“I see,” she said, releasing her hold over his hands.

The second that her hands dropped to her sides, he forced himself to drop his hands as well, ignoring the impulse to squeeze them, run his hands over them, play with the pretty ni**les begging for his attention and…



Lick his lips hungrily as he watched Cloe reach between her legs and trace her wet slit with the tips of her fingers. Enthralled, he watched as she rode him, his c**k disappearing inside her with increasing urgency as she played with her swollen cl*t for his viewing pleasure. Everything took on shades of red, but he was too lost to care or realize what that meant. A small moan dragged his attention north to find a similar pair of shimmering red eyes watching him.

He felt his body go still and swore that his heart stopped beating as he waited for her to scream, to yell at him, call him a monster, hit him, to look at him with terror and disgust as she realized that the man that was making love to her was the same man that had attacked her and destroyed her life. It was what he deserved, what he expected, but this was Cloe that he was dealing with here. Why he still expected her to act like a normal woman would was beyond him.

“You feel so good,” she said, licking her lips hungrily as she continued to ride him.

For a moment he watched her, looking for any signs that she was frightened, but he could only sense her arousal. He hadn’t lied to her when he’d told her that he’d never lost control when he was with a woman. He’d never wanted one badly enough to lose the kind of control that would put a woman’s life in danger, not since the lab. He’d always had a problem with hiding what he was, which was why he usually settled for pleasuring a woman to get what he wanted.

“You’re really not scared?” he found himself asking, curious about her reaction.

“Is that what was bothering you?” she asked, sounding just as curious.


“Afraid that I’d see the real you and make a run for it?” she teased, her lips twitching with amusement as her hand suddenly stilled between her legs.

“Something like that,” he admitted, slowly sitting up and wrapping his arms loosely around her as she continued to slowly ride him. “You have more than enough reason to,” he admitted as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“Yes,” she easily agreed as she leaned in and brushed her lips against his, “I do.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“Because,” she said with a shy smile and a blush that took him by surprise, “I know that it wasn’t you. You’d never hurt me, Christofer.”

“No,” he said, shaking his head as his hold on her tightened, “I wouldn’t.”

“Because you live in fear of my new mighty skills,” she teased as she leaned in and playfully nipped at his lower lip, surprising a chuckle out of him.

“Yes, I do,” he said, terrified of the power that she had over him, but craving it more than anything.

“Since we have that little matter straightened out………” she said huskily, letting her words trail off as her h*ps rolled with a little more force, reminding him that he was inside the woman that drove him out of his f**king mind and he was wasting time, something that he would never be able to forgive himself for.

He took her mouth roughly, careful not to nick her tongue with his fangs, uncaring if he cut his tongue on hers. She kissed him, meeting him stroke for stroke as he turned with her in his arms and laid her back on the bed. Before her back hit the bed he was thrusting inside her. There was no finesse or skill to his movements, something that he prayed that she wouldn’t notice. He took her with everything that he had, opening his senses and focusing on the way that her ni**les were pressed against his chest, the feel of her warm skin against his, the feel of her beautiful mouth, the way her hot sheath gripped him tightly with every stroke and the desperate way that she pulled at his ass, demanding that he f**k her harder.

Immense pleasure rode up his shaft and this time he didn’t try fighting it, because he knew that he was beyond stopping with the way that she whimpered his name against his lips, dug her nails in his ass and worked her h*ps so that she could meet every one of his strokes. When the need to bite her took hold of him, he thrust against her harder, driving his c**k into her wet core over and over again until it become too much.

Pressing one last desperate kiss against her lips, he turned his head and offered his neck, giving Cloe the pleasure that he could never allow himself.

“Cloe…mein Schatz……….fuck!” he growled incoherently as Cloe struck, burying her fangs inside his neck as her sheath clamped down around him, her walls pulsing uncontrollably as she ripped the orgasm from him, giving him what no other woman could.


Chapter 38

“What’s our plan?” she asked, trying to focus on what they needed to do instead of the fact that she’d just had the most amazing sex of her life with a man that she refused to allow herself to fall for.

She didn’t fall in love, she reminded herself as she barely resisted the urge to reach out and run her hand over his bare shoulder. It would only send the wrong message and right now she needed to remember that this wasn’t permanent. While it was true that she would never have to worry about Christofer dying one day, she wasn’t foolish enough to believe that this was going to last for eternity.

One day he’d grow tired of her or find someone new and then it would be over and she would be on her own. So, for now she was going to just enjoy the time they had together, have more of that amazing sex and learn as much as she could from Christofer before he walked away.

“I don’t have a plan,” Christofer admitted as he finished tying his shoe.

“You don’t have a plan?” she repeated back slowly, sure that she’d misheard him.

“No,” he answered as he stood up and pulled a grey tee shirt on, covering that incredible chest and torso that she hadn’t fully appreciated yet, giving her a chance to stay focused on the fact that the man that she was trusting her ass with just admitted that he planned on escaping what came down to a military compound without a plan.


“Then how exactly did you plan on escaping without getting caught?” she demanded, for the first time regretting turning down her social worker when he’d strongly suggested that joining the military was the best way for someone like her to pay for college.

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