“Now close your eyes, mein Schatz,” he whispered softly, his warm breath caressing her stomach and after a slight hesitation, she did just that, giving him the one thing that she’d never given to another man.

Her trust.

She felt the muscles in his arms bulge beneath her legs as they shifted, pushing her up higher against the wall.

“Now,” he said, pausing only long enough to press a kiss against her thigh, “I want you to relax and just focus on what I’m doing to you.”

“And what exactly will you be doing to me?” she asked, gentling her hold on his head so that she could thread her fingers through the short, silky locks that she loved so much.

He pressed a kiss against the opposite thigh before he turned his head and leaned forward, pressing another kiss beneath her navel. “Everything I’ve been fantasizing about and more,” he said as he slowly kissed his way down.

“Oh my God!” she gasped as she felt the very tip of his tongue tease the bottom of her slit.

Slowly, he moved the tip of his tongue over her slit, just enough to tease, but not enough to part her and reach all the places that craved his tongue. When he reached the top, he pressed a kiss against her wet slit and started all over again, teasing her with the same light touch that had her breaths quickening and her body trembling.

“You taste so f**king good,” he whispered when the tip of his tongue once again reached the top of her slit and he pressed another soft kiss against her slit before he started the torturous process all over again.

“Christofer,” she moaned, too far gone to care how desperate she sounded.

“Hmmmm?” he said, not even bothering to pause in his slow swipe of her slit.

“Stop teasing me,” she groaned, her grip in his hair tightening as she struggled not to squirm and try to take what she wanted.

“I’m not teasing you, mein Schatz,” he said just before he pressed that teasing kiss against her slit just above her swollen clit, but too lightly to give her any relief.

“What do you call this?” she demanded, choking back a sob as he started the process all over again.

“Savoring you,” was the only answer he gave her as he ran the tip of his tongue through her wet slit, but this time dipping his tongue in just far enough to run it over the tip of her clit.

She groaned, long and loud as he did it again. Squeezing her eyes shut, she dropped her head back and licked her lips, enjoying the feel of his tongue teasing her. It was torture and bliss all wrapped in one leaving her wanting more.

“Christofer!” she pleaded, licking her lips as she struggled against the urge to open her eyes just so she could glare down at him as she demanded that he stop teasing her and get on with it.

“Do you want more?” he asked casually as he started the torturous process all over again.

“Yes!” she moaned just as the tip of his tongue flicked over her clit.

“Then put your feet on my arms and open up more for me, mein Schatz,” he explained, pressing a kiss against her slit as she moved to do just that. She quickly raised her knees up and placed her feet on his locked elbows.

A loud moan broke free as Christofer rewarded her with a long leisurely lick through her now exposed lips, hitting every spot that craved his touch. He ran his tongue over her core, under the small hood of her cl*t before his tongue flicked over it, once, twice and then brushed down her cl*t and back over her core where he traced the rim with the tip of his tongue.

“Keep your eyes closed, mein Schatz,” he whispered.

She opened her mouth to argue, but simply found herself nodding in agreement as he dipped his tongue inside her. At the same time she felt his mouth close over her core. He gently suckled just as she felt the slide of his tongue retreat with the movement, leaving her gasping and moaning for more.

Over the years she’d realized something very important when it came to men and sex. There were two types of men when it came to o**l s*x. There were men who used o**l s*x just to get what they wanted, but didn’t take much pleasure in the act. Then there were men who loved the act almost as much as the woman if not more and Christofer was clearly one of those men who loved nothing more than to go down on a woman.

The thought of him doing this to another woman was not pleasant. Anger surged through her, making her fangs throb as she imagined ripping apart any woman that-

“I could lick you out all day,” Christofer growled, bringing her murderous thoughts to a quick halt before they could really begin. “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve imagined doing this to you? How many times I wondered how you tasted? How many times I’ve wondered how it would feel to slide my fingers inside you? How many times you made me hard over the past couple of weeks? How many times I imagined f**king you?”

Squeezing her eyes shut, afraid that he’d stop if she opened them, she licked her lips, shaking her head as she imagined him stroking himself as he thought about her. It was almost too much to bear.

“I never imagined you’d taste this sweet,” he groaned against her swollen wet flesh as she felt his hands gently clasp her ankles and pull them off his arms. He guided her feet to the wall as he slid his tongue inside her.

As soon as he released his hold on her, she pressed her feet flat against the wall and spread her legs wider, desperate for more. As his tongue slid inside her, his hands caressed her legs, moving down her thighs and then up over the gentle curve of her belly and over her br**sts, teasing her swollen ni**les with his barely-there touches.

He let his palms skim back down and over her ni**les before he settled his hands around the heavy curve of her br**sts and gently squeezed. His large hands cradled her large br**sts as his thumbs moved to caress her aching ni**les. As his tongue slid out of her only to slide back inside, further than before, his thumbs caressed the swollen skin around her sensitive ni**les, careful not to touch the ni**les themselves.

Moaning softly as she licked her lips, enjoying the sensation of having his tongue inside her and his very capable hands on her br**sts, Cloe ran her fingers through his hair, silently encouraging him to continue and rewarding him for his very talented tongue. She’d been with several men that enjoyed going down on a woman, but none like Christofer. She never thought a man’s tongue could feel so good.

As he continued to leisurely lick her out, his right hand gave her breast one last squeeze before it slid back down to join his tongue. She gasped when she felt the first caress of his thumb. His thumb teased the very tip of her clit, spreading the warm liquid over it before he gently pressed down and drew it back and forth, thrumming her perfectly as he stiffened his tongue inside her.

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