“I’d kiss my way down to your bottom, kissing and worshipping each cheek as I cupped your thighs and pushed them apart.

“Would you f**k me?” she demanded as she let the tip of his c**k leave her mouth with a wet pop.

“Not yet,” he said, abandoning her hair to caress her cheek.

“Then what would you do?” she asked, watching him as she took his c**k back in her mouth, this time taking more than just the tip.

“I’d tease your pu**y with the tips of my fingers until you were soaking wet for me,” he said tightly, groaning when her hand and mouth met around his cock.

Before she could remove her mouth to ask, he continued, probably out of desperation to keep her mouth wrapped firmly around his cock. Whatever the reason, she was glad that he did.

“When you were wet enough for me, mein Schatz, I’d roll you onto your back and tease your wet pu**y a little more.”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned around his c**k as her sex clenched almost painfully, demanding some attention.

“While I teased your pu**y I would trace your nipple with the tip of my c**k until even that wasn’t enough,” he whispered reverently as she felt her hand slide down her stomach and between her legs to find herself soaking wet. She needed his tongue, fingers, and c**k inside her, but she didn’t want him to stop.

Would die if he stopped talking.

“Soon I’d need that talented mouth of yours sucking my c**k while I spread your pu**y so that I could see just how wet you were for me. I’d trace my finger through your slit,” he said just as she ran the tip of her finger through her wet slit, imagining that it was his. “Then I’d find your pretty little cl*t and run my finger around it once…..twice……three times before I shifted my attention to your pouty little pu**y.”

When her fingers met her clit, she didn’t tease, but began gently rubbing it, barely aware that her h*ps were moving along with every trace of her clit. She sucked harder on his c**k as her grip tightened, the images that his words created driving her on. This was so damn good. She could only imagine how good he was at phone sex, or better yet, sexting, something that she was going to try with him, and soon.

Really soon.

“I’d trace your entrance with my finger while you sucked my cock, just like that, mein Schatz,” he groaned. “While you sucked my cock, getting it nice and wet, I’d slide my finger inside of you to see how tightly you were going to wrap around my cock,” he said just as she slid a finger inside of herself with a loud moan.

“I’d f**k you with my fingers until I felt you swell around them. Then I’d pull them out and replace them with my tongue, sliding deep inside of you, licking you out and sliding back inside of you, mimicking what I wanted to do with my cock.”

“Oh, God,” she whimpered around the tip of his c**k as her fingers worked her sex.

“And just when you were about to come………,” he said, letting his words trail off and sending her to the edge. “I’d stop.”

“What?” she practically snarled as she let the tip fall out of her mouth.

He cupped her face in his hands and with barely any pressure had her moving forward as he leaned in and gently kissed her. “I’d stop because I’d be dying to feel you wrapped around my c**k when you let go.”

She returned his kiss hungrily, almost desperately, barely aware that she’d released her hold on his c**k or sat up so that she was once again straddling his lap. Her fingers continued to work between her legs as she wrapped her arm around his shoulder, threaded her fingers through his hair. She gripped his hair, holding him still as she ran her tongue against his before he suckled it.

“You wanna f**k me?” she asked, so turned on that she knew that if she didn’t have him within the next minute she’d scream.

“God, yes,” he said against her mouth as she felt his c**k slide against her ass.

After one last thrust of her fingers, she removed her hand and reached back. She gripped his cock, loving the way his breath hitched as he felt the evidence of what she’d been doing coat his cock. It took a little effort, but she managed to stroke his c**k as it eagerly pressed against her ass.

“How badly do you want to f**k me?” she asked, getting lost in the feel of his erection in her hand.

His answer was a vicious growl. He dropped his hands away from her face so that he could grip her ass in one hand, careful not to interrupt what she was doing and slid a finger inside her. She used her grip in his hair to steady herself as she pulled back so that she could watch him. His red eyes glimmered in the fading sunlight as she moved her hand back to the tip and wrapped her hand around it, holding it tightly as she spread her legs further apart. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for what she wanted to do.

“Oh, f**k,” he groaned, a choked sound leaving his lips as she shifted back and pushed back until the length of him was pressed against the crease of her ass. She used her hold on his hair and the one that she had on the tip of his c**k and slowly rode his fingers, the movement rubbing his c**k between her cheeks and caressing him in a way that she was willing to bet he’d never experienced before.

“Do you like that?” she asked, moving down to take his fingers deeper inside her, and as a result, caressing his c**k harder.

“Yes,” he said hoarsely as he licked his lips hungrily.

“Have you ever f**ked a woman here?” she asked as she pressed her bottom more firmly against his cock.

“No,” he admitted with a groan.

Smiling, she leaned forward until their mouths were almost touching, but not quite. “Do you want to f**k me here?”

“Yes!” he snarled.

“How badly?” she asked, knowing that she was playing with fire and not really caring. Her ni**les brushed against his chest with every movement. His thick fingers filled her nicely as his c**k teased her ass, making her want something that she’d only tried once and hated, but with him, she was more than willing to give it another shot.

“Badly,” he admitted through clenched teeth, and with a triumphant smile, she leaned back, releasing her hold on his hair and on his cock. She kept leaning back, loving the confused expression on his face. She kept moving back until she found herself lying on the ground between his spread legs, her arm folded behind her head and her free hand gliding absently over her stomach as she bent her legs and spread them wide.

“Well, that’s too bad, because tonight you need to focus on somewhere else,” she practically purred as she moved her fingers lower, deciding that perhaps he needed a visual aide.

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