She’d never been one to play around in bed or to draw out pleasure since she usually used sex to forget the past, her life and pretend that her future didn’t matter. Sex had always been a fun way to work off some excess energy and get off. She’d never taken her time to be playful, not even with Aidan.

He’d been great in bed, but he’d been focused on getting inside her and getting her off. Aidan had taken sex seriously and until last night, so had she. But now, she wanted to be playful, to take her time and to enjoy every second that led up to what she hoped would be another earth shattering orgasm and it was because of the man watching her every move through shimmering red eyes.

“Yes,” she said, loving the power she had over him and she knew without question that she had him wrapped around her little finger.

She couldn’t exactly call him whipped, and didn’t want to because that term didn’t fit Christofer. She hated guys that were whipped, because it was a huge turnoff to be with a guy missing his spine, but with Christofer……

There was no question that he was letting her call the shots because he enjoyed it. He liked letting her take the lead, to tease and torment him, but only as long as she was doing it because she enjoyed it. She had no doubt that if she turned into a controlling bitch that was teasing him for shits and giggles that he would quickly turn the tables on her, bend her over, f**k her and be done with it.

“Keep in mind that the next time,” he said, leaning forward as he dropped his h*ps back down so that he could kiss her hard, “I’ll be calling the shots.”

“Is that a threat?” she asked, smiling as he leaned back.

He shook his head as he placed his hands on her bare thighs. “More like a challenge,” he promised, locking his gaze with hers as he slowly ran his hands over her thighs, his thumbs coming so close to the spot that craved his attention before slowly moving away.

“I see,” she murmured, biting back a smile as she looked down at what she’d revealed. “Then I probably should make it worth it,” she said absently as she licked her lips.

“Probably,” he whispered, his deep voice nearly a growl that had her shifting on his lap.

As she stared down at the large c**k straining to get to her, she couldn’t decide what she wanted more, to take it in her hand and caress it and the heavy sack below it, or to lean over and run her tongue around the head before she took it in her mouth. Other than releasing a very sexy growl, Christofer didn’t say anything as he allowed her to choose. After a minute of debating just how good it would feel in her hand or in her mouth she settled on a compromise.

“Fucking hell!” he growled as she scooted back so that she could lean over him as she gripped the base with one hand, barely able to fit her hand around it, while the other held her up. She used the first stroke of his c**k to bring the large tip to her waiting mouth.

Wanting to see his reaction, she tilted her head to the side so that her eyes were locked on his as she brought the large head to her mouth and swiped the underside with her tongue. His jaw clenched tightly as every muscle in his body went rigid, his sexy red eyes locked on her as he watched her.

“Do you like this?” she asked, running the very tip of her tongue over the tiny slit of his c**k where his excitement was already beading.

“Yes,” he gritted out between his teeth, forcing himself to stay still when they both knew that he could take over at any minute and probably make her enjoy it.

The fact that he was still letting her call the shots turned her on even more. It also had her falling harder for him, which wasn’t something that she wanted. She already cared too much about him and when the day came that he finally had enough and walked away……

God, she couldn’t even think about it, it hurt so much. This was quickly turning into the biggest mistake of her life, but at the moment she just couldn’t seem to make herself care.

“Like this?” she asked, making a show of moving his c**k forward so that her tongue was forced to rub against the underside of the tip, earning a full body shiver from him.

He groaned loudly as she ran her tongue right back up and then let it slide right back down, hoping for another one of those sexy shivers. He didn’t disappoint.

So she did it again.

For several minutes she contented herself with just teasing the tip as her hand slowly stroked him, bringing him close to the edge, but not close enough. His entire body was strung tight, his jaw was still locked tightly, his breathing was a little unsteady and those sexy eyes of his remained focused on her. Loving his responses, she decided to be a little more adventurous.

“Tell me what you want,” she commanded softly as she pulled back and lightly blew over the tip of his cock, earning a ragged moan that had her ni**les tightening painfully and her ass shifting impatiently, desperate to have something fill her. She ran her tongue over his c**k again, thinking of the perfect response for when he told her that he wanted her to suck his cock, but he took her by surprise.

“I want to trace your br**sts with my tongue, licking and suckling your ni**les while I run my hands over your body,” he said, sounding pained as she swallowed back a groan of her own. Her eyes slid shut as she imagined just how good his hands would feel on her, especially now that her scars were gone.

“I’d run my hands through your beautiful brown hair, running my fingers along your jaw, down your neck, between your br**sts and over the slight slope of your stomach before I moved onto your hands, your fingers and then down your back,” he said, continuing without having to be asked.

“And then?” she asked, licking her lips as she continued to imagine the feel of his hands learning her body.

“I’d wrap my arms around you while I kissed you,” he said, just as she registered the feel of his fingers gently threading through her hair.

“And then?” she asked, her voice barely louder than a whisper.

“Then I’d lay you down on your stomach and kiss every inch of your back while my hands caressed your sides, down to your legs and then finally I’d run my hands over your ass,” he continued, earning a surprised laugh from her that gave her the willpower to open her eyes and join him in this little game.

“And what would you do then?” she asked, cocking her brow in challenge as she leaned forward and took the tip of his c**k in her mouth.

A surprised groan escaped him as his c**k jerked in her mouth and for a moment she thought that was the end of the game, but he proved her wrong.

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