He was fine. He was in control. Just as long as he remembered that this was little Danni he had nothing to worry about, he decided as her arms wrapped around his back and she rolled her h*ps against him, forcing the tip of his dick to trace her wet slit.

Chapter 16

Danni squeezed her eyes shut tightly as she waited for the first drop of blood to hit her tongue. She didn't care how good he smelled, she knew the second she tasted his blood that she was going to be sick. Oh God, she couldn't do this. She couldn't drink blood. There had to be another way. She knew Pytes couldn't eat human food, but maybe the council could come up with something because she-

A moan ripped through her throat as she got her first taste of his blood. It was so good, she thought as she sucked on his neck, desperate for more as her stomach growled almost viciously. Never in her life had she tasted anything so delicious.

A moment later she changed her mind as a new flavor mixed with the blood and caused her toes to curl and her legs to widen. It took her a moment to realize that she was tasting and smelling his arousal and that her body was reacting like it was an aphrodisiac, and maybe it was. When she felt moisture pool between her legs she knew that she should stop and gain some distance, but she was helpless to stop drinking.

Her arms wrapped around him as if they had a mind of their own while her h*ps rolled against him, desperate to get closer to him. When she felt the metal ring of his piercing slide between her slit she moaned against his neck. For a brief second he stilled above her before releasing a small groan as the delicious scent that was wafting off his body intensified until all she could think about was taking his large c**k inside of her.

The thought surprised her. Growing up she'd had a school girl crush on him that morphed into attraction as she got older, but she'd never allowed herself to imagine what it would be like to have sex with him. Now she couldn't stop thinking about it. She wondered if she could take his large, thick c**k to the root even as she wondered if she'd be able to feel the piercing once it was inside of her.

"We have to stop, Danni," Caine said tightly, letting out a little groan as the tip of his c**k along with the piercing slid more firmly between her slit.

She pulled her mouth away from his neck only to leisurely lick the drops of blood that spilled down his skin as she rubbed herself against him. Every time the warm metal of his piercing slid across her cl*t a surge of pleasure shot straight to her core.

The low growl of warning that tore through the room only intensified her need for him. She ran her hands down his warm muscular back, loving the way his muscles flexed beneath her touch as she licked and kissed his neck, unable to get enough of him. She wanted more, but the stubborn man refused to move. He held himself completely still above her as he continued to growl in warning.

She knew she should stop, but she couldn't. It was like someone threw a switch and suddenly she felt as though she'd die if he didn't touch her. It was crazy. She knew that she shouldn't be doing this, especially not with Caine, but she couldn't help herself. She needed him so badly that she actually hurt from it.

"Stop!" Caine snapped and she knew he was right. This was wrong for so many reasons, not to mention that she never behaved this way with men. Usually when she was involved with a man she kept it simple and straightforward. She'd been with a few men over the years, but none of them ever made her feel out of control. Not like she'd die if he didn't take her.

It was time to stop, she realized, forcing herself to drop her head back on the bare mattress and away from that neck and the tattoo that she wanted to trace with her tongue. After a slight hesitation she was able to drop her hands completely away from him and force them to remain at her sides.

What in the hell was wrong with her? She didn't act this way and she sure as hell shouldn't be acting like this towards Caine, but that didn't stop the need to reach up and run her hands all over him. She looked away from his neck, knowing instinctively that if she didn't she would attack him again and met his eyes, the same grey eyes that used to give her comfort as a child.

In an instant her lust was gone and replaced by disgust. This was the same man who used to kiss her scraped knees better and tuck her in at night. He was also the man who turned his back on her and a little blood had her forgetting all of that and practically raping him. Her stomach clenched painfully at the thought as she moved to get away from him, but he wouldn't let her go.

He dropped down on her, forcing her to take his weight. When she tried to shove him away he moved his arms beneath her and wrapped his arms around her so that she couldn't move. When pushing him away didn't work she resorted to squirming which was just as ineffective.

"Get off, Caine!" she snapped, wondering why the hell he wasn't getting off her. He should be able to smell the change in her body and know that she needed some space, but he wasn't giving her any.

"Not until you calm down, Danni. All it's going to take right now is one look at you to know that I've changed you and then you're going to have to deal with something a hell of a lot worse than your response to me," he said evenly as he held her tightly against him.

She gritted her teeth against the lust that was determined to come back at the feel of his large warm muscular body pressing down on hers. The fact that his erection was pressed against her, wasn't exactly helping her calm down. If anything, it was making it worse for her.

"I can't calm down with you on top of me," she admitted through clenched teeth, hating any type of weakness and there was no doubt in her mind that the way her body was reacting to him was a weakness. She needed to be in control, always. She hated herself for reacting to his scent and that damn erection poking at her that he couldn't seem to control.

"Close your eyes and pretend that I'm not here, Danni," he ordered as his grip around her tightened.

"That won't help," she bit out, hating herself as she felt more moisture pool between her legs.

"Try," he snapped, sounding irritated as he tried to adjust himself on top of her. There was no way that he could hide that large erection that was pressing against her stomach.

"I can't!"

"You can!" he said, glaring at her through gray eyes, letting her know just how easily it was for him and how weak she was.

She let out a humorous chuckle that had him frowning down at her. How pathetic was she? Even as a Pyte, one of the strongest creatures on earth and she was still weak, pathetic. He might be hard and unable to hide the scent of his lust, but he was still in control of his body. She didn't need to run her tongue over her teeth to know that she was not.

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