"I'll take that," he said, taking the large cooler out of the vampire's hands and heading for the room only to have Greg step smoothly in his way and try to block him. He didn't even blink as he shoved the human out of his way and entered the room. When the stubborn man tried to follow him, he slammed the door in his face.

He shot a look over at the still figure on the mattress and wasn't too surprised to find the Pyte crouching in front of her, ready to tear his heart out. The good news was the Pyte had definitely staked a claim on the woman. If they played their cards right and kept that ass**le Greg away from the couple, they might just end up getting that Pyte child sooner than he'd hoped. The bad news, the Pyte had staked a claim on the woman and was too damn focused on protecting her to allow any of Lucan's men to check on her so they could try to get her better faster. They needed these two to produce a Pyte.

True, it would be sixteen years according to what they'd learned before the child came into his powers and a few days or months shouldn't matter in the scheme of things, but they did. They needed the army the Pyte could create. They were desperate for the Pyte the child would be able to create once he went through his change. It would be much better if the Pyte in front of him turned the woman into so they could take her under their control and get that army he needed for his Master that much faster.

"Get out," the Pyte practically snarled.

Lucan cocked his head curiously to the side, but didn't say anything as he placed the cooler on the ground and kicked it in the direction of the Pyte. The man was too close to the edge, at the moment, to be of much help with their problem. The Pyte needed to calm down and the only way to do that was for Lucan to leave the room so the Pyte could relax and tend to his female. He shot a look towards the sleeping woman and felt himself relax when she mumbled something and turned onto her side. The Pyte kept his eyes locked on him, but Lucan could tell that the man wanted to go to the woman, but refused to as long as there was a threat in the room. With a nod, Lucan left the room, hoping the woman was recovered enough to move onto the next phase of the plan. Even if she wasn't, they couldn't wait any longer. He didn't want to, but it looked like he was going to have to help this plan along before Greg convinced the Master to kill her and start all over again.


Why the hell was she so hungry? Danni wondered as her stomach rumbled almost viciously. She grabbed her stomach as she rolled over onto her back, ignoring her sore muscles as she slowly opened her eyes.

The sound of the toilet flushing sent shockwaves through her skull, causing her to cringe as she squeezed her eyes shut. It looked like she hadn't slept through her migraine. Although it didn't exactly hurt, it didn't feel great either. Why was everything so painfully loud, she wondered as she listened to the almost deafening sounds of Caine's chains being dragged across the tile floor as he walked closer to her.

She turned onto her side, deciding that she'd better get to the toilet before her migraine came back. As she sat up she caught a whiff of herself and nearly groaned. She smelled of old sweat and about a hundred other things that she didn't want to think about. In fact, the whole room was full of odors that were attacking her poor nose.

It wasn't too surprising. Thanks to her migraines, lights and often smells overpowered her senses, making the pain in her head worse. As hungry as she was, and God was she hungry, she decided that she'd rather empty her full bladder and get in a quick shower before she was hit with a migraine and knocked on her ass. She slowly got to her feet as her eyes landed on Caine. He stood against the section of wall facing the door that she thought of as his spot while he watched her through narrowed eyes.

Great, she thought dryly, he was pissed at her again. Whatever. She was too hungry and annoyed with the loud sounds and overpowering smells to really care. She didn't know why he was so pissed. She was the one that got her ass fried, not him, so she really couldn't fathom why he was in such a pissy mood.

They might have punished him too by taking away his blood, but one look at the cooler by his side let her know that wasn't the case. Whatever had his panties in twist would have to wait because she didn't have the patience at the moment for any nonsense. She walked over to the toilet and shot Caine a glance, but thankfully he looked the other way.

As soon as she was finished she unbuttoned her shirt and dropped it to the ground, well away from the shower. She turned on the water and made quick work of scrubbing herself from head to toe. Once she was finished she was a little surprised that the migraine she knew was coming hadn't made an appearance yet. It was odd, but she wasn't going to bitch about it.

That was one of the worst things about having less than a year to live. The damn migraines robbed her of precious time, knocking her on her ass and leaving her helpless as she watched time pass her by. All too soon she knew that she wouldn't know anything but pain and misery and she'd be begging for a quick death, but not yet. As long as she was able to, she was going to fight.

"Notice anything odd yet?" Caine asked, drawing her attention.

She looked over her right shoulder to find him leaning against the wall less than five feet away from her as he ran his eyes over her. It was a little unnerving to have Caine looking at her like that, but not as frightening as her body's reaction to him. An odd, yet sweet odor in the room teased her nostrils and made her stomach coil in anticipation. When she felt herself become wet she had to bite back a curse, knowing that Caine would smell it.

When his eyes flashed red seconds later and a soft growl filled the room she knew he smelled her arousal. Since there was nothing she could do to hide her reaction to him she decided that she would simply ignore it. She frowned as his words weaved their way through her mind. She looked around the room, noting the small plastic crate half-filled with food that oddly didn't tempt her ravenous stomach. Her eyes moved to the left and widened in surprise when she spotted the long black cable that should be attached to her ankle coiled into a loose pile in the corner of the room.

Her eyes shot down to her ankle as she tried to remember when it had come off. The last thing she remembered was watching Caine float to the ceiling and then pain, intense pain like nothing she'd ever known before her world went black. She looked up to find Caine still studying her and knew that he'd been responsible for removing the wire.

"Thank you for saving my life," she forced herself to say even as she turned her face away from him and squeezed her eyes shut, wishing like hell that he hadn't interfered.

If he hadn't interfered her death would have been painful, but quick. She almost wished that he had just left her to die. It wasn't as if she was in a rush to get it over with, but she knew what was waiting for her and soon. She'd waited too long to go see her doctor about her migraines and general weakness and now she was paying the price. She had brain cancer with mets, cancerous tissue, running down her spine and around her heart. It wouldn't be too long until the pain became too much and she wouldn't be able to get out of bed. As much as she wanted to get out of here and keep fighting she didn't want to face that future.

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