The only comfort she had was knowing that Caine was there to protect their unit. He couldn't watch everyone's back, but he could definitely even the odds. That is unless he was incapacitated with a bullet in the head or heart. Then they'd all be screwed.


Just thinking about her team being left defenseless against the large nest was enough to make her antsy. She quickened her pace, wanting to get this over with only to come to an abrupt stop when she reached a tiled wall at the end of the tunnel.

"I thought you said this was finished," she said, turning around to face the man who f**ked up once again. "What the hell.....," she mumbled as the tunnel filled with light behind Greg.

"I lied," Greg said.

Slowly she pulled her night vision mask off and let it drop to the ground by her feet. She squinted against the bright light and quickly counted twenty men forming a group behind Greg, effectively blocking off her one and only exit.

"What's going on?" she demanded, already knowing she'd walked into a trap. She reached down to pull out her weapon.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Greg said, sounding smug. The sounds of guns cocking made her pause.

She ran her eyes over the small crowd and wasn't too surprised to see that Greg's new friends were vampires. Although she'd liked to say she'd seen this coming, she couldn't. Greg was a ruthless bastard and an all around grade A ass**le, but she'd thought he was loyal to the Sentinels and their cause.

"Why?" she asked, hoping to buy a little time.

Greg gestured two vampires forward. They quickly disarmed her and took away her radio before she could protest. Not that she would at the moment. She wasn't an idiot. She needed to buy time, assess the situation, and try to figure a way out of here. She also needed to get to her team before they found themselves in a similar situation.

"It's nothing personal, Danni. I had certain requirements to meet and you," he said with a lazy hand gesture in her direction and a sigh, "were just a means to an end."

"What the hell are you talking about?" she demanded, taking in a slow deep breath as black spots danced around her vision. Sharp pain shot through her head and down her neck nearly dropping her to her knees. She fought against the need to let the darkness take over so she could escape the pain, but she knew that if she gave in this time she might not wake up again.

She needed to keep it together and figure a way out of this situation, or at the very least, warn her teammates.

"You're going to help us," Greg explained.

Danni let out a humorless laugh. "You're insane. There's no way in hell that I'm helping you."

Greg smiled that cocky smile she hated. "Oh, but you already are. Thanks to you the Master will finally have what's rightfully his."

"Master," Danni mumbled. She glared at the man she'd stupidly wasted one too many months on. "You're a goddamn minion," she said with open disgust.

"Oh, I'm so much more." He looked thoughtful. "Well, I will be soon."

It wasn't hard to figure out what he was talking about. "You're going to be turned into one of them." She shook her head in disgust.

He shrugged, taking a step closer to her. "Why not? We both know we've been f**ked over. Neither one of us should be human. Our parents are Sentinels for f**k's sake!" he shouted, losing his calm for the first time since he started this little game.

"We should have been given their status. At the very least we should have an extended life, but God decided to f**k us over instead. It's bullshit!"

"That's not how it works and you know it," she said, cringing as her head seemed to pound in tempo with her heartbeat.

"We're born to His f**king guards and he makes us weak! It doesn't matter what we do or how hard we try, he doesn't care! But I'm going to fix that soon, tonight if possible."

"Whatever the Master promised you is bullshit. You know most of them don't keep their promises to minions," she ground out between clenched teeth. She had to talk some sense into him, not that it would do her much good right now. If he sided with her right now the vampires would just drain him, drop his body and her predicament would still be the same.

Greg shook his head stubbornly, taking another step towards her until he was less than a foot from her. "He'll come for you and then the Master will make sure I get my reward."

"Who the hell are you talking about?"

"Caine," he spat out.

Her brows arched in surprise as she stared at him. Surely he was kidding. After a moment she realized he was dead serious.

This was worse than she thought, not just because she knew she was as good as dead, but this prick was doing something so monumentally stupid that by all rights she should bitch slap him for it.

One of the Council's fears, and the main reason the Council allowed Caine to help, even though they clearly didn't trust him, was Caine falling into the hands of a Master. As a Pyte he could decimate their numbers, but that wasn't their biggest concern.

The large army of stronger vampires he could make was. It was the reason the Council put a condition on his release. If he made even one vampire, never mind the one and only Pyte he could make, they promised they would throw him into a crate, fill it with cement and drop his ass off in the middle of the ocean where he would remain for eternity.

For the first time in years she was actually relieved that Caine had cut her out of his life and didn't care for her anymore. It probably just saved thousands of lives.

"He's not coming," she said evenly. "Whatever you have planned won't work, Greg. You know he hasn't spoken to me since I was a kid. This little plan of yours isn't going to work and when the Master finds out he's going to be seriously pissed off."

Greg shook his head ruefully. "Oh, he'll come, Danni. I'll make sure of it."

She sighed heavily. "I see. Then I should probably go ahead and get this out of the way."

"What-" he started to ask only to be cut off when she backhanded him. He stumbled back several feet, tripping over his own feet and falling on his ass.

"That felt good," she said with a smile, not caring one damn bit what they did to her now. As long as they didn't get their hands on Caine she could accept whatever the hell they had planned.

He glared up at her. "You f**king bitch!" he roared, jumping to his feet and charging after her.

She waited until the very last second to step to the side, sweep her leg out and strike out with her fist landing the blow right to his throat. He slammed into the wall behind her, choking and gasping.

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