Before she knew what was happening, Christofer had changed the pace and the pressure of his touch, his gentle tongue no longer licking her out but f**king her with quick hard strokes. His thumb showing no mercy as it sped up to match the strokes of his tongue until she found herself gripping his hair tightly between her fingers, desperate to hold his mouth against her as her breaths sped up, her body began to tremble and then convulse as a scream was ripped from her lips.

She felt herself tighten around his tongue, her body desperate to keep him inside her. His tongue remained firmly inside of her as he somehow found a way to flick the tip inside her, hitting her in just the right way and ripping another scream from her lips as his thumb suddenly pressed down on her clit, sending her over the edge once more as his fingers gently pinched her nipple.

When the last tremor left her body, she found herself panting and her h*ps gently rocking against his mouth, greedily taking every last ounce of pleasure that he could give her. Gasping for air, she allowed herself a few more seconds of his touch before she released her death grip on his hair and allowed her hands to drop limply by her sides and her legs to fall open in surrender.

She felt Christofer press one last kiss against her slit as he pulled away from her. She wanted to reach out and pull him back, wanted him to hold her in his arms as she worked her way through the pleasure induced haze that he’d left her in, but she couldn’t find the strength or the willpower to do it.

“Open your eyes, mein Schatz,” Christofer whispered softly.

Wanting to see his face as she worked through the last tremors, she slowly opened her eyes, looked down at Christofer and then abruptly squealed as she found herself falling face first towards the tiled floor below.

Chapter 35

Before she could hit the floor, he had her in his arms and was heading for the bedroom, desperate to be inside her.

“You did great, mein Schatz,” he told the trembling woman in his arms as he pressed a kiss against her forehead.

“You….,” she said, pausing to gasp for air, “bastard!”

“Is something wrong?” he asked innocently, hoping that it would be enough to make her forget that he’d manipulated her into floating for the first time and that she’d opened her eyes to find herself with an unobstructed view of the tiled floor below. Then again, if he’d been paying attention and had stopped her from sliding up to the ceiling when she’d lost control she probably wouldn’t have been so pissed to find herself pinned against the wall instead of lying flat against the ceiling.

Ah, live and learn, he thought with a sigh as he placed the visibly angry woman on the bed. When she opened her mouth, no doubt to tell him to go f**k himself, he decided that it would probably be for the best for everyone concerned, meaning his aching cock, to distract her for a minute.

“You son of-oh, God! Not again!” she ended with a strangled cry as he buried his face between her legs.

He hadn’t been lying when he’d said that he could happily lick her all day. Just the thought of doing this for the rest of his life had his balls drawing up tight and his c**k aching for release, and he would be doing this for the rest of his life, he’d decided about twenty minutes ago when he got his first taste of her. She was his. It was as simple as that. Since Ephraim’s announcement that she was his mate worked in his favor, he’d decided to just go with it. He didn’t care about the “whys” or “hows,” he just cared that she was his, forever.

He was forced to run his tongue over his fangs when they tried to slide down, eager for a taste of the blood swelling the feminine flesh beneath his mouth. When time hadn’t been a factor and he hadn’t had to worry about Marta’s safety, he used to pleasure a woman just like this, methodically hitting each pleasure point and pushing a woman past her endurance to make the blood rush between her legs. Once she was properly distracted, he would slip a finger inside her and keep her distracted, f**king her with his fingers while he slid his fangs in her thigh and took his fill. He’d never enjoyed the act before. The women he’d pleasured had been nothing but a meal to him and a way to escape his life for a short time, but this…..

God, he could do this all f**king day, he thought as he outlined her core with the tip of his tongue and flicked it over her swollen clit. He shifted over her, working his tongue on her cl*t while he reached between her legs with his hand as he settled on his stomach. He closed his lips around her swollen nub as he traced her opening with his finger, loving the way that she squirmed and moaned.

Her fingers threaded through his hair in that way that drove him out of his f**king mind. He’d noticed that she did it when she was turned on and she liked what he was doing. He wasn’t even sure that she was aware that she was doing it, but he loved it. He loved the way it felt to have fingers running through his hair, the gentle way she did it as though she was rewarding him with a soothing touch for pleasing her.

“Christofer,” she moaned his name as her legs fell open, her fingers running through his hair as she slowly arched her hips, riding his finger in a slow sensual pace that was making it more difficult with each passing second to hold back, but he wanted to hear her scream his name one more time before he was too distracted to savor it.

He gave the sweet little nub between his lips one last suckle and a kiss before he moved up her body, dying to take one of the large pink ni**les between his lips as he took her with his finger. Cloe continued to run her fingers through his hair as he kissed and licked his way to one large breast. He savored the warm firm globe, nuzzling it with his face as he kissed every inch of skin that he could reach until finally his mouth found the prize.

She gasped with pleasure as he ran his tongue over her nipple. Her fingers ran through his hair even as she rode his finger almost desperately. He pulled his finger free of her honeyed core and added a second finger and slid them back inside the smooth channel as he pressed his thumb just above her clit.

“Christofer,” she said his name like a plea as he suckled her nipple into a hard point and moved to the other one all while his thumb slowly moved around her clit, teasing the little nub as his fingers slid inside her.

“Now,” Cloe demanded on a gasp, her h*ps riding his fingers in a way that made his c**k jealous.

“Now,” he agreed, pressing one last kiss against her nipple, he pulled his hand away from her and placed it on the bed near her head as he settled between her legs.

Her fingers paused in their soothing motions to cup his face and pull his mouth down to hers. She brushed her lips against his as he settled more firmly between her legs. When his erection came to rest against her wet slit they both moaned.

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