“You feel so f**king good,” he said hoarsely, forced to close his eyes and hold his breath, terrified that this was going to be over before it began.

But, Cloe was having none of that.

She nibbled at his lips, licking the slight sting away before she teased his lips open and invaded. He groaned long and loud as her tongue slid over his, teasing an involuntary thrust of his hips, but that was enough to keep his h*ps rocking between hers. With every thrust of his hips, his c**k slid further and further between her swollen, wet lips until the underside of his c**k was gliding over her core and swollen little clit, earning the sexiest little moans from Cloe. The scent of her arousal intensified, making it more difficult with each thrust of his h*ps to resist finally giving in and allow his c**k to slide inside her, but he wanted to savor this for as long as possible.

He’d waited so long for this moment, for this woman and he didn’t want to ruin it by rushing in too quickly, especially since he didn’t think he’d last that long, not if being inside Cloe felt as good as he’d imagined. It had been so long since he’d touched a woman, since he allowed himself to believe that he could be with a woman like a normal man. She felt too damn good to care about anything, especially with the way that she was suckling on his tongue as he moved it against hers.

His hand snaked between them and found one of her large br**sts. He caressed the soft skin, groaning as the move caused her hard nipple to tease his skin. Christ, he wanted her. He wanted to slide inside her, kiss her, lick her br**sts, suck her ni**les and f**k her until his c**k exploded and then he wanted to do it again and-

“Christofer?” Cloe said, sounding uncertain even as her hands ran all over his body as she mindlessly arched beneath him, desperate to be filled.

“Yes, mein Schatz?” he said, moving against her, the need to be inside her overshadowing old fears until all he could think of was shifting between her legs and sliding inside her.

“Y-you’re not going to,” she said on a hoarse whisper, pausing only long enough to release a moan when the underside of his c**k hit her core in just the right way, “lose c-control are you?”

“Hmmm?” he murmured, absently as he shifted his hips, dragging his c**k down through her wet slit until he found the tip of his c**k settled at her core, ready to finally slide home.

“You won’t lose control, will you?” Cloe demanded, fisting her hands in his hair and yanking his mouth down for another kiss that had his head spinning and robbed him of his ability to think past how good it felt to be in her arms.

He pushed the tip inside her, groaning in pleasured agony as smooth velvet skin surrounded him, coating him in warm liquid as he slowly pushed inside her. Finally, he thought, damn near laughing in relief to feel her close around him.


“Oh, God,” Cloe groaned, her fingers tightening in his hair, her breaths coming faster as he pushed inside her another half inch. “Just……oh, God……just don’t bite me, Christofer,” she half moaned, half pleaded, lost to the sensation of having him slide inside her. He-

Had to stop before he hurt her.


“Christofer?” Cloe mumbled in confusion when he pulled away from her.

“I can’t hurt you,” he said tightly, sounding pained as he climbed off the bed and when she saw that large, angry erection bobbing with every movement she couldn’t help but wince in sympathy.

“And you’ll do that if we go any further?” she asked, hesitating on the last part and wondering why she hadn’t just said have sex or f**k to describe something that she’d used to do to burn off a little energy and some of the bitter loneliness that used to plague her.

She could pretend all she wanted that she didn’t know the reason behind the hesitation, but it was difficult to do even that with the reason gently caressing her face as he pressed a tender kiss against her forehead.

“I would rather die than hurt you again, mein Schatz,” he whispered against her forehead.

“Do you lose control when you’re intimate with a woman?” she forced herself to ask, the words leaving a bitter taste on her tongue as her sight flickered red several times, making her realize that for the first time in her life she was jealous.

It wasn’t a pleasant emotion.

“I never have,” he admitted, looking away from her as he moved to stand, but she cupped his face, stopping him as she brought his mouth back down to hers.

“So then why do you think you’ll lose control with me?” she asked, teasing his lips, nibbling on them and gently sucking on them as she moved to get on her knees and wrap her arms around his broad shoulders, more than ready to pick up where they’d left off.

“Because I’ve never wanted another woman the way that I want you, mein Schatz,” he confessed, setting her body on fire and making it difficult to care about the dangers of making him lose control.

Well, almost.

She couldn’t forget the way that he’d lost control the last time they’d played this game no matter how badly she wanted him, and God did she want him. Feeling him start to slide inside her had been the most incredible experience of her life. It had quickly put her on the verge of another powerful orgasm and if he hadn’t stopped, she probably would have been screaming for mercy by now. But he had stopped, and now she was torn between thanking him and wanting to kick his ass as her body demanded more of him.

“And you think that means that you’ll lose control?” she asked, following his lips with her own as he started to move away from her, curious about something that he probably wouldn’t appreciate her asking.

His answering growl was beyond sexy. “You make me lose my f**king mind.”

He pulled away and this time she let him. She looked up, searching bright red eyes for the monster that had destroyed her life, but he wasn’t there.

“So, this is it?” she whispered, surprised by just how badly she was willing to say the hell with it and take a chance on him, but she couldn’t.

The memory of those eyes glimmering seconds before he’d attacked her wouldn’t let her. She just couldn’t-

“Hell no,” Christofer said, leaning back down and taking her lips in a swift kiss that left her a little dazed.

“Then what are you suggesting?” she asked, reaching for him even as she had to wonder if he was about to show her another trick to help her stay in control, something that she should be focusing on right now, not pulling him back in her arms and taking off where they’d ended. She should-

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