"Well, stop," he bit out between clenched teeth as his eyes flickered between that beautiful steel gray that she used to love to red. As the red solidified she knew that he was losing control. If she was still human that knowledge would have probably scared the hell out of her, but she wasn't and they really needed to stay focused if they were going to get of here.

"Maybe I should take the lead," she suggested, moving to do just that when Caine's growl made her pause.

"Keep your ass behind me, Danni, and when the time comes you better not hesitate in moving your ass," he practically snarled.

"I won't," she said tightly.

"See that you don't," he warned before turning his attention back on the closed door as her eyes admittedly dropped down to his grey boxer briefs encased ass and may have stayed there for a few seconds before she got her head back in the game.

As she watched Caine reach out to open the door she struggled not to think about his ass and wonder what it would feel like to run her hands over that perfectly curved ass as he thrust inside of her and-

One second she was walking behind Caine in a daze and the next she was flying through the air and her back was hitting the hard wall as Caine's lips crashed down on hers. The kiss was punishing, brutal and turned her on more than it should have.

He didn't hesitate in taking what he wanted. Before she could register that Caine was truly kissing her, his tongue thrust into her mouth and demanded that hers come out to play and God help her but she was helpless to refuse.

She slid her tongue against his, loving the way it felt, the way it made her entire body tingle with need and wanted more, but before she could demand that he do more he was breaking off the kiss and moving back, panting hard as he glared down at her.

"We don't have time for this bullshit, Danni," he snapped, his eyes once again flickering until they turned to cold steel and she knew that he was under control once again. It only went to remind her that she wasn't. She'd lost control and she was having a hell of a time getting it back.

"Then move your ass and keep your hands to yourself," she snapped back, pushing off the wall and moving towards the door, more than ready to get this over with and put some distance between the two of them.

"Then stop sending out 'Fuck me' vibes and I will," he said, storming past her and ripping the door off its hinges.

She barely had time to duck as the door sailed through the air, over her head and embedded itself in the cement wall behind her. She straightened up and stormed after him just as he attacked the vampires at the door. They looked startled as Caine unleashed hell on them.

He easily ignored their efforts to subdue him. He grabbed the larger of the two men and yanked him up until he was close enough for Caine to sink his teeth into the man's neck. When the other man moved to run away, Caine reached out and grabbed him by his shoulder length hair and yanked him back, easily ignoring his struggles and screams for mercy as Caine fed from the other vampire.

Danni opened her mouth to ask him what the hell he was doing since he'd just eaten when she remembered something he'd told her when she was little and she may have accidentally poisoned him. Not that that had been her intention. She'd been around ten years old at the time. She'd waited up for him, which she did most nights that he patrolled, but most nights he wasn't carried in and brought to the infirmary, missing an arm.

After the doctors attached several bags of blood to an IV they left him to go take care of other patients, so of course Danni decided that he needed someone to take care of him. Once she finished fluffing his pillows, washing his face as she of course ignored his little growls of warning she decided that he needed medicine to make his arm grow back faster.

She walked over to one of the doctors that were busy removing an arrow from a Sentinel and demanded that he give Caine medicine. When he told her to beat it she of course kicked him in the shin, hard, before she decided that if she wanted it done right then she was going to have to do it herself. She wasn't exactly sure how she was going to get the cranky man to take his medicine at first, but then she remembered how he tricked her into taking her medicine when she was sick.

Since she knew that he couldn't eat ice cream she decided that she would have to hide the medicine in blood. After she stole one of the doctor's coffee mugs she filled it halfway with blood and then added the medicine she found in an unlocked cabinet until the cup was full. When she was satisfied with how well it was mixed she presented it to Caine and told him to drink it. With an annoyed sigh that kind of came off more as a growl, he did just that and then told her to get her little ass to bed before he spanked it.

Of course she didn't listen to him. She sat by his bed and was extremely pleased with herself when Caine nodded off minutes later and his arm began to heal faster. His screams of agony seconds later had been a little concerning. Thankfully he knew what to do to make it better even if he didn't know exactly what she'd done.

While he chugged bag after bag of blood down he glared at her, just glared. She did her best to appear innocent as she slowly crept towards the door. She didn't make it five feet before he had her over his shoulder and was lecturing her about the dangers of playing with drugs. As it turned out all drugs were poisonous to his system and the only way to clear his system was by overindulging in blood, which he was apparently doing right now.

She forced herself to ignore the mouthwatering aroma and focus on the empty hallway. There were five other doors in the long hallway, but she couldn't smell anyone close by. Then again she was still new at this, she reminded herself and couldn't depend on her new senses just yet. She didn't bother looking back at Caine as she moved to the right. Her fangs were retracted and she could see normally, which was good, but she knew one look at the man feeding would have her losing control and giving herself away.

As quietly as she could, she made her way down the hall and paused by the corner of another hallway leading to the right. When she didn't hear anything she risked a peek and nearly sighed with relief. It was empty. That brought up an interesting question, what time of day was it?

Since there hadn't been any windows in their cell she'd lost track of time soon after they came here. If they were lucky it would be daylight and they could escape without worrying about the Master sending vampires after them. They'd probably still have to worry about minions being sent after them, but they could easily deal with the human slaves.

"Time to go," Caine whispered in her ear, scaring the living hell out of her and eliciting an embarrassingly high pitched scream from her. How in the hell had he done that? she wondered as she found her mouth covered by one large warm hand and her body pulled back against Caine's bare chest. "Shhhh."

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