"Get on the bed," the Master called from the other room.

With a shrug, he crawled onto the bed and laid back, barely able to contain his excitement. Finally after all these years he was going to have everything that he deserved.

"I can't begin to tell you how much I need this, Greg," the Master said as he walked back into the room wearing a pair of black silk boxers that matched the sheets. "I really don't handle stress very well," he admitted and Greg could understand that and his decision to change Greg. The man wanted the job done right and obviously Lucan wasn't doing it. Once the transformation was complete he would be more than happy to take over.

Greg opened his mouth to respond when the Master dropped his underwear, confusing him. He'd never heard of a Master disrobing as well and he sure as hell never heard about a Master needing to get hard to do it. Apprehension crept up his spine as the Master sent him a wicked smile and palmed himself as he reached for a something in the nightstand.

When the Master applied lube to his erection Greg froze as his heartbeat picked up, threatening to pound its way out of his chest. Obviously there had been a miscommunication somewhere along the line and Greg needed to set him straight and hope the Master didn't go into a rage.

"I-I'm not g*y," he blurted out instead of using a little finesse to let him down.

The Master simply chuckled as he joined Greg on the bed. Without any hesitation he moved on top of Greg and settled between his legs before he could so much as blink. "Trust me. I know, which is why I want you, Greg," he said as he ground his erection against Greg's limp c**k and groaned while Greg stared at him in horror. "By the time I'm done with you, you're going to love c**k more than I do," the Master promised as he leaned down and covered Greg's mouth with his own.

When Greg moved to push the Master off, he found his arms pinned above his head in a painful grip and silver eyes glaring down at him. "You gave yourself to me, Greg, the moment you became my servant," he said, positioning the tip of his erection at Greg's ass and pressed against the opening, "and I f**k what's mine," he said through clenched teeth as he shoved in without any preamble, leaving Greg to bite back a scream of agony as the Master chuckled, truly enjoying himself. "Think of this as your official welcome, Greg."


"Ephraim?" Madison said around a yawn as she rolled over in the bed to face him.

"I'm sorry I woke you, sweetheart," he said, moving to go to her only to remember that he was covered in shifter blood. Tonight's full moon had been a bitch. Normally they doubled their patrols during full moons just in case, but they usually didn't come in contact with any shifters roaming around Boston. Most shifters got out of the city during the full moon and headed for the country, but since the war started they'd been dealing with at least three shifters a night during each full moon phase, but tonight they'd found a whole f**king pack lurking around Boston Common.

It had taken nearly every Sentinel in the compound to take them down and lock them up for the night. Well, all but three of them that is. Three of the fifteen shifters were currently being carted off to Middleboro to have their bodies burned and their ashes scattered. It had been a bad f**king night almost from the beginning and would have gotten a hell of a lot worse if they hadn't had Kale with them.

Not that the damn Alpha shifter had tagged along with the intention of helping them. No, not that bastard. He only came because he was apparently bored waiting for Izzy's program to give him what he needed and decided that irritating the shit out of everyone was more fun.

Only three things saved the Alpha from getting his throat torn out tonight. One, he saved his sons' lives a few months back. Granted, Kale was the reason they were put in jeopardy in the first place, something Ephraim struggled with every time he saw the Alpha, but then he would be forced to remind himself that Kale had saved his sons, his daughter-in-law and precious granddaughter in the same day.

Izzy, his rather entertaining daughter-in-law, was the other reason the bastard was allowed to live. The woman had a soft spot for the shifter and wouldn't allow anyone hurt him. She'd quickly wormed her way into Ephraim's heart with her quick wit and sweet smiles, but she'd earned his undying loyalty for bringing his son back to him.

After Chris barely survived the home invasion that almost left him crippled for life, he changed, grew up too fast and in the blink of an eye his once smart ass son who used to make him smile with very little effort was gone. A man hardened by life and too much responsibility took his place. He'd still managed to maintain a close relationship with his son after that, but he missed the easy going Chris and wanted nothing more than to see his son smile again without it being forced.

For the first time in a long time Chris was truly happy. He was head over heels in love with his mate, adored his baby girl and couldn't wait for the birth of his son. He'd always known that Chris would make a good father and was pleased that Chris had surpassed all the hopes and dreams he had for him. After the bullshit start Chris had in life he deserved some happiness and Izzy gave that to him.

The other reason he didn't kill the bastard tonight was very simple, he came in handy every now and then. Tonight of course being one of those times. The Alpha was powerful, probably one of the most powerful shifters Ephraim had ever met and that was proven by the fact that the man was able to keep his human form during the three nights of the full moon. It took a great deal of control not to give into urge to release the animal inside and Kale had mastered that control centuries ago.

When they did a sweep of Boston Common and came across the pack that purposely turned within city limits just so they could fan the city and search for Izzy, Kale stopped irritating the hell out of them and quickly turned into the cold brutal killer that he was famous for. Without any hesitation, Kale began to tear through the pack of shifted werewolves until he made his way to his target, the Alpha of the pack.

Without the Alpha the pack would quickly become useless as they fought each other for control. Even Ephraim had been impressed by Kale tonight. While he worked with Chris to take down the more violent members of the pack he kept an eye on the irritating Alpha. No matter how many hits Kale took, he never reacted. He remained focused until the end and when the pack Alpha was dead and the pack panicked he demanded their obedience and any shifter that didn't immediately comply was dealt with, severely.

It sure as hell made Ephraim's night easier. Without Kale, there was no doubt in his mind that they would have lost Sentinels tonight instead of packing the infirmary, which reminded him that he needed to move his ass.

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