“Oh, thank f**king God,” he groaned, panting hard as Cloe slid down his cock, her nails digging into his shoulders as every muscle in his body clenched tightly. He forced himself to hold back as he felt Cloe clamp down around him, barely halfway down his shaft.

“Oh God!” Cloe cried out as her body throbbed around his shaft, sending intense pleasure like he’d never experienced before through his shaft, down to his balls, up his spine until finally every cell in his body seemed to explode with intense pleasure. The pleasure blinded him to everything but the way that Cloe’s body wrapped around his, which was probably why he didn’t realize that he’d lost control until it was too late.


Well, that was a first, she thought with a weak chuckle as she clung to Christofer while the last tremors of the most powerful orgasm that she’d ever experienced worked their way through her.

She’d never lost control like that before, that quickly. She should be embarrassed, but she was too sated to care. Sighing with pleasure she turned her head slightly so that she could press an apologetic kiss against Christofer’s neck, hopefully conveying the silent promise that she would take care of him just as soon as she found the strength to move. Until then, she was more than happy to sit on his lap still intimately joined, snuggling up against him as he whispered what sounded like German in her ears while he ran his hands up and down her back, pressing kisses against her forehead as-

She froze, her lips pressed against his neck as her mind quickly caught up with what was going on and by the time that she figured it out…..

It was too late.



“Christofer, wait!”


“No, wait a-” she rushed out, trying to push away from him, but she wasn’t fast enough.

Before she could get off his lap and put some space between them long enough for him to calm down, she found herself pushed back onto the bed. Christofer hovered over her. A scream tore past her lips as Christofer shoved forward, burying himself to the hilt inside her. A surge of pain accompanied the sudden invasion, earning a choked cry from her as her body tried to accommodate the large erection that had forced its way inside her.

“Mein Schatz,” Christofer whispered hoarsely, lowering his body down on hers until his face hovered right above hers. “Meine Frau,” he said with such a tender smile that she immediately forgot all about the pain and focused on the man above her.

“You are so damn beautiful, Cloe,” he said, caressing her cheek as he leaned down and pressed a kiss against her forehead. “And you feel so f**king good,” he said, sounding pained as he leaned down and took her mouth in a hungry kiss that had her wrapping her arms around his shoulders and legs opening wider, hoping to bring him closer, needing him closer.

He swallowed her gasp of surprise when he pulled his h*ps back and pushed back in, stretching her a little more, but this time there was no pain. No, this time it felt good, really good. She arched her back, desperate for more as she returned the kiss. God, could the man kiss…..

He thoroughly devoured her mouth as he thrust inside her, slow and deliberate as though he was savoring the sensation of moving inside her. She’d never had a man take her like this before. She normally liked sex hard and fast, making it impossible to think, but with Christofer she found herself enjoying the feel of him sliding slowly inside her, craved it even as she felt like screaming in frustration.

“Christofer,” she found herself sobbing his name as she clung to him, her back arching as her h*ps shifted to meet his excruciatingly slow thrusts.

“Shhhh, I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered against her lips as his thrusts slowed down even more, leaving her frustrated. Her body trembled, her breaths quickened to an unsteady cadence. She felt her fangs slide down and a slight tingle as her eyes shifted to red as he continued to torture her, drawing out every scrap of pleasure that he could while turning her into a quivering mass of nerves, ready to explode.

A scream of frustration tore from her lips when his thrusts slowed to a halt, leaving her ready to kill the bastard for toying with her. She enjoyed a little bed play just as much as the next girl, but this was too much. A few times over the years she’d ended up in bed with some ass**le that thought he had something to prove by trying to turn her into a quivering mass of need by drawing out her pleasure until she was forced to beg, but she never begged.

No, not her. She couldn’t stand guys who thought that they were God’s gift to women and were hell-bent on proving it. It was a huge turnoff and it only managed to annoy her enough to push the guy off her and go find something else to do to kill a few hours, kind of like now.

Muttering a curse to cover her disappointment and the fact that she felt like crying, she opened her eyes, more than ready to tell the jerk to stop playing games, and found herself staring up into glimmering red eyes of a man who looked like he was in hell.

It was also when she realized that she wasn’t the one trembling.

Chapter 37

“I can’t do this,” he said in a strangled whisper, averting his eyes in shame as he moved to climb off her.

He forced himself to ignore the way her core gripped him tightly, refusing to let him go and the way that it felt to glide out of her, her warm juices coating every last inch of him, tempting him to slide back in for more, but he couldn’t, not without scaring her. He’d f**ked up. Christ, had he f**ked up. He should have known better, did know better, but his brain didn’t seem to work, not around Cloe.

She made him want things that he couldn’t have, shouldn’t want. He’d spent his entire life watching over his sister, protecting her and agonizing over her happiness. He would always love her and miss her, but after ninety years of playing protector, he should want his freedom and be willing to do anything to have it. Instead he was here, in bed with this beautiful woman that drove him out of his f**king mind, pretending that he could be something that she needed. He was obviously delusional and he would be paying for this mistake for the rest of his life.

Great, just what he needed, he mused, shaking his head in disgust, another f**king Kodak moment.

“Why not?” Cloe asked, reaching out to stop him, but he moved out of her reach, refusing to prolong this torture for another second longer.

“Sex doesn’t work for me,” he said, a f**king understatement.

He should have learned his lesson years ago in that cage, but obviously he hadn’t. He always let his dick convince him that he could handle it now that he was older, more in control, but it was always a bullshit lie that he told himself so that he could take what he wanted. He thought he’d learned his lesson forty years ago, but that first glimpse of Cloe in the pharmacy had him forgetting what he was capable of and had him panting after her like a teenage boy with his first hard on.

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