge of the mattress. "He wants her well and we'd be wise to fulfill that need."

"We don't need her healthy. If I go in there right now and tell him to f**k her or I'll kill her, he'll do it," Gregory said firmly, already reaching for the black remote on the work station.

Lucan grabbed the remote before he could reach it and carefully placed it in his shirt pocket. From what his men claimed it wasn't sensitive to touch, but he didn't see any reason to take any chances. The last thing he needed was to piss off the Pyte and earn his outright refusal.

As long as he kept the woman alive and healthy they controlled the Pyte. He knew by the way he was fussing over her that she was his one true weakness. Now it was just a matter of figuring out how to use that against him.

"No, he will not. You get him pissed off enough and you'll set him into bloodlust and then you'll lose whatever hope we have that he'll do as we asked."

"He's right," the Master reluctantly said with a loud sigh. "She is not to be harmed in any way unless I give you permission." Lucan knew by the way the minion's heart rate spiked that the man was not happy about it.

Gregory opened his mouth, probably to argue when the Master waved away his complaints. "I will be there within the week and reassess the situation. If I feel Lucan's way is not working then you will get another opportunity."

The minion grinned as if it was a good thing while Lucan inwardly winced on the man's behalf. He had no idea what he was in for. Lucan wondered if the man noticed that there were no females here except for the human woman. There was a reason for that, the Master hated women. The vampires working for him had to be strong and loyal while his minions had to be loyal and of course f**kable and from what he knew of the Master he thought Gregory was very f**kable.

It didn't matter that the minion was now missing part of his arm and from what he could tell enjoyed the company of women, the Master wanted him and he would have him. If Gregory fought him he'd be nothing more than a snack.

He really hoped he fought the Master.


"Were you always this much of a pain in the ass?" he snapped when the damn woman shoved his hand away and yanked the small plastic bin of food towards her.

"Yes," she said with absolutely no hesitation as she grabbed a chocolate chip granola bar and examined the packaging.

When he grabbed it from her hands she sent him a glare that he easily ignored as he smelled the package. With a grunt he handed it back to her. "It's clean."

With a muttered "thanks" she grabbed a bottle of water and settled on the mattress with her back against the wall. While she focused her attention on her food he decided to go through the food in the basket, once again and make sure that he hadn't missed anything, mostly to have something to do. Once that chore was done he shoved to his feet, hoping she didn't notice how badly he shook.

He'd gone too long without blood and if he didn't get some soon he was going to slide into bloodlust and there would be nothing to stop him from going after Danni. Hell, her scent alone was driving him mad. All he could smell was her mouthwatering aroma and he wanted a sip, just a sip, but he knew he wouldn't be able to stop there. He'd drain every last drop out of her body before he could stop himself.

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